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If you are looking for the best gulkand brand in India, we are assuming that you are looking for the following-

  • Gulkand should be made from the highest quality of red rose petals.
  • It should have the right balance of sweetness and shouldn’t be excessively sweet.
  • Rose petals and a sweetener should only be the two ingredients used and it should be devoid of any preservatives or other harmful substances.
  • The rose gulkand should be honestly priced. 

We understand that finding the best brand for gulkand that fulfills all the points mentioned above can often be a difficult task. While some brands use excessive sugar, other brands don’t use fresh rose petals and other brands could be selling it at exorbitant prices.

Well, keeping all of your apprehensions in mind, we recommend you to go for Kashmirica’s Kashmiri Rose Gulkand without any doubts as Kashmirica is undoubtedly the best gulkand brand in India.

Kashmirica’s Gulkand is made from the freshest of red roses, has the appropriate amount of sweetness, is devoid of any preservatives and it is honestly priced too! We will tell you all about it but first, let us tell you more about ‘gulkand’.


What is Gulkand?

The word gulkand comes from two words ‘gul’ and ‘kand’ meaning flower and sweet respectively. It is a very popular delicacy in India and is often referred to as the ultimate lavish royal treat.

In India, gulkand has been consumed since ages and if you are an Indian, you must have relished gulkand’s taste in the delicious ‘Paan’. Ayurveda as well as Unani systems of medicine have also realized the importance of this delicacy and it is often recommended as a medicine in these two traditional systems of medicine.

Well, Gulkand is fairly simple- it is a delicious sweet preserve made of rose petals mixed with sugar or honey. Crushed or whole fresh rose petals are mixed with sugar, added to a glass jar and then left to sun dry for a few weeks. 

It is a beautiful combination that is sure to leave your taste buds wanting for more. Along with being insanely delicious, gulkand also comes loaded with a number of health benefits.

Whether it is doctors, celebrity health nutritionists or our elders, the consumption of gulkand is highly recommended by them owing to its amazing benefits. 

So, if you have never had it, it is time that you pick a jar of rose gulkand from the best gulkand brand in India and enjoy its incredible taste and benefits.

Gulkand Benefits

  • Gulkhand has excellent cooling properties, making it very beneficial for those who have excessive body heat. It can help cool down the body and treat every ailment that comes with excessive heat.
  • If you suffer from acidity, this sweet treat is again your answer for it. A spoonful of it everyday or mixed in a glass of milk is all that you need to treat heartburn as well as other signs and symptoms of acidity.
  • Gulkand also takes care of your digestive health by improving the overall process of digestion and strengthening your gut bacteria. Its consumption will also keep your tummy happy by keeping issues like indigestion or constipation away.
  • Having amazing antibacterial and antiviral properties, gulkand is also very good for your skin. It nourishes the skin and eating it regularly will keep the problem of acne, its marks as well as blemishes away.
  • Eating gulkand will help you feel energized instantly and ward off the feelings of lethargy and tiredness.
  • Another one of gulkands benefits includes that it works as a very powerful antioxidant and it has some wonderful rejuvenating properties. 
  • Due to its rich antioxidant properties, gulkand helps you stay and feel youthful. Not just that, it also helps fight and prevent the damage caused by the free radicals to the body’s cells.
  • This sweet rose preserve is excellent for summers as it prevents sunstrokes, sunburns as well as nose bleeds.
  • What’s more, gulkand is also very beneficial for women’s health as consuming it can treat menstrual cramps, irregular menstruation and also boost their reproductive health.
  • It is also known to remove toxins from the body and purify the blood.
  • Gulkand is also known to be a stress reliever and having it can make you feel refreshed and relaxed.

How to choose the Best Gulkand Brand in India?

You can only reap all of gulkand’s amazing benefits if it is of high quality and comes from a reliable brand. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right brand for the best gulkand.

Buy our top sellers 🙂

  • Read the ingredient list: If the rose preserve contains any preservatives or anything harmful apart from rose petals and a sweetening agent, it is better to stay away from it.
  • Read the reviews: Reading the gulkand’s or the brand’s overall reviews will also give you a lot away regarding its quality.
  • Isn’t very cheap: Good brands tend to sell their products at a price as they have been made from completely natural and organic ingredients. If you find a brand selling gulkand at fishily low prices, it is best to refrain from buying it.

The Best Gulkand Brand in India – Kashmirica

Keeping all of the above in mind, we can say that Kashmirica is the best gulkand brand in India.

Made from the freshest and highest quality Kashmiri red roses using natural methods, our Kashmiri gulkand has a superior taste. Its deliciously sweet taste is sure to blow you away.

Moreover, we also do not use any unnatural substances or preservatives for making our gulkhand, so you know that it is full of only natural goodness. What’s more, it is also honestly priced so that you get the best deal. 

As a brand based out of Kashmir, we aim to sell exclusive handicrafts, organic beauty products and completely pure and highest quality food products made right here in the valley.

Try our amazing gulkand once and we are sure that you’ll be coming back for more.

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