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Which is the best saffron brand in India? A query that many users are interested in! Saffron is one of the best aromatic and flavorful spices in the world. Buying original Kashmiri saffron is not easy too!

Demand for saffron especially in India is huge, but the supply is scarce. Much because saffron grows only in Kashmir, Iran, and Spain. And out of the three, Kashmiri Saffron is more liked and preferred in India – due to the high quality of the saffron found in the valley.

To bridge the gap between the supply and demand of saffron, a lot of vendors have started making a business out of selling fake saffron. Fake saffron made out of corn fibers, which are then colored with artificial colors is common in markets all over India, as well as online. This adulterated/ unnatural saffron isn’t good for your health and it can’t be.

Whereas, real and authentic saffron holds medicinal values. Real saffron is also known to have a lot of health benefits. It is good for treating colds, anxiety, high blood pressure, improves memory, relieves menstrual discomfort and much more. Hence, while buying saffron, you must ensure that you buy it only from the best saffron brand in India.

But, how to determine which brand is the best?

We often receive queries like” sabse accha kesar kaun sa hai?” Here is how you can tell whether a brand is selling authentic saffron or not;

  • If the brand is selling saffron(kesar) at a very low price, it’s most likely fake.
  • Look at the other products sold by the brand. If the brand is selling an array of various products that are easily available anywhere, refrain from buying saffron from that brand. Whereas, if a brand is selling products that are rare to find elsewhere and are unique, the brand is most likely to sell authentic products.

But, here are a few factors that set authentic saffron apart from fake saffron. And they must be your criterion to trust any brand that sells saffron.

How to Determine Real Saffron from a Cheap Fake?

To differentiate real saffron from the fake saffron, following are the few tests that you can try. These are:

1. Cold Water Test

Put the saffron in a glass of cold water, or for that matter, water at room temperature. It will start emitting a golden yellowish color in a few seconds. Within 10-15 minutes the whole water will turn golden yellow. If such a thing happens, it is original & authentic.

On the other hand, fake saffron will start giving out color rapidly. The color would be reddish with no golden hues. Never use such ‘saffron’ as this is full of chemicals.

A point to note is that the original saffron keeps the reddish color while fake saffron strings lose all color.

2. The Rubbing Test

After putting the saffron threads in cold water, you can pick up a few strands and start rubbing them between your fingers. If the threads become liquid or break apart, they are fake. Pure saffron will keep itself intact under light rubbing.

3. The Taste Test

Real Saffron does not taste sweet. It does not have a very good taste if used raw. If your saffron tastes sweet, it is fake for sure. For more details, we have a complete article for you regarding saffron taste.

4. The Smell Test

Real Saffron smells like a mixture of tobacco, dry earth, husk and honey. It may seem to use that you are smelling a light chemical. This is because original saffron has high levels of Safarnal & Picocrocin in it.

5. The Baking Soda Test

You may put baking soda in a cup of water and then push some saffron into it. If the final outcome is yellow colored water, you are looking at true authentic saffron.

6. The Price Test

Saffron is called Red Gold, and it is the most expensive spice in the world. You cannot trust anyone selling it for 200-250 per gram. According to CNN, a gram of pure saffron costs around $9. So, don’t be deceived by cheap fakes in the market.

Keeping all of the above factors in mind, it can be said that Kashmirica is the best brand in India to buy saffron from.

What makes Kashmirica the best saffron brand in India?

Here are all the reasons that make Kashmirica a go-to destination for buying saffron:

  • Kashmirica is a brand born in Kashmir:

Kashmiri is a brand based out of the beautiful valley of Kashmir. And Kashmir is also the place in India where the ‘crocus sativus’ (the saffron flower) grows. This makes the saffron sold by Kashmirica the best; as it is cultivated and sold right from where it originates.

Not only that. The saffron sold by Kashmirica comes from the fields in Pampore, Kashmir which is the best place to grow saffron. All the saffron sold by Kashmiri is sourced directly from the farmers of Pampore, meaning right from the source. It cannot get any more authentic than this, can it?

  • Kashmirica sells the highest quality saffron:

Basically, there are four types of saffron: Mongra, Lacha, Zarda, and Choora. Mongra is the most premium quality of saffron that is available. And Kashmirica only sells the Mongra saffron. This variety of saffron is known to have a gorgeous red color and a very pleasant aroma. The pledge to sell only genuine premium products is another factor that makes Kashmirica the best saffron brand in India.

  • Handpicked and neatly stored:

Saffron sold by Kashmirica is carefully and very delicately handpicked by experts. It is also stored in a way that its aroma and originality remain intact. Kashmirica takes the utmost care to not let it get affected by any kind of external factors. The saffron is also very neatly packed so that it reaches safely to its designated customer. Herein, we pack the saffron only on demand.

  • 100% natural:

The fact that we cannot stress enough is that Kashmirica’s saffron is 100% natural There are absolutely no edible colors or other chemicals added to it.

  • Dedicated to selling authentic and exclusive Kashmiri products:

Another reason that makes Kashmirica the best saffron brand in India is that the brand is dedicated to selling only exclusive Kashmiri products. This means that our products are unique and are rare to find elsewhere. We wish to bring our products to the global audience. And authenticity is, of course, always guaranteed!

  • Kashmirica is helping local artisans:

Every time you buy something from Kashmirica, you support the local Kashmiri artisans who work hard to keep their legacy going. Artisans are often forced to sell their products to distributors at low prices; which is unjust to all the hard work that they put in.

However, we at Kashmirica, help the local artisans by directly buying goods from them and then listing them on our website. This also makes Kashmirica the best saffron brand in India which is impacting the lives of artisans directly.

Over to You

Saffron is an exotic spice that doesn’t just add a great flavor but also adds great color to all the dishes that it is added to. Saffron is great for pregnant women, as it has many health benefits. While it also grows in Iran, Spain and Greece, the place where the best saffron grows in India is Kashmir.

The distinct aroma and flavor of saffron set apart and add a hint of exquisiteness to every delicacy. One point to always remember – buy only original saffron from genuine vendors.

Now that you know about the best saffron brand in India, are you ready to buy it?

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