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Whether you are a cricket player yourself or a die-hard fan of the sport, even the mention of a cricket bat can probably spark up a deep conversation. And talking about best cricket bats, brings about the best analyst out of you if you have ever played the game.

While others may think that a bat is just something you need during cricket, only true cricket fans know how the use of a good bat can turn a game around. Skills and rigorous practice are surely important but the gear used for playing the sport makes a huge difference too. Having said that, there are not many people who know what an immense variety of bats is available out there. 

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And while we cannot talk about every bat available out there, we are here to tell you about the best ones. So, whether you are a cricket player looking for a bat for yourself or someone who is intrigued by the sport, this article is for you.

21 Best Cricket Bats

Finding the best cricket bats is a tough ask. Kashmir Willow or English Willow, which one to go for. Light or Heavy, again an issue. You have to have a guide to buying a bat, and that is difficult. Anyways, we are here to solve it.

– Hangul Cricket Bat by Kashmirica

Hangul is one of the finest bats in the market. It is market by Kashmirica, and is made from grade 1 Kashmir Willow. The idea behind the brand is to furnish the finest products from Kashmir to the Global Consumer.

So, when the founders of the brand played corporate league matches in England, Delhi, Bangalore, etc they found that the best quality of cricket bats was not reaching the players. Even Kashmiri Cricketers were not getting their hands on the finest products in their areas. So, they decided to make sure they do.

In order to achieve that, they custom make bats under the guidance of a veteran cricketer from the finest craftsmen of the bat industry. The bats meet ICC Standards of bat making and are crafted to perfection.

With the right ping and light-weight, they are a piece of important equipment for any batting master. They have been loved by people from USA to India, any client that has asked for it wants more of these.

1. SG Scorer Classic Kashmir Willow

One of the renowned brands, this bat from SG is made using Kashmir willow. It comes with a short handle and is suitable to be played with a leather ball. This bat is also known to be one of the most durable ones. The wood used for the SG Scorer is of premium quality, making it one of the best bats.

2. Kookaburra Kahuna

Kookaburra came into the limelight when Australian cricketers started to use their bats. The Kahuna bat by Kookaburra was introduced in 2001, and it was developed with the help of Ricky Ponting. 

This premium bat is available in a range of grades and different options. The Kahuna is a fantastic combination of light pick-up and great power, generating maximum impact.

3. Gray Nicolls Kaboom

The next on our list of the best cricket bats is Kaboom by Gray Nicolls. The brand is known to manufacture some of the best cricket bats in the world and this bat is no different. The blade is made from premium Kashmir willow and all these bats and hand-finished and tested by experts.

4. Gunn & Moore Icon

A brand that has been crafting cricket bats for more than125 years, Gun & Moore or GM crafts some of the best bats in the world. The Icon has a lightweight design, super concave profile and toe, and full concave back profile. The bat is made from English Willow and makes use of all the latest materials.

5. Spartan

The name of the bat is enough to may its way into the list of the best cricket bats. Made using Kashmir Willow, this is a robust cricket bat with a short handle. It is lightweight, has great shock absorption, and is very durable. It is known to have a good sweet spot and a medium spine profile.

6. MRF Genius Grand Edition

Much like MRF’s entire range, this is a great bat offering both performance and value for money. It is made using specially selected English Willow and is one of the most expensive bats. MRF is a well-known brand in the country and the brand’s bats are true to the brand’s name. This bat is perfect to be played with a leather ball.

7. Gray Nicolls Ultimate

This bat is made in Melbourne from English Willow and is one of the finest bats from the brand. It is one of the premium cricket bats and has a medium sweet spot. 

8. SS Magnum English Willow

The next on our list of the best cricket bats is the SS Magnum English Willow Cricket Bat. It is a lightweight bat that comes with good shock-absorbing capability and has a scaled grip. The SS Magnum English Willow has been used by popular cricketers such as Virendra Sehwag, Sourav Ganguly, VVS Laxman, and more.

9. SS Ton Gladiator

The bats from Sareen Sports Industries’ SS Sunridges are considered to be some of the best and most affordable bats. This bat from their line is made from premium-grade handpicked English willow. The SS Ton Gladiator is known to provide great power, impact, and balance. It has good shock absorption, power hitting, and rounded edges. Its handle is made from a Sarawak combination cane.

10. Adidas Incurza

Adidas is one of the biggest names in sports equipment and so, it is no wonder that its bat has made it to the best cricket bats list. The bat comes in a range of willows and price points and one can choose a bat that suits his needs the best. The Adidas Incurza bats have also been greatly endorsed by popular cricketers.

11. Gun & Moore Diamond

Another excellent cricket bat from the house of G&M is the Diamond. The bat is crafted from the finest grade of English Willow. The Diamond range of bats comes in a variety of price points, starting from very low budget to higher budget variants. The bat is crafted with some of the best materials and the quality materials used to make this bat one of the best.

12. New Balance DC

New Balance DC is another range of cricket bats that is worth including in the list of the best bats. Again, these bats come in a wide range of variants and price points. While some of the bats are made using Kashmir Willow, the other use English Willow. Some great cricket bats from the New Balance DC range include DC 280, DC 500, DC 480, and DC 640.

13. GM Neon Apex

The next on our list of the best cricket bats is GM Neon Apex. The bat uses premium quality Kashmir Willow and it is known for its great shock absorption, and advanced grip technology. It is a lightweight bat that is known to have a comfortable grip and a good overall performance. The GM Neon Apex is a good bat to consider even for casual play.

14. Newbery N-Series

Grade 4 English Willow is used to make Newbery N-series cricket bats. The bat is known to have good shock absorption and a great performance overall. Newbery N-series bats also use the best quality materials. All in all,this is one of the best budget bats and is also available in a host of different colors. 

15. CA Plus 3000

CA is known to produce excellent cricket bats every year. The CA Plus 3000 is a great choice for entry-level cricketers. The bat is made from English Willow and is one of the best budget cricket bats in the market. This bat is also a great option to consider if you are looking for some cricket bats that are on the cheaper side.

16. Kookabura Rapid Pro 2.0

Kookabura has yet again made its way on our list of the best cricket bats. The bat is made using Grade 3 English Willow, has a semi-oval handle, and has a mid to low sweet spot. The Kookabura Rapid Pro 2.0 has a pretty reliable quality for the amount that the bat is priced at.

17. Millichamp & Hall- the Original

If you are a cricket fanatic then Milichamp & Hall or M&H might be a familiar name for you. The Original is the brand’s most well-known creation and a classic and it is made from English Willow. It has a high sweet spot and a short handle. This is one of the most elegant and top cricket bats of all time.  

18. MRF Chase Master

The next on our list of the best cricket bats is MRF Chase Master. This cricket bat is crafted from premium grade Engish Willow and it is one of the higher-end models from MRF. The MRF Chase Master is used by mega cricketers including Virat Kohli. The bat has a short handle and a mid-blade sweet spot. All in all, it is one of the best bats at its price.

19. Gunn & Moore Prima

The next on our list is another one from Gunn & Moore. With a concave bat profile, the Prima is designed for aggressive front-foot play. It has a low sweet spot and a short handle. The bat is made from premium Grade 1 English Willow and its features make it one of the best in the market.

20. Kingsport Immortal

Kingsport Immortal is yet another cricket bat that deserves a spot on this list. The bat is made using Grade 1 English Willow and has a semi-oval handle, and a mid-to-low sweet spot. With a sleek design, it is a great bat that is worth its price.

21. Kookaburra Rapid Pro 2.0

The last on our list is yet another classic from Kookabura, the Rapid Pro 2.0. Made from Grade 3 English Willow, it has a semi-oval handle and a mid-to-low sweet spot. This is another one of the best bats that is very reliable and the best at its price. 

Which Bat are you Buying?

In this article, we talked about the 21 best cricket bats of recent time. How many of these cricket bats did you know about? Is there any other cricket bat worth mentioning in this list of best bats?

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