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Brazil is known for its stunning natural beauty, lush green jungles, iconic carnival festivals, tropical beaches, and much more. So, while brazilian jewelry may not be the first thing to come to your mind when you think of Brazil, Brazilian jewelry is definitely worth knowing about.

Whether you already know a bit about it or have just started exploring the world of jewelry, you are at the right place. There is a wealth of knowledge to know about the jewelry of this region. 

Today, jewelry from Brazil is quite popular all across the world. And there are numerous designers from this country who have left their mark in the jewelry world. 

But what is it that makes Brazilian jewelry unique and worth knowing of? Well, that is exactly what we are here to explore and let you know of. So, come along, as we explore and let you know everything that there is to know about the jewelry of Brazil.

Brazilian Jewelry: The Ultimate Guide

Brazil has an extremely rich and diverse culture as the country is a melting pot of several different settlers including the Portuguese, indigenous societies as well as Africans. All of these settlers have contributed their own unique cultures over the years making Brazil a beautiful and diverse blend.

The designs that are created by the Brazilian jewelers are dedicated to capturing the prime elements of the domestic Brazilian culture and thus, their designs are uniquely Brazilian.

Along with the domestic culture, the jewelry designers also draw inspiration from nature around. And there is no shortfall of inspiration from nature as Brazil abounds with natural beauty. The Brazilian culture and nature around are what you will see reflected the most in Brazilian jewelry.

What’s more, is that Brazil also has a wealth of gemstones. And being one of the most significant producers of a variety of gemstones, you will find that the jewelry of this country is often embellished with colorful gemstones. The liberally used gemstones give a very colorful look to the jewelry.

Brazilian Gemstones and their History

It is no secret that Brazil is very, very popular for its gemstones and the country has a literal treasure of it. Its history in Brazil began during the early colonization period. It was in 1573 when the gem deposits were found and late 17th century when the gold mines of Sabarabussu were discovered in Brazil. Then, it was a few decades after that, that the first diamond deposits were unearthed in a town that would later be known as Diamantina. 

Due to the exploration of gold and diamonds, the mining of gemstones took a backseat until about the 19th century. 

In 1822, after Brazil’s independence from Portugal, the Germans immigrated here. These immigrants brought along with them cutting and polishing techniques and that is how the modern Brazilian stone industry began to develop.

Emerald, tourmaline, aquamarine, quartz, and topaz are some of the many gemstones that are very commonly found in Brazil. 

It was the latter half of the 20th century that marked the emergence of the jewelry industry in Brazil. It was also in the late 1990s that Brazil started exporting gems to the United States, Europe, India, Japan, as well as, China. 

Brazil still remains a significant player in cutting higher-value gemstones with Teófilo Otoni and Governador Valadares being the major centers for it.

Having the perfect geological conditions for mining gems, a huge number of gemstones are mined in this country. Hence, it is no wonder that gemstones also play quite a major role in Brazilian jewelry. So whether it is earrings or finger rings, you are sure to find a number of ornaments studded with these colorful gemstones.

Contemporary Brazilian Jewelry

It was during the middle of the 20th century, sometime around the 1960s that contemporary jewelry made its first steps in Brazil. A lot of new industries flourished during this time and the middle class conquered spaces in the working production. The Brazilian culture also developed a lot and so did modernist ideals.

Talking about Brazilian jewelry during this time, the Brazilian gems started gaining a lot of importance. And the immigrants from Europe were responsible for boosting these colored gems from Brazil internationally. 

For these first few years, artistic jewelry got a lot of visibility- right from exhibitions in art galleries to television shows and news, it was everywhere. 

However, sometime during the 1980s to the 1990s, the artistic jewelry industry in Brazil wasn’t doing too well. A lot of galleries were opened during this time to maintain the market but unfortunately, none of them were actually successful. 

Although it was a bleak period for the Brazilian jewelry industry, the start of the 21st century came as a new hope and promise. More number of people started getting curious and began to work as and explore concepts as jewelers. 

Jewelry, keeping in view the Brazilian character started taking shape. Artists started experimenting and studying more and the use of organic materials such as wood and seeds also started growing in the idea of Brazilian aesthetic. More and more artistic jewelry galleries opened up in the country. And jewelry is still very much a superfluous item in Brazil.

Brazilian Jewelry Designs

The jewelry designers of Brazil are known to combine various colored stones in a single piece of jewelry to make it look appealingly attractive. This is a very popular look when it comes to the local jewelry market in Brazil and is one of the most recognized Brazilian themes worldwide.

Versatile and fashionable jewelry that blends with nature is very popular among the Brazilian women. Earrings, especially the ones that dangle, are a favorite among them.

Brazilian jewelry is also all about the colors. Jewelry items that have both intense as well as pastel colored gemstones are very loved. So, the many stones that are used in their jewelry include aquamarine, green and smoky quartz, blue topaz, various colored tourmaline stones, and a lot more. Interestingly, despite Brazil being a major producer of emeralds in the world, emeralds aren’t really a popular choice in their jewelry.

Color is often emphasized more than the price of the gemstone when it comes to this jewelry as that is what the customers love the most. 

Another interesting aspect to note about the jewelry of Brazil is that its style keeps on changing. Each new season brings with it new styles and collections of jewelry as that is the domestic market’s demand. For example, floral designs are very popular in the summer and spring seasons. In fact, many Brazilian designers also come up with as many as four brand new jewelry collections a year. Not just that but the manufacturing equipment and techniques are also constantly refined and updated.

The 18k yellow gold is the standard material for Brazilian jewelry but now 18k white gold and 18k rose gold are also gaining popularity. Along with gold, silver has also started becoming a preferred choice owing to its lower prices as compared to gold. 

Brazil’s vast wealth of gemstones is a huge boon for the Brazilian jewelry industry. The Brazilian jewellery designs that incorporate the Brazilian culture and natural beauty are truly very innovative, making the scenario of jewelry in Brazil very promising. 

Things to know about Brazilian Jewelry

  • Costume jewelry

Brazil is known for some truly unique costume jewelry pieces that can be matched with your favorite outfit. There are several jewelry designer brands offering these gorgeous pieces. There is no dearth of this costume jewelry in Brazil and it is so accessible that it can also be found in shoe shops!

Whether it is beachwear jewelry style or something else, Brazil has it all!

  • Gothic Jewelry

Gothic jewelry is also quite popular in Brazil, especially when it comes to teenagers. The style of this kind of jewelry is dark yet playful. Such necklaces and bracelets are often layered together along with colorful strands of beads.

There are also quite some Brazilian jewelry brands offering gothic jewelry styles.

  • Statement Earrings

Brazil jewelry is actually quite known for its statement earrings. And statement earrings are immensely loved by Brazilian women. They add oodles and oodles of grace to any kind of outfit and hence, are quite popular in the country.

If you are looking for statement earrings, those from Brazilian designers should definitely be checked out.

  • Gold coated

Another peculiar aspect of Brazilian jewelry is that the pieces are often gold coated. Several Brazilian designers have many different types of brushed gold jewelry pieces in their collection. The gold coated or brushed jewelry is also quite popular in the country and you will spot several prominent designers selling them in their collections.

  • Colored gemstones

While the different trends in Brazilian jewelry might come and go, one thing is constant- the colored gemstones. Whether it is a design centered around the gem itself or a design laden with a few of those, these colorful stones have always been quite popular in the Brazilian style of jewelry, with their reason being quite obvious.

May it be the common or the rare ones, you will almost always find the jewelry of Brazil embellished with gemstones.

  • Bio/ Eco Jewelry

Jewelry that is made from bio or eco-friendly materials is also quite a trend in the Brazilian markets. And this kind of jewelry is made from materials that are naturally found and items such as seeds are used.

Many indigenous tribes often gather these products and they are then supplied to the jewelry makers. Due to the richness of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, bio jewelry is quite important in the country.

  • Gold Jewelry

18k gold, whether it is yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold is very commonly used as the base material for Brazilian jewelry. Most stunning Brazilian jewellry pieces are made using this precious metal. No matter whether it is earrings or finger rings, you will find them all made in 18k gold.

Top Brazilian Jewelry Designers and Brands to look out for

  • H. Stern

H. Stern is probably the most recognized and one of the biggest jewelry brands in Brazil. The company was founded by Hans Stern back in 1945. And today, H. Stern is synonymous with luxury jewelry and has a huge empire.

The brand’s designs capture the free-spirited and creative essence of Brazil. The brand’s designs also express music, dance, fashion, and a lot more. Their designs are made of gold and then embellished with precious stones.

  • Silvia Furmanovich 

Silvia Furmanovich captures the vibrant spirit of her native Sao Paulo in her creations. Her designs also often utilize unique materials like feathers, seashells, as well as, sustainably harvested Brazilian wood. In fact, the designer has also created earrings with real orchid leaves.

All of her designs are very unique and made with insane attention to detail.

  • Fernando Jorge

Another iconic Brazilian jewelry designer is Fernando Jorge. His designs are some of the most mesmerizing that perfectly capture the naturalistic elements. His creations also make use of colorful precious gemstones like emeralds, quartz, and opal. Quite a lot of celebrities have been spotted donning pieces from his collections.

  • Hueb

Founded in the 1980s by Fádua Hueb, the brand now has boutique stores all over the world. She specializes in unique and intricate designs that are made using gold and embellished with diamonds or other precious gemstones.

The brand has quite a lot of collections full of beautiful jewelry pieces.

  • Ara Vartanian

The brand specializes in one-of-a-kind statement jewels that have a very modern appeal to them. Unique double and triple finger rings, octopus rings, inverted rings, and hook earrings are some of the designer’s signature styles.


Hope this article enhanced your knowledge of Brazilian jewelry and gave you a deeper insight into how and what it is. Right from Brazil’s history of gemstone to the country’s most famous designers, we have shared everything with you.

Know more about the unique and beautiful Brazilian jewelry? Let us know!

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