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Essential oils, the concentrated natural extracts that are derived from plants are extremely potent. These oils have been used for thousands of years for treating a number of ailments.

Essential oils are gaining a lot of popularity these days as more people are realizing their benefits. More and more research is also being done on these oils and the many different uses and benefits that they have are being studied keenly.

Their relaxing and calming properties make them number one for use in aromatherapy. Their soothing scent can calm down your senses and bring you peace after a long and stressful day.

Some of these oils also have such properties that they can treat acne, blemishes as well as other skin issues and give you glowing skin. Some essential oils are also excellent at treating respiratory ailments and relieving congestions. These oils can also treat aches and pains like that of muscles and joints.

While all of these may be the more common benefits of essential oils, there is this one unique benefit that we will discuss in this article. 

Essential Oils for Hemorrhoids

Those who suffer from hemorrhoids can perfectly tell how annoying it can get. Hemorrhoids can often be tortuous as they are quite severe and painful.

This condition, in which the veins of the rectum and anus swell and get inflamed, causes great discomfort. As a result, this condition can cause severe pain, inflammation, and even bleeding. It is better to treat it in time or the condition can worsen.

Luckily, there are some great remedies that you can try out for treating hemorrhoids. You might have heard of all kinds of remedies for this from several people. And if you are tired of trying those out and seeing no results then you are at the right place.

One of the remedies that you absolutely need to try out is the use of essential oils. If you have been suffering from hemorrhoids and have tried everything but to no avail, it is time that you give essential oils a try. It is a proven natural remedy that can show you amazing results.

Essential oils for hemorrhoids are quite an effective remedy. Since these oils possess some amazing anti-inflammatory properties, they can help you get relief from hemorrhoids to a great extent. Owing to their incredible analgesic, anti-inflammatory as well as antiseptic properties, essential oils are worth trying out for treating hemorrhoids.

Adults are quite likely to experience hemorrhoids at some point or other in their life. Pregnant women and obese people are at a higher risk of experiencing this condition too.

While it is essential to drink a lot of water and eat plenty of fiber-rich foods to treat hemorrhoids, using essential oils can give you great relief.

So, without any more delay, let us look at some of the best essential oils for this issue and how they can be used to get the best results.

Best Essential Oils for Hemorrhoids

1. Tea Tree Oil

As hemorrhoids cause tremendous inflammation, you need something to calm that down. And that is exactly why tea tree oil can work wonders for it.

Tea tree oil has potent antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic as well as antimicrobial properties. So, the oil kills bacteria, reduces inflammation, and thus, promotes healing. It also promotes skin and wound healing, giving you great relief from hemorrhoids. As a result, tea tree oil is very commonly used for treating this condition.

Evidence has suggested that this essential oil can shrink the hemorrhoids and reduce swelling and itching too. Due to its amazing properties, tea tree oil is also used for treating dandruff, acne, and other skin infections.

Once you use this oil, you will notice that your pain, itching, and discomfort have reduced. Moreover, using this essential oil will also help in keeping the area clean and thus, prevent any further complications. 

Tea tree oil isn’t just an effective remedy for hemorrhoids but it is also completely safe and natural. Several types of research and studies have also proven the amazing benefits of tea tree oil for treating hemorrhoids. 

All of these reasons make tea tree oil one of the most effective and best essential oils for hemorrhoids.

How to use tea tree oil for hemorrhoids?

Tropical application is how you should be using this oil. As essential oils are quite potent in nature, they need to be diluted with a carrier oil first. 

So, add a few drops of tea tree oil to a spoonful of coconut oil and use a cotton ball to apply it to the affected area. A few drops of this essential oil can also be added to castor oil and aloe vera and applied to the hemorrhoids using a cotton ball. 

Use this in moderation and you will see great results. 

2. Lavender Oil

The next on our list of the most effective essential oils for hemorrhoids is lavender oil. This oil is also known for its wonderful anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

It soothes the strained nerves, improves blood circulation, relieves soreness, heals wounds and rashes, and also reduces the size of the hemorrhoids. 

Its wound healing properties can give you quick relief and make you feel better instantly. As this oil is also quite gentle, it is ideal to be used on sensitive skin as well.

As someone suffering from hemorrhoids, you might also experience anxiety, stress, infections, or insomnia. Using this oil will also give you the additional benefit of relieving anxiety, stress, or tensions along with regularizing your sleep patterns. Don’t all of these reasons make lavender oil one of the best essential oils for hemorrhoids?

As one of the best oils for aromatherapy, the lavender essential oil will also promote your overall well-being. All in all, this essential oil is a wonderful remedy for hemorrhoids that you absolutely must try out.

How to use lavender essential oil for hemorrhoids?

Dilute lavender oil with either coconut oil or jojoba oil. Then, use a cotton ball or a very soft cloth and use it to apply the mixed oils to the affected area. Use it in moderation but use it regularly to see great results. Additionally, you can also sniff the oil directly from its bottle to feel stress-free and relaxed.

3. Peppermint Oil

Another one of the amazing essential oil for hemorrhoids is peppermint essential oil. Since this oil is an effective remedy for irritable bowel syndrome or IBS, it also works quite effectively for hemorrhoids.

Since peppermint contains menthol, its soothing properties combined with its anti-inflammatory properties can work wonders for treating this condition. It can help reduce the pressure around your anus and hence, make the bowels less painful. 

Owing to its menthol content, peppermint essential oil can give you a very soothing and cooling sensation when you apply it topically. It is also a very powerful pain-reliever and thus, can help you reduce the pain as well.

However, you need to note that this oil is quite potent and you need to be careful before using it on sensitive skin.

How to use peppermint essential oil for hemorrhoids?

Just like the other essential oils, you need to dilute peppermint oil as well. Add a few drops of this oil to any carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba. Then, use a small cotton ball or a soft piece of cloth and apply it topically to the affected area for relief. Use it regularly but make sure that you only use it in moderation.

4. Chamomile Oil

Chamomile essential oil is also one of the best essential oils for hemorrhoids. The oil acts as a natural analgesic as well as an anti-inflammatory agent, providing you great relief against the condition.

Using this essential oil can help the swollen blood vessels to retract. It will also prevent itchiness and provide you relief against the pain caused by this condition.

Chamomile essential oil also helps in stimulating the growth of new healthy tissues in your rectum.

Right from reducing the swelling, and relieving the pain to helping with the growth of new tissue, chamomile essential oil is very beneficial for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

How to use chamomile essential oil for hemorrhoids?

Mix a few drops of this oil with a carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba. Then, take a clean and soft cloth or a cotton ball and apply the oil gently to the cleaned affected area.

5. Juniper Berry Oil

The next on our list of the best essential oils for hemorrhoids is juniper berry oil. Derived from the berries of the juniper tree, the oil contains substances that have some incredible anti-inflammatory properties. 

Using this oil will also help you reduce the pain that is caused by hemorrhoids and the oil works on the bleeding as well.

This essential oil will reduce the overall discomfort and with regular use, it will provide you great relief. So, if you are suffering from hemorrhoids, juniper berry oil is definitely worth giving a try.

How to use juniper berry essential oil for hemorrhoids?

All that you need to do is mix a few drops of this essential oil in a carrier oil such as coconut, almond, or jojoba. Mix it well and then dip a cotton ball or soft cloth in it and apply it topically on the clean affected area.

6. Frankincense Oil

Frankincense oil is also one of the most effective essential oils for hemorrhoids. For several hundred years, this oil has been used for the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases. 

This essential oil is known to have some excellent anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, analgesic as well as diuretic properties. This oil not only calms down the inflammation but also efficiently kills certain types of bacteria that can cause infections.

Frankincense essential oil also works as a pain reliever and thus, can provide you great relief from hemorrhoids. So, if you haven’t already, you need to get your hands on this essential oil right away.

How to use frankincense essential oil for hemorrhoids?

Add a few drops of this essential oil to a carrier oil like jojoba, almond, or coconut. Use a clean and soft cloth or cotton ball to apply the oil to the affected area.

7. Clove Oil

The last on our list of the best essential oils for hemorrhoids is the oil of clove. Clove oil is excellent for pain relief as well as wound healing.

The oil also has characteristic antifungal, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, as well as anesthetic properties. As a result, clove essential oil promotes healing, relieves the pain, and reduces the swelling that is caused due to inflammation. It also helps to keep several infections at bay.

How to use clove essential oil for hemorrhoids?

The best way to use this oil is by diluting it with a carrier oil such as coconut, jojoba, almond, or olive oil. The clove oil can also be diluted using cold cream. Mix the clove oil in the carrier oil/ cream well and apply it using a cotton ball on the affected area.

Precautions to take while using essential oils for Hemorrhoids

  • Make sure that you only use high-quality, genuine essential oils for treating hemorrhoids.
  • Remember that essential oils are actually quite potent and hence, they must always be diluted before use.
  • Essential oils are only a remedy to treat external hemorrhoids. Hence, do not ever use them for treating internal hemorrhoids.
  • If you have sensitive skin, do a patch test before you apply the diluted essential oil to the affected area.
  • Use essential oils for hemorrhoids only in moderation and do not overuse them.
  • The best way of using essential oils is through topical application only, so do not ingest these essential oils.


Essential oils work quite efficiently when it comes to hemorrhoids. Make sure that you use genuine quality original essential oils, take all the precautions and you are sure to see great results.

Here, we talked about 7 of the best essential oils for hemorrhoids. Which one of these 7 essential oils are you going to be trying out?

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