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Organic Saffron

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  • 100% Organic
  • Handpicked Strands
  • Pure Mongra Saffron
  • Red Long Strands
  • Pleasant Aroma
  • Packed on Demand
  • Highest Quality Saffron

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You must have landed here because you were looking to buy authentic organic saffron online from Kashmir. Or, perhaps you are here incidentally. In any case, we are here to give you a complete idea about what saffron is and why it is a great idea to buy saffron online from Kashmirica.

At Kashmirica, we only sell the finest quality of saffron that originates from the saffron fields of Pampore in Kashmir. Although there are a few varieties of saffron, which are for sale online, most of them are not pure. But here at Kashmirica, we only sell the finest variety of saffron that is called Mongra (Newal). Our Organic Mongra Saffron is dark red in color, with no chemics, colors, and preservatives added, and is perfect to be used in any culinary preparation. Our saffron is safe and beneficial for pregnant women and is apt for use as a medicinal herb, as is also evident in the reviews we get.

What Exactly is Organic Saffron?

Saffron also known as Zaffran or Kesar is one of the most precious spices in the world. There have been tales told about saffron all across the world, but most of you would never have seen original saffron. Probably because it is a rare commodity. The spice is known for its value and rich properties such as aroma, color, and taste.

Much different from the cheap threads sold online, organic saffron is an exotic spice that looks magnificent to the naked eye. Also, its dull fragrance stimulates the brain instantaneously. If you touch it, you feel eclectic. Pure saffron will activate all your senses.

Saffron is a spice that has both medicinal and vanity values. Sometimes called Zaffran, or Kesar, it grows in Kashmir, Spain, and Iran. However, the quality of Kashmiri Saffron is far above its counterpart grown elsewhere. That’s why the price of saffron from Kashmir, Spain, and Iran sees a significant difference. While Saffron is the most recognized name of this red spice, people often ask, “what is Kesar”. Nothing more, Kesar is just another name given to saffron. Zaffron likewise is a name given to Saffron.

Types of Saffron

Saffron is of 4 different types:

  • Mongra
  • Lacha
  • Zarda
  • Choora

Organic Mongra Saffron

Mongra is the finest quality of saffron that contains red stigmas, picked up by the hand. At Kashmirica we only sell Mongra Saffron.

Organic Lacha Saffron

Lacha is the second-best variety of saffron which has some yellow stigmas mixed with the red ones.

Organic Zarda Saffron

Zarda is the saffron with yellow hues. It is the 3rd best variety of saffron.

Organic Choora Saffron

Choora is the cheapest variety of saffron. It is almost like dust, or rather say it is the residue left after picking the finest variety of organic saffron.

Uses of Organic Saffron

Saffron or Kesar, has a place both in cuisine and religion in India. It is also used for cooking, praying and as a natural dye. Some people are fascinated by its color. They see it as a color of prosperity. It is a must-have ingredient in biryani and is the basis of preparing the world-famous Kashmiri Kahwa. It is also used in South and North Indian dishes apart from being a vital component of Mughlai Cuisine. Milk-based sweets use saffron in abundance.

Some research says that saffron can protect against cancer. It has a good effect on the human immune system and also gives freshness to body cells. It has had some effect in curing Parkinson’s disease and has helped to relieve people of the common cold. If you want a sharper memory and better digestion, saffron is your thing. As a beauty product, saffron has produced amazing results. It helps in toning the skin and improving complexion. Pregnant women also tend to use saffron, especially with milk.

Top 13 Benefits of Saffron

Price of Saffron Online

The price of saffron or Kesar is rather high because of its rarity. It is also called Red Gold. Saffron grows in a selected few cities of the world and has some charm attached. In, Iran saffron pigments have been found in 50,000-year-old depictions. So, it has a legacy associated as well. It takes around 70-80 flowers to produce one tablespoon of saffron. Saffron comes from the stigma of Crocus Sativus after the seed is buried 6 inches deep. So, the intense labor adds to the price.

–  Why is saffron expensive?

Why Should You Buy 100% Pure Organic Saffron Online from Kashmirica?

Honestly, when we say that it is rare to find the original quality of saffron in the current day, it actually is. Majorly because the production is low and the demand is high. The resultant is that sellers push low-quality saffron into the markets. But we at Kashmirica, source our saffron from right from the fields of Pampore in Kashmir to make sure that you get what you have opted for. Our saffron is 100% organic and has no edible color mixed. Besides that, we only list Organic Mongra Saffron from Kashmir, which is the highest quality saffron available in the world.

Frequently asked questions before buying saffron online

Whenever you plan to buy saffron online, you might have a few questions in mind. We have listed the most frequently asked questions about Saffron/Kesar that our team is asked.

I want to buy Saffron Online, from where should I buy it?

The best place to buy saffron is a town called Pampore in Kashmir. That’s where all the fields of saffron are, and that’s where all its traders live. Saying that when it comes to buying kesar online, you have to be very careful about the authenticity of what you are buying. We at Kashmirica sell only authentic saffron online sourced right from the farms of Pampore. We make sure that all our outgoing consignments are authentic and of high quality.

Corrupt practices in the trade of saffron are rampant and one has to be extra cautious while buying it. Many brands that sell saffron online stock a cheap fake version of saffron that they sell for 100-200 INR. But, common sense tells us that the most expensive spice of the world, also known as red gold can’t be so cheap.

Why should I buy saffron online from Kashmirica?

Kashmirica has taken a pledge of selling only authentic products that are exclusively found in Kashmir. We mention the quality and the exact description of all our products while listing them up on the website. Our quality checks ensure that you only get the most authentic saffron online from Kashmir. You can rest assured that you get the right quality product and not a substandard one.

How can I check its authenticity, if I buy Kesar Online?

You can do a water dissolution test to check the authenticity of Kesar. If after putting the strands of saffron in water, they start to give out color instantaneously, it’s not authentic. Authentic saffron takes time to spread its color. You can also check the aroma of saffron you have ordered. It must not be too harsh or too soft. You can buy Kesar online from Kashmirica with an assurance that you are going to receive the best form of Kesar online.

What is the Best Saffron Brand in India?

What does Saffron taste like?

Saffron tastes somewhat harsh. Even its fragrance is pungent and light, although mesmerizing. It is very difficult to understand but you don’t directly sense its presence in a dish, but its absence will make the dish void of some splendid flavor. Sounds tricky, right?

Why is Saffron priced so high?

People often ask, “why is saffron so expensive?” Since it grows only in a few countries of the world it automatically is a scarce spice to buy. Saffron is obtained from the petals of the saffron plant. It takes about 75000 blossoms to get 1 pound of saffron. Its use in medicines and its known anti-cancer properties make it an extremely valuable spice.

What are the different types of Saffron?

There are 4 different types of saffron from Kashmir that are sold online. The finest quality is of the Mongra saffron variety. It is a premium variety of saffron that only contains red stigmas that are completely handpicked. Next in quality is lacha saffron. It has a lot of red strands and fewer yellow strands. Here, we must say that the redder it is, the better is the quality of saffron.

All you need to be wary about is a color dye induced on low-quality saffron to make it look one of higher quality. Zarda is another variety of saffron that majorly has yellow stigmas and very few red ones. Choora is a residual form of saffron that consists of small stigmas that are usually red in color.

Which is the best quality of Saffron?

Mongra is the best quality of saffron. At Kashmirica, we only sell the mongra form of saffron which has a beautiful aroma and an attractive red color.

What are the uses of Saffron?

Saffron has many medical and therapeutic qualities. Uses of Saffron are too many to list here. It is used as a spice in food, as a natural cosmetic, as a natural medicine in nature therapy, and for worship related activities in many religions such as Hinduism.

Does Saffron have medicinal benefits?

Saffron is used to curing cough, baldness, Alzheimer’s disease, male infertility, postpartum depression, asthma, high blood pressure, athletic performance, erectile dysfunction, anxiety, depression, menstrual discomfort, and premenstrual syndrome (PMS). There is some evidence that saffron also is useful in age-related macular degeneration (AMD), improved sexual function in people taking antidepressants, increased blood sugar levels in people taking medications for schizophrenia, and premature ejaculation in men.

How to use Saffron?

Saffron can be used as a coloring agent in food or used to prepare kahwa which is a kind of tea cherished in Kashmir. It can also be put in warm milk and taken as such. Many confectioners use saffron on top of their sweets which gives a very enticing look to them. Bald people can directly apply saffron on their heads with the help of some water to see some hair regrowth.

How to use Saffron in milk?

It is always advisable to warm milk before you put saffron in it. Some people prefer to boil the milk along with saffron, but we do not advise that.

How to use saffron during pregnancy?

It is best to consult your doctor about such an issue but we do not see a problem with using saffron along with milk. And you can always cherish the Kashmiri Saffron Khawa.

How to use saffron for skin?

Add saffron in water and some milk cream. Apply on your skin while using saffron to touch the skin directly and then covering it with milk creme.

How to use saffron for fairness?

Apply saffron directly on your skin along with any cosmetic creme. But make sure you put saffron directly on the skin along with some water.

How to eat saffron?

Use it in food, sweets, or drink it with milk. Else you can prepare kahwa with it.

Pure saffron is obtained from which part of the plant?

Pure saffron comes from the flower of the saffron plant.

Where to buy saffron?

Kashmirica is your destination to buy saffron online. You will not find a better quality of saffron in the markets anywhere else.

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22 reviews for Organic Saffron

  1. Mukhtar Ahmed

    I am really impressed by the quality of the saffron kashmirica offers. Very delighted with the product.

  2. Priya Gupta

    The saffron I received was pretty good. I will surely reorder from you.

  3. Lucky Singh

    Was a good experience buying saffron from Kashmirica. Will buy again soon. 🙂

  4. Urusa Geelani

    The saffron is pure and unadulterated and the quality speaks volumes of the product on offer.

  5. John Petter

    You guys delivered what you promised. Wonderful product that smells good. Awesome!

    Your saffron doesn’t leave color soon and there are no yellow shaded stigmas when I dipped it in warm milk. Neither did the stigma break into pieces when I rubbed them after soaking in water.
    I will buy it again and again.

  6. Sunny

    Very impressed by the product.

  7. Haseeb

    Ordered 3 grams of saffron, it is authentic, cheap as compared to other vendors who sell original saffron, and on top of that, a Kashmiri product from a Kashmiri brand.

  8. priskila

    I ordered the saffron and shipped it to my family in Indonesia, they were very glad and impressed by the quality of the products. Despite of the pandemic issue that may cause some delay for the shipment, it arrived well

    • Nasreen Nazeer


  9. Julie Price

    I really loved your service. This Saffron helps me to prepare the delicious kahwa; something I longed for after having it once in Kashmir.

  10. Kirti Kaushal (verified owner)

    From past few years I have bought saffron from so many brands. But my Kashmiri friend told me about this. Ohhh man this one is greatest. Fyi I have got saffron from USA also. But this one ohhh my my. I ordered only 1 gm and I did 5 tests and I’m pretty sure this one is purest. Go for it guys!

  11. Danish Shaikh (verified owner)

    I did a lot of research online before opting for this. Have to say this is very authentic saffron with a very vibrant red colour. They also shipped with a very fast courier and I received it 4 days. Would highly recommend.

  12. DhilipKumar (verified owner)

    Very satisfying product… Quality is excellent!

  13. Junaid

    Top class quality. Same as i had expected… Thanks Kashmirica…

  14. Tejpal (verified owner)

    Quick Service. Saffron looks to be the best I have ever used.

  15. Sara Mallik (verified owner)

    The product is very good, just as you promised …

  16. Satyanarayana

    Product was awesome..

  17. Saroj Kumar (verified owner)

    I am really impressed by the product. Was worth buying. Thanks 🙂

  18. Harpreet Singh (verified owner)

    I am not surprised for the quality. It had to be good, but hats off to you guys for keeping the word.

  19. Jayasankar (verified owner)

    I have tried buying saffron from other websites too but this one is the best so far. I think it’s organic because it has a strong earthy smell and is slow in giving out color when put in water.

  20. Nighat

    I purchased in bulk for my daughter’s marriage and this was the best zafran I had ever purchased. We were able to make very good kehwa using it.

  21. Amit V (verified owner)

    I liked the smell of this saffron.

  22. Raman Narayanan (verified owner)

    I would recommend Kashmirica if I ever have to recommend anyone who wishes to buy saffron online. Although it does seem that the price of this saffron is high, but I have been using this saffron for the last 4 months and it has been adding a lot of flavor and scent to the biryanis I make.

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