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Kashmir in a Box!

Kashmirica is a social impact brand that aims to make the most distinguished products from the valley of Kashmir accessible to the global connoisseur. From handicrafts to foods, cricket bats to elegant pashminas – we’ve got it all covered for you. Not just that, 2.5% of all our profits are donated to improve the conditions of needy artisans. 

Do you know that Kashmir produces less than 10% of saffron available in the Global Market? 

Looking for that fine-quality premium saffron from Kashmir?

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Shilajit for Health

Invest in your health by incorporating a daily dose of Natural Shilajit – a superfood that has stood the test of time.

Honey from Our Valley

Get your hands on quality honey that is free from additives or anti-biotoics.

Kashmiri Saffron

Saffron from Kashmir is a spice that has been craved for centuries. Keeping the old age traditions alive, our saffron is unmatched in terms of aroma and taste. 

Cricket Bat
Kashmirica bat

Kashmir Willow Bats to Take Your Game to New Heights 

Elevate your cricket performance with our Grade A+ Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat, meticulously crafted for superior performance. Made from Premium Kashmir willow, the bat ensures top-notch performance and durability on the pitch.

Engineered for exceptional ping and stroke, it is optimized to enhance your cricketing prowess and is expertly crafted under the mentorship of a seasoned cricketer, embodying professional expertise.

The bat’s shock absorption handle, made of high-grade Singapore material, provides an improved grip and comfort. Its extra-strong toe guarantees lasting durability, making it a reliable companion during intense matches. 

Handcrafted Decor for Your Home

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Handmade Rugs & Carpets

Paper Mache - Kashmirica

Fine Paper Mache

Wall Hangings - Kashmirica

Exotic Wall Hangings

Classic Handmade Jewellery

Silver Earrings - Kashmirica


Bangles - Kashmirica

Bangles & Bracelets


Timeless Pashminas

We bring to you the finest Pashmina with both classic and modern embroideries. We make sure that our products are truly labelled. Look for distinct descriptions seperating fine wool shawls and wraps from Pashmina. 

Our artisans ensure that the embroidery is done in the most intricate manner and the knots are strong yet precise. We are open to customizations and pride in offering custom made, unique and distinct shawls and wraps.

Having sent out our handmade pashminas to 5 continents, be sure that the purchase will keep you elated every time you look atthe gems we produce. 


Embroidered Sarees 

For The Deluxe Wardrobe 

Modern Kaftans

The Essentials

Every Day Kurtas

Must Have Casuals

Salwar Kameez from Kashmir

For the Lover of Artisanal Craft 

Ultimate Menswear Boutique

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Pashmina Styles for Men

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Premium Attars & Perfumes

Words From our Clients

The happy day has arrived! The mat is exquisite! The kashidkari is so well done, it boggles the mind that it is hand stitched. I thank you for your time and patience and look forward to my next adventure with Kashmirica. 


Micheal Hart

New York State

Online shopping when it comes to Indian handicrafts was never my interest due to quality concerns. But since I have shopped from Kashmirica before, actually from their store, it was easier to trust them online. And honestly, it was an awesome experience.


New York

Handicrafts from Kashmir have always been something that I always admired, even as a child. But since there were no good e-Stores selling authentic Indian Handicrafts, I couldn’t buy my dream pashmina. But now with Kashmirica, that wish has come true.



FAQs on Buying Handicrafts Online from Kashmirica

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Why should I buy handicrafts online from Kashmirica?

If originality, genuineness and honest prices are what you look for before going on to shop online, then Kashmirica is the place for you. We at Kashmirica have taken a pledge to be transparent in our dealings, and maintain the highest quality of handcrafted products as possible. Anyone looking to buy Kashmiri handicrafts online struggles to find a brand that he can trust. 

Hence Kashmirica decided to come up with a website and started to offer Indian handicrafts of Kashmir online, all with a clarity of purpose. We want to offer the finest quality, the most unique products and the most competitive prices to our global audience.

What is so great about Kashmiri Handicrafts?

Kashmiri Handicrafts have been a global love. The magnificent Kashmiri carpets are from the finest hand-woven silken carpets in the world. Similarly, the delicate and comfy Pashmina shawls have added grace to the personality of every lover of art since centuries. Handicrafts of Kashmir are known for their intricate styles and delicate artwork.

The art of manufacturing these designer silken carpets, warm pashminas with precise hand embroidery, subtle paper mache, and crafty wooden home decor was introduced in Kashmir by Shah-e-Hamdan. He came to Kashmir all the way from Persia and introduced the art. Soon local craftsmen started producing these handicrafts and mastered these crafts. These later became famous as handicrafts of Kashmiri, Kashmir Art or some people even may call them Kashmiri products. This is even when in essence they have a Persian origin. Handicrafts and Kashmir have been synonymous ever since the industry was born. Needless to say that handicrafts of Kashmir have given a tough competition to those manufactured in Iran, Morocco, Turkey, and other Central Asian countries.

What is the state of Kashmiri Handicrafts industry today?

As artisans in Kashmir came in contact with the outer world, Kashmiri Art began to be known globally as a mark of luxury and fineness. Since the law and order situation in Kashmir has deteriorated over the last 3 decades, Kashmiri artisans lost their most valued patrons, their customers. That’s due to the lowering of influx of tourists and foreign nationals. Customers who loved the art and encouraged these craftspeople to produce enticing Kashmiri Arts. Lovers of these Kashmiri Products were the driving force behind the magnificent Kashmir Art. The only way to get back these customers is by being able to make the access to Kashmiri handicrafts online. And at Kashmirica, we are here to take Kashmiri handicrafts online. 

How does Kashmirica wish to aid the Kashmiri Handicrafts industry?

As the world evolved to become a global village through the use of technology, Kashmiri artisans have failed to keep up the pace. There were no developments in their Marketing abilities as most of the artisans of Kashmiri handicrafts were illiterate. That’s why we at Kashmirica felt the need to intervene and give the much-needed marketing platform to these deprived artisans. The platform, Kashmirica, is here to give a new life to Kashmiri handicrafts in the online sphere. We are taking exquisite Kashmiri handicrafts online especially for our global audience.   

This platform will let you to shop kashmiri handicrafts online, right from ethnic dresses to more luxe handcrafted decor. If you are looking forward to buy Kashmiri handicrafts online from any part of the world, our assurance is that your search has come to an end.

What is different about Kashmirica?

Due to long supply chains and lack of Marketing expertise Kashmiri artisans are not able to earn enough to meet their needs. The long distribution chains add layers of sales agents which sum-up, making the products expensive. The artisans thus are forced to sell their art at a cheaper price. That’s why the earnings of the manufacturers of these handicrafts have been reducing. This slowly is leading to the extinction of the Kashmiri handicrafts industry. But as every lover of art, we at Kashmirica believe that this art doesn’t deserve such an early death.

Kashmirica decided to utilize our passion for online Marketing and handicrafts to serve the community of our local artisans. We handpicked the best craftsmen and started to directly source our products from them. This has enabled us to remove all layers of commission agents from our supply chain. Our tactic is helping us to provide better prices to the craftsmen, maintain a high-quality product inventory, ensure genuineness and more importantly lets us to keep the price of our products honest and affordable.

So, now buying famous kashmiri products online is all the more exciting.

Is that not enough of a reason to shop handmade Kashmiri handicrafts online? Do our processes not warrant that you shop for Kashmiri handicrafts online from Kashmirica?  We hope that you say yes to buying Kashmiri handicrafts online from Kashmirica. 

This small step to take Kashmiri handicrafts online will definitely amplify the living conditions of the downtrodden artisans of Kashmir Arts. With the help of global art lovers who wish to buy Indian Handicrafts online, and particularly those who love Kashmir Arts, we are sure to make a powerful social impact. Along with that, we encourage transparency in our processes and vow for honest pricing.

Tell me about the legacy of Indian Handicrafts

India is a large country with a unique love for handcrafted items. Since the time India was ruled by the Mughals, art and crafts have seen great flourishment. Mughals had a strong affinity for creativity and artwork. They thus became the primary propellers that nurtured the Indian handicrafts industry. Mughals gave way to handmade art both as a leisure activity and an industry. Needless to say that the wonderful Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Jamia Masjid, Red Fort etc were built by the Mughals. Such was their interest in handmade luxury. 

Despite all this, being able to shop for Indian handicrafts online is a relatively new trend. Indian handicrafts mostly had been produced and sold in the informal sector and never really went mainstream, or say online.

Indian handicrafts are known throughout the world for their style and durability. Handicrafts of India have a unique flair due to being from a region where multiple ethnicities existed and flourished together. But if you are looking to buy Indian handicrafts online, you might not be excited by the options available. As stated earlier that’s exactly what Kashmirica was set up to overcome. We aim to be the leading brand for Indian handicrafts online.

What factors led to the growth of Indian Handicrafts?

The Nawabish lifestyle cherished ornaments, pearls, decor, crafty motifs and other handmade products. Nawabs and others from the ruling class thus gave Indian handicrafts the ability to sustain a huge population of artisans. This support eventually made the handicrafts of India to develop and grow. Today Indian handicrafts need a new platform, they also need people who love them. 

We at Kashmirica have come up with an aim to further strengthen this Indian handicraft industry online with a specific aim to promote quality handicrafts of Kashmir. Saying this, all of our activities are online. We wish to let shoppers from across the globe to buy Kashmiri handicrafts online, while be satisfied about the quality, originality and the price of the handicrafts they order online.  There is a long list of handicraft items that we offer. From Kashmiri to Rajhastani handicrafts and jewellery you’ll find it all with us.

Why consider Kashmirica as your destination to buy Indian handicrafts online?

Kashmirica is a luxury brand that aims to take Kashmiri Arts global. We have built this platform to showcase the enticing handicrafts of Kashmir online. All our Kashmiri products displayed online are produced by the finest craftsmen of the Kashmir valley. We aim to serve the handicrafts of Kashmir and more importantly the artisans of Kashmir. 

Our trusted methodology of sourcing, verification of authenticity and honest pricing should leave you to invest your efforts in doing what is most effective, shop your dream handicrafts online.

Whatever is produced in bulk can’t be a luxury. Luxury by nature is for a few, thus, it has to be designer and unique. Luxury can’t be machine made, that’s what pushes us to advocate that Luxury is handcrafted.

At Kashmirica, we have a boutique collection of Indian Handicrafts from Kashmir that include pashmina, kurtis, sarees, kaftans, mufflers, rugs, carpets, wall hangings, decor including that of paper mache and wood. We also sell jewellery be they bangles, necklaces, earrings or rings.  

All this makes Kashmirica, your go-to destination to Buy Indian Handicrafts Online.

You don’t need to worry anymore.

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