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Tea is, perhaps, the most celebrated and loved beverage in India. No matter whether it is the north or south of India, you will find some great tea in India no matter where you go. But the question is, which is the best tea in India?

From starting our day with a cup of hot tea to having a few cups of it by the time it is evening, there is no doubt that Indians are tea-obsessed people.

While you may find little to major variations in how tea is made in different parts of the country, this is one beverage that unites us all. 

Needless to say, there are numerous tea brands in India. As one of the major tea-producing regions in the world, Indian tea is hugely exported as well. 

If you are a tea lover then you are definitely at the right place. Here, in this article, we talk about some of the best tea brands in India and help you explore your love for tea even more.


Which is the Best Tea in India?

While the answer to this question is sure to vary from person to person, a good cup of tea is one that instantly refreshes and relaxes you and makes you feel good. Whether you are a fan of the good old milk tea, black tea, artisanal luxury teas, or unique teas, we have something for every kind of tea lover.

We try to talk about the different tea brands and compare them to find some of the best tea in India.

Which is the Best Assam Tea Brand in India?

Assam is a major tea-producing state in India and the tea made here is largely consumed in the country. ‘Assam tea’ refers to the strong black tea that is grown in this state which is then brewed in water and milk with some sugar and enjoyed every day. The tea from Assam is known for its maltiness and strength. 

This tea is probably the most preferred choice in India and no breakfast can be complete without a cup of this tea on the side. The state is home to more than 900 tea estates, owned by both small and large growers.

Now, let us talk about the best Assam tea brand in India.

1. Vahdam

When we talk about Assam tea, Vahdam is one of the most popular and trusted brands. Vadham actually purchases from several tea estates that are located in Assam, the tea is then processed from other parties and then sold. Their state-of-the-art facility in Delhi then packages the tea and then it is sold. 

The brand sells single-estate origin tea sourced from some of the best tea estates in the state. If you wish to enjoy some authentic Assam tea, then Vadam is a brand that you can go for without any doubt.

Vadham’s premium CTC Assam black tea has great strength and boldness, making it some of the best Assam tea in India. The tea has light maltiness, a very balanced taste, and a crisp aroma.

2. Ghograjan Tea Estate- ‘Farm2Cup’

The brand sells single-estate origin tea, making their tea as authentic as ever. If you are looking for the best Assam tea brand in India, you can go for ‘Farm2Cup’ by Ghograjan Tea Estate.

Founded in the 1940s, it is a reliable tea brand that not only grows tea but also packs it and all the steps that fall in between are done on the estate itself. The tea is made with the CTC method.

There are no middlemen involved in between and the tea is sold directly from the estate to the tea drinker. 

The tea from this brand can be described as something strong, malty, brisk, and clean. It is also described to have a bit of astringency to it. So, if that is something that you are looking for in a tea, Ghograjan’s Tea is ideal for you.

3. Mana Organics

The next on our list of comparison of tea brands is Mana Organics. The brand has been USDA-certified organic since 2015. Natural resources of nitrogen and organic matter are gathered by the tea farmers of the estate and then the finished compost is spread using hands to each single tea plant.

The tea has a good level of maltiness and a slightly earthy taste to it. The tea has an excellent taste, especially towards the end of a sip. Its malty-boldness and honey-sweetness set the tea apart from the other typical teas of the Assam region.

4. Positively Tea Company

The company’s tea is made using the orthodox method and thus, the tea leaves slowly release their flavor in the hot boiling water. The tea from this brand is known to have great strength and stoutness.

A cup of tea from the Positively Tea Company is very hearty with just a tiny hint of smokiness. However, the company only sells its tea in bulk. And to enjoy this pleasant cup of tea every day, you will need to buy at least a one-pound bag.

It is a great tea to consider for consumption on an everyday basis, making it some of the best tea in India.

5. Davidson’s Banaspaty Estate Organic Tea

If you are looking for more organic tea from Assam, this is the tea you need to try out. This Assam tea has characteristic maltiness with very little astringency and the tea is full-bodied but mellow.

This tea has been certified USDA organic and it is sourced from the Banaspaty Tea Estate. It is known to have a great flavor and hence, can be enjoyed every day.

Moreover, they only sell completely organic tea making this brand a great choice.

Which is the Best Black Tea in India?

Now that we have talked about how you can enjoy a cup of the good old milk tea with some of the best tea leaves from Assam, let us see what brands the black tea lovers can go for.

1. Tata Tea Gold

One of the most popular tea brands in India, Tea Tea Gold is a household name. Its maintained balance of strength and aroma makes it a perfect fit for a steaming cup of hot black tea.

The tea is a mix of CTC granules along with gently-rolled longer tea leaves. 

2. Jarved Organic Assam Whole Leaf Black Tea

A tea specifically designed for black tea lovers is a great choice to consider. A caffeine-free tea is sure to make you feel instantly refreshed and relaxed. This strong black tea is every connoisseur’s choice. Obtained from Dirbughar’s organic estate, the tea has sweet as well as woody notes. The tea is brisk and quick in releasing its flavor.

3. Teabox Classic Darjeeling Pekoe Loose-Leaf Black Tea

If you are still looking for the best black tea in India, you need to try this one out. An organically grown tea, is great for a refreshing cup of black tea. Sourced from Darjeeling, the tea has wonderful notes of cherrywood and cocoa. 

4. Chaiology Whole Leaf Darjeeling Black Tea

Also, a black tea from Darjeeling, Chaiology’s whole leaf tea is 100% organic and has no added flavors. The tea is meant for every black tea connoisseur and it is the harvest of the finest tippy-toe Flowery Orange Pekoe. Its deep fruity flavors are a treat to your taste buds.

5. Lipton Darjeeling Tea

The next on our list of the brand’s comparison of the best black tea in India is Lipton. Lipton is a very popular brand when it comes to teas. Also sourced from Darjeeling, the tea is made from carefully handpicked tea leaves. 

Lipton’s Darjeeling Tea has hints of floral and fruit flavors. Its drinkers love its smooth taste, making it a great choice for black tea lovers.

Which is the Best Luxury Tea Brands in India?

Now that we have you covered with lovely milk tea and black tea, let us compare some luxurious tea brands.

While some people love to have a cup of ‘chai’ or tea roadside, others love the luxurious feel that comes with artisanal teas. These luxurious teas have a charm of their own and a cup of them will refresh you like nothing else.

1. Tea Trunk

Tea Trunk crafts some of the best artisanal teas in India. It is a great tea brand to try out if you wish to try unique-flavored teas, making it some of the best tea in India. The brand sells an array of rare and exotic teas that are hard to find elsewhere.

Some of their blends include apple spice black tea, chocolate earl grey tea, chili chai, berry matcha green tea and so much more.

So, if unique is what you are looking for and if you wish to experiment with your taste palette, this brand is what you need to go for.

2. Chado

The next on our list of luxury tea brands in India is Chado tea. You will find a variety of teas from all over the world from this brand. They have some very interesting blends such as Darjeeling Muscatel, Chamraj Green Delight, and Refreshment Herb.

While the brand was established in Los Angeles, it came to India in 2008. Whether you are looking for luxurious black, oolong, green, white, or yellow tea, Chado is a great brand to try out.

3. No. 3 Clive Road

If you are looking for more luxury tea brands and India and some of the best tea in India, this is a great brand to try out. The brand specializes in exquisite hand-blended teas and trying this tea out is sure to give you a feel of royalty.

Some of their blends include Madurai Masala, Aurangzeb, etc. Their USP is creative hand-blended teas and if that is what you are looking for, No. 3 Clive Road is a great choice.

4. The HillCart Tales

It is a luxury Indian tea brand that is based in Kolkata. They have a range of unique signature teas such as lemon cake, tiramisu, apple strudel, blood orange, etc. Along with an array of exotic blends, they also have regular green and black teas.

5. Dancing Tea

Another Indian luxury tea brand, Dancing Tea sells premium whole leaf tea made only from natural ingredients. They have everything right from masala chai blends, fruity chai to matcha. They also sell an array of loose tea leaves like green tea, oolong tea, white tea, and a lot more.

Which are the Most Expensive Tea Brands in India?

If you wish to go a step beyond the luxurious, we have a brand comparison of the most expensive and best tea in India.

1. Golden Tips Tea

An expensive tea brand, they obtain their tea from various estates in India including Assam, and Darjeeling. Their teas sell for as high as Rs. 1,800 for a pack of 40 grams. They have a wide range of different tea blends to help you make the best choice.

2. TDT World

While they also sell medium-range luxurious teas, TDT World’s Darjeeling Organic Golden Needle Buds tea sells for a price of Rs. 2,649 for a quantity of 100 grams. The tea has crisp notes of black tea with a deliciously strong and sweet flavor.

3. TWG Tea

The next on our list of the most expensive tea brands in India is TWG Tea. The brand’s Geisha Blossom Tea sells for Rs. 3,800 for a tin of 100 grams. It is an elegant green tea that has a refreshing taste with an infusion of ripe southern fruits.

Which is Best Tea in India?

There are several tea brands in India, whether it is luxurious tea, black tea, or green tea. But if you are looking for authentic Kashmiri tea then you must try out Kashmirica’s teas.

The brand sells 100% authentic Kahwa tea as well as Noon chai and you can enjoy delicious Kashmiri chai from anywhere in the world. 


In this article, we told you about some of the best tea in India. We compared the various tea brands for you to make the best choice for yourself. Which of these teas have you tried out and which ones are you the most excited to try next?

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