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A Complete Guide to Gemstones

A Complete Guide to Gemstones

Since ancient times, gemstones have caused fascination in people due to their sparkly appearance, remarkable strength, and incredible power. These precious stones symbolize love, health, eternal youth, happiness, and protection from evil, each gem specific in its power.

The value of gemstones is generally determined by their hue, hardness, and rarity. Some gems like citrine are reasonably priced because of their abundance, whereas others like diamonds are unbelievably costly. Despite their resistance to regular wear, gemstones should be cleaned, stored, and cared for properly.

In case you are looking for a particular gem, the following list of gemstones will introduce you to the most popular variants.

We hope the guide below helps you explore their physical properties, quality, and symbolism.


Citrine is one of the most abundant gemstones, whose specific yellow color originates from the process of iron heating. Its name means lemon in French, referring to the range of tones from honey yellow to brownish. The November birthstone is often used in the production of jewelry due to its abundance and affordable nature.

Although ignored in the past, citrine has transformed into a widely popular gemstone, mainly because of its affordability. It’s thought to protect the wearer and provide him/her with happiness. Also, the energy of citrine plays a major role in concentration and focus, as well as the regulation of one’s immune system and metabolism.


Amethyst is widely known for its violet color, ranging from bright purple hue to deep purple, depending on the amount of iron in the crystal structure. The February birthstone belongs to the quartz family, available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Amethyst was believed to be amazingly precious, more valuable in comparison with diamonds. Nevertheless, after the discovery of the vast amethyst deposits in Brazil and Uruguay, this gem is now considered semi-precious.

Moreover, ancient civilizations, like the Romans, believed this gemstone had the power to impede intoxication, which is why most of the goblets were made from amethyst. Nowadays, this semi-precious stone is associated with meditation, spirituality, and sobriety. You can always research more about the physical properties, geologic occurrence, and care of amethyst gems.


Aquamarine is an exquisite gemstone that represents the color of the ocean and the sky, ranging from pastel blue to turquoise. This translucent gem belongs to the beryl family, predominantly found in the African continent and Brazil. It’s believed that sailors always took aquamarine on their trips in order to have luck throughout the journey.

Furthermore, this gem is known to be a symbol of eternal life, good health, and faith. Also, it’s thought to provide calmness, reduce anxiety, and minimize anger. Its value is mainly associated with hue, as dark aquamarine gemstones are much rarer in comparison with the pastel blue variants. Consequently, one would pay substantially more for a dark aquamarine gem than for a pale blue precious stone of this kind.


Diamonds are undoubtedly the most precious, costliest, and most desirable type of gemstones. Hence, these are used in the creation of fine jewelry, such as engagement and wedding rings. Being a natural earth mineral is what provides this valuable gem with remarkable strength and miraculous light-reflecting properties.

Even though diamonds are recognized for their sparkling clear appearance, these gems can be purchased in a myriad of other hues like pink, red, yellow, and black. The high rating of the diamond on the Mohs scale makes it durable enough to be worn regularly and resist scratches. For further guidance on the color and properties of diamonds, make sure you visit this link,

While ancient Romans wore such gemstones in the course of battles so as to protect them from evil, nowadays, the diamond is a symbol of eternal love. However, the ancient use of this precious stone is believed to represent its true power, as diamonds have always been appreciated for their hardness and strength.


Emerald gemstones are characteristic of their vivid green color, ranging from pale green to a yellow-green hue. Despite their solid hardness, emeralds aren’t considered suitable for everyday wear. Given the rarity of these precious gems, emerald stones are known to be pricier than rubies or sapphires.

The May birthstone is thought to symbolize love and fertility. In ancient times, Queen Cleopatra was infatuated with the power and magnificent look of emeralds. Also, Egyptian mummies wore emeralds when buried in the sarcophagus, as these stones were believed to provide them with rebirth and eternal youth.

How to take care of gemstones?

In order for gemstone wearers to maintain the sparkle of their precious stones, they are supposed to clean them regularly. In spite of their natural resistance to scratches, gems should be handled gently during the cleaning process. One is advised to use nothing but water and dish soap to clean them, as well as a dry cotton cloth to wipe their surface.

Moreover, ultrasonic cleaners are frequently used for the purpose of gemstone cleaning, but these aren’t recommended for all kinds of gems. For instance, emeralds are too delicate to be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner, as they would be unquestionably damaged.

In terms of storage, owners are advised to store their precious stones in separate boxes so as to prevent scratches. It’s paramount for gems not to be exposed to sunlight, as most of these stones are susceptible to fading. Certain gemstones, like opal, are incredibly demanding when it comes to storage, as both light and heat are detrimental to their appearance and condition. When exposed to sunlight for longer periods, opal is known to change its color.

Furthermore, gems aren’t supposed to be exposed to perfumes and hairsprays, as well as to chlorine and bleach. Therefore, wearers should remove all pieces of jewelry before swimming or coming in contact with bleach. Also, toothpaste should never be used for cleaning gems, as their surface will most likely get deteriorated, particularly the fine polish.

Final word

Gemstones will always be adored by people. Purchase a gem that matches your personality!

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Wall Decor Ideas to Lift Your Mood

Wall Decor Ideas to Lift Your Mood

Are you on the lookout for some amazing wall decor ideas? Are you wondering how you can take your home decor a few notches up?

Well, think of your walls as a blank canvas that you can fill up with anything that you can possibly think of! After all, whether it is your living room or bedroom space, sprucing up an empty wall can transform its entire look. The right kind of decor has the ability to lift up your spirits and make you feel more at home.

No matter what your style may be, we have some great wall decorating ideas for you. So come on, let’s find them out!

Handmade Home Decor

Wall Decor Ideas that Give a Lift to Your Mood

Here, we’ll tell you how you can amp up the walls of your living room, bedroom as well as a children’s room. Let’s get started with your living room first.

Wall Decor Ideas for Living Room

Your living room is definitely one of the most important rooms in your house. Along with spending a significant amount of time here yourself, you may also entertain guests and other people here. 

Being the first room in your house, it is the one room that most people will visit. Your living room is one place in your house that will leave a lasting impression on others and speak volumes of not just the rest of the house but also the people living in it. So, it is important that you decorate it carefully keeping in mind the impact that it’ll make. Your living room should be the right balance of being inviting, comfortable and yet go with your personal taste or style.

Here are some top wall art ideas for your living room:

1. Drape Some Wall Hangings

Wall hangings are a great way of adding oodles of style to any room, especially the living room. 

These wall decor pieces aren’t just unique and classy but go well with literally every aesthetic. If you love handicrafts, wall hangings are the perfect way to decorate your walls.

If you are wondering how to choose a wall hanging for your living room walls, the best option would be to go for something that contrasts your walls. For lighter colored walls, go for darker wall hangings like this one and for darker walls, go for the lighter ones.

This is one of the best wall decor ideas and would go very well on a wall that is behind your couch. 

2. Hang Mirrors/ Plates

Another amazing way of decorating your walls is by hanging some mirrors/ plates on them. Mirrors don’t just reflect light but also make a room look much bigger. 

Similarly, a few decorative plates will also make an excellent style statement in your living room.

Living Room

3. Showcase Some Art Such as Paper Mache

Shelves are also one of the best wall art ideas. You can install either open or closed shelves on your living room walls and then add classy and elegant items like paper mache to them. 

These floating shelves will give quite a look to your walls.

4. Have an Accent Wall

Accent walls also work great for living room decor. You can use bright paint color and designs and basically personalize a wall the way you want to. An accent wall perfectly contrasts three other simple walls.

Additionally, you can also add any of the above three wall decor ideas to an accent wall to enhance its look.

Wall Decor Ideas for Bedroom

If you are looking for wall art ideas for your bedroom, we have plenty of them too. Your bedroom is your personal space and thus, make sure that every time you step inside it after a long day of work, you feel instantly relaxed. This style will work for your guest room as well.

Decorating your bedroom the right way can make a bigger difference than you might think. It is a place that you can truly call your ‘own’ and hence personalizing it your own way will only make it cozier and more welcoming for you.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, a wall is a great place to start. Here are some wall decorating ideas that you may like.

1. The Walls Can’t go Empty

Just like the living room, wall hangings go extremely well on bedroom walls too. If you have an overall classy and elegant aesthetic, a wall hanging will just add more charm to it. Even if you have a casual aesthetic, wall hangings make a great addition to it.

A beautiful floral hanging or one with natural accents would go perfectly well on the wall behind your bed or on the one opposite it. 

If you love luxurious decor that gives a posh look, handcrafted wall hangings are the best idea. Darker colored wall hangings would complement your bedroom walls amazingly well. 

You can also be a little creative here and use handmade rugs or carpets and hang them as wall hangings.

2. Have a Gallery Wall

If you are still looking for wall decor ideas, you can also go for a gallery wall. A gallery wall is basically a wall that is filled with pictures/ frames.

For a gallery wall, you can either put up your own family pictures on the wall or decide a theme and select the pictures accordingly. For this wall art idea, you can use pictures/ frames of various sizes so that they complement each other well.

A gallery wall will add lots of personality to your bedroom.

3. Install Shelves

Installing shelves on your bedroom walls is also one of the best wall decor ideas. You can use these shelves to showcase your impressive book collection or even your most cherished art pieces.

Pro Tip: If you are fond of handicrafts, there is nothing like paper mache items to amp up those shelves!

Paper Mache Decor

4. Go for a wallpaper

If you want to go for something simple, go for a wallpaper. A wallpaper is a low-risk wall decor idea that still looks pretty great.

Choose a wallpaper that goes well with the color scheme of the rest of your bedroom and your wall is sure to stand out beautifully.

Wall Decor Ideas for Children’s Room

Now that we have talked about wall decorating ideas for the living room and bedroom, let us talk about how you can amp up a child’s bedroom by decorating its walls.

It truly is interesting to decorate kids’ bedrooms and one of the most enjoyable parts has to be the walls. Children’s bedrooms need to be colorful, playful and something super fun to look at. And here’s how you can do that. 

1. Use a Fun Wallpaper

A colorful wallpaper with cute prints is one of the best wall art ideas for a kid’s bedroom. You can find an array of wallpapers that will help you create magic in a children’s bedroom. A simple wallpaper can transform its entire look and make the room appear super happy and fun.

You can go for cute prints or even something with bright colors as there is an endless variety that you can choose from.

Children Room Decor

2. Paint a Mural

Another interesting way of decorating a children’s bedroom wall is by painting a mural on one of the walls. Murals are fun, colorful, unique and a child is sure to love them.

You can paint their favorite cartoon character, animal or even the world map. The possibilities here are truly endless and you can unleash your creative side to the utmost level.

3. Animal or Bird Wall Hangings

If you don’t want to put in too many efforts and just do something simple and quick yet equally interesting for your children’s bedroom, here’s one of the best wall decorating ideas.

Just put up an animal or bird wall hanging on their wall. It is creative, easy and also very fun to look at.

A quirky wall hanging will add a beautiful edge to any children’s room and make it look amazing. It is also a pretty unique idea as compared to other children’s bedroom wall art ideas. You can also go for multiple wall hangings on the same or different walls to create a beautiful design on the walls.

4. Having a Shelf Area

Shelves aren’t just great for storing toys and other children’s stuff but they also make for great wall decorating ideas.

You can just install a few of them on plain or wallpapered or even painted walls and then doll these shelves up with beautiful decor pieces. Again, decorative items like paper mache would make a perfect addition to your shelves.

Over to You

Here were some amazing wall decor ideas for your living room, bedroom as well as the children’s room. While you might need some time and effort to do a few, the others are super easy and quick.

Out of these super fun ideas, which ones did you like the best? Tell me about it in the comments.

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8 Best Oud Colognes for Men

8 Best Oud Colognes for Men

Always a hit among the Middle Easterners and fragrance connoisseurs, oud cologne is now gaining popularity among the westerners as well. Derived from the wood of the agar tree, the best oud cologne is one of the most expensive fragrances in the world.

Its rich and exotic scent is also what makes it one of the most sought after fragrances. Either you absolutely love this strong, musky fragrance or you hate it, there’s no in between! But the ones who love it, take their oud very seriously. 

What is Oudh?

Oudh is derived from the agarwood tree which grows in India, Bangladesh as well as some parts of South-East Asia. When this tree gets infected by a kind of mould called Phialophora parasitica, the tree develops a resin as a reaction to this mould. This dark and fragrant resin and the part of the tree that it grows on are what get used to make the oud. 

Since only about 2% of the entire population of the agarwood trees gets infected with this mould, oud is quite a rare fragrance. This is one of the reasons why oud carries the price tag that it does! In fact, did you know that it is also popularly known as liquid gold?

Oud oil or scent also takes a long time to be made. And the first step involves immersing the agarwood in water for a few months. After this, its oil is extracted using steam distillation that  is done using huge boilers. The oil that is finally distilled from this process is known as Oud.

While some buy it as a luxury, for others, the oud is an absolute necessity. No matter what your reason might be, if you love fragrances, we are sure that this is one fragrance that you won’t ever regret buying!

If you are looking for the best oud perfumes for men, you are at the right place. Whether you are a beginner or an oud expert, you are sure to love these 8 fragrances.

8 Best Oud Colognes for Men

1. White Oud

If you are looking for an oud perfume for men, don’t think twice before getting this one.

The White Oud is a relatively modern version of the traditional oud. If you aren’t really into the dark oud fragrance, the white oud is a good option that you can opt for.

A 100% oil based fragrance, white oud is a delicately crafted combination of the musky oud with aquatic notes. Even though it has a subtle woody essence, it is still strong enough.

The white oud is undoubtedly one of the finest scents that you will ever own. Just a little dab of this attar will go a long way in helping you smell amazing for a very long time. 

This scent is highly valued for its woody, sweet, aromatic yet complex fragrance. With aquatic notes playing a major role, the white oud is sure to make you feel fresh all day long. 

Whether you are an oud connoisseur or not, you should not miss out on this one. 

  • White Oudh
    White Oudh

2. Oudh Qadeem al-Hindi

Another one of the best oud perfumes is the Oudh Qadeem al-Hindi. Strong, musky, woody and powerful- an oud doesn’t get any better than this.

A traditional scent from the Arab culture, this one is derived from pure Indian agarwood. Made from the finest agarwood, the Oudh Qadeem al-Hindi attar is extremely precious and rare.

Its enchanting smell is sure to leave you in awe. A premium scent, this one is also sure to leave a lasting impression on others. 

The Oudh Qadeem al-Hindi attar is derived using age-old extraction methods, making the scent as good as it gets. 

Having a long lasting effect, you can feel its magic even after several hours of application. In fact, just a few drops of it can last for many days.

When looking for an oud perfume for men, this one sure makes the mark. It will make a great addition to any men’s fragrance collection.

3. Oudh al-Afriki

Still looking for the best oud cologne? Then, try out the Oudh al-Afriki. A premium oud perfume for men, this one is a true connoisseur’s choice. 

Its natural woody fragrance is sure to captivate your senses. Like almost every Oud scent, the Oudh al-Afriki has an intense fragrance too.

Whether you are trying to expand your collection with some classic fragrances or looking to buy an oud for the first time, Oudh al-Afriki is a great place to start.

Moreover, being completely natural, alcohol free and 100% oil based pure oudh, this one certainly is one of the best oud perfumes.

5. Oudh Mukhallat

This one of a kind fragrance is the perfect oriental scent. One of the finest fragrances, this is certainly a great oud perfume for men. 

The Oudh Mukhallat is the right blend of the woody Oudh with subtle flower and herb-based oils, to give you the best experience. One of the softer Ouds, Oud Mukhallat is perfect for all kinds of occasions. 

With woody notes as the base, you are hit with pleasant floral notes in this one. 

This scent is extremely long lasting too. Wear this once and everybody around you would want to know what this unique scent is.

Oudh Mukhallat is a modern take on the classic old traditional perfuming techniques. The fresh scent of this one is sure to be a magical experience for your nose.

Considering its fragrance, its sensual experience, its longevity and its superior quality, the Oudh Mukhallat is definitely a gem to own.

  • Oudh al-Mukhallat
    Oudh Mukhallat
    Product on sale
    2,500.00 1,500.00

5. Dahn al Oudh

Delicately sourced from the agar wood, this one is a product of the finest of craftsmanship. The Middle Easterners love the Dahn al Oudh.

Dahn al Oudh is the oud in its purest form and the name basically means oud oil. Its woody fragrance is every connoisseur’s favorite. 

The Dahn is matured to enhance its volume and viscosity. This makes the scent perfect and even more powerful. 

100% organic and high-quality, the Dahn al Oudh has a lot of character and power. Although it is an incredible scent, this one is more of a connoisseur’s choice.

If you are used to oud scents, you can definitely try this one out as it is one of the best oud perfumes. However, as for the beginners, this one might be a bit too overwhelming. 

Once you use this scent, you are sure to love it and there’s no going back.

6. Oudh Maliki

A classic oud perfume for men, the Oudh Maliki is also a true oriental gem. The scent contains dark wood oils with a combination of dark seductive spices.

A strong masculine fragrance, Oudh Maliki is one of the best oud perfumes. It has a strong smell of oud that is blended with some spices.

Also long lasting and 100% natural, Oud Maliki is surely a treat to own. If you wish to own oud in its best form, go for Oud Maliki without any doubts. 

Just a few dabs of this will give you and those around you whiffs of pure bliss all day long. 

Classy and elegant, the Oudh Maliki attar is a hidden gem.

  • Oud Maliki by Kashmirica
    Oudh Maliki

7. Cambodian Oudh

Yet another best oud cologne for men is the Cambodian Oudh attar. It is a concoction of 100% natural and pure Cambodian oudh blended with floral and woody fragrances.

Cambodian oud is also highly sought after and this one is also extremely soft on the skin. To scent yourself with something classic that is bound to make you feel good, try out this attar.

Just calm and relax yourself down with this wonderful smelling Cambodian attar. It also makes for a great gifting item. 

Don’t think twice before getting this one as this fine scent will make a lovely addition to your collection. This mysterious blend is sure to give you a magical experience.

8. Amber Wood

Last but not the least, is the amber wood. A nice oud attar to own, this one takes its base notes from agar wood.

This is a high quality premium scent, a perfect choice for those who love fragrances. It has a woody herbal fragrance and is an amazing treat to your nose.

An exquisite perfume, indulge in a little luxury with this one. With the main ingredient as amber, many other ingredients go on top of it.

This attar is for everyone. Being very delicately crafted, there’s no way you can’t like this one.

Its wonderful smell is often described as sensuous, captivating and powerful. Its rich and deep smell is bound to enthrall you.

Trust me, you absolutely cannot go wrong with this one!

Over to You

In this article, we shared 8 of the best oud colognes for men. We hope that your quest for the perfect oud fragrance ends right here. Tried and tested, you are in for a treat with either of these! Get your hands on the bestest high-quality oud scents right away.

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How to Wear a Shawl? – The Ultimate Tutorial

How to Wear a Shawl? – The Ultimate Tutorial

If you think that shawls are old-fashioned and only something that aged people wear, well, you are wrong! A shawl is a versatile piece of garment that can be worn in so many different ways. It doesn’t just keep you warm but if worn the right way, it can also make a great style statement! In this article, we show you some creative ways of how to wear a shawl.

You can use either a shawl or a scarf for this. Look elegant and effortlessly fashionable at the same time with these great shawl styles.

Want to explore Authentic, Unique and Honestly Priced Products from Kashmir?

How to Wear a Shawl?

A shawl can be worn in many ways. The Europeans wear it in certain ways, the Arabs in completely different ways and South Asians also have a way to wear a shawl.

Some Simple Ways to Wear a Shawl

  • The traditional way

This is a timeless way of wearing a shawl that’d never go out of style. Nothing can be more comforting than a soft shawl draped around your shoulders giving the ultimate feeling of warmth on a cold day. This is a great style and goes very well with ethnic outfits. You can wear it over kaftans, kurtas/ kurtis, ethnic suits, sarees and a host of other traditional dresses. Since it complements a traditional outfit so well, this style is great to be worn at weddings and other functions. Wrap yourself with a shawl in the traditional way and let people think of you every time they think of ‘elegance’.

  • Wear it as a dupatta

Replace your dupatta with a shawl. This also works great when you are a little uncertain about the weather but also don’t want to take the risk of not carrying a shawl. Well, this style is your saviour in such times! Wear it as a dupatta and if the weather gets too cold, just use it as a shawl to stay warm- that’s two birds with one stone!

  • Use it like a scarf

The best way to wear a shawl scarf is by draping it around your neck. This is a classic style that is also quite stylish. You can wear this with western outfits. Adding a jacket over your outfit would give you a great look. Wearing high boots will add an oomph to your complete look. This is one of the best ways you can style a shawl/ scarf.

This is how to wear a shawl wrap:

Take your favorite shawl/ scarf and drape it around your neck in any way that you may like. That’s it, you are done. This is one of the simplest ways of wearing a scarf.

Creative Ways to Wear a Shawl

  • Wear it like a poncho: 

Did you know that you could wear your scarf/ shawl like a poncho? Well, now you do! This is one of the best ways of how to wear a large scarf shawl or any other shawl. This is how you do it:

  • Take a shawl and drape it across your shoulders. Don’t fold/ crease it and drape the whole shawl across the shoulders. Its ends should be at the front. 
  • Take a few safety pins. 
  • As you can see in the picture, there is a gap between the shawl at the front. You need to close this gap with a few pins. You should need around 3 to 4 pins for this.
  • The picture below is what it should look like after securing it with pins.

    And there you have it! A shawl draped like a beautiful poncho!

  • As the last step, you just need to turn the pinned part of the shawl on your left/ right shoulder.
  • Belt it:

Another way of wearing a shawl is with the help of a belt. This is a great style for the days when it isn’t that cold out but you still need a layer of protection to stay warm. This style works very well with western outfits and can be worn over jeans and over dresses as well.

Here is how to do this style:

  • Take any belt of your choice.
  • Drape the shawl across your shoulders the same as you’d need to do in the previous style mentioned above.
  • The shawl should cover only half of your hands i.e. till your elbows.
  • Tie a belt around your waist and you are done!
  • The image below is what your end result should look like.
  • Wear it as a shrug:

Yes, your shawl can also be made to become a shrug! Sounds interesting, right? This is another super creative way of draping a shawl. It gives a very boho kind of look.

Here are the steps to converting a shawl to a shrug

  • Take your favorite shawl/ scarf. 
  • Take an end of your scarf and bring it to the middle of the longer side of the scarf. Tie a knot there.
  • Repeat the same process with the other long side of your scarf.
  • Put your arms through the places where you have tied the two knots.

Voila, your scarf shrug is ready! This is one of the best ways of how to wear a large scarf shawl.

    Wear a scarf this way and impress everyone with your creative skills.

  • The Waterfall Style:

This is yet another wonderful style with an interesting name. This is, again, a scarf-like style. But, you can use either a scarf or a shawl for this.

Here is how you can create the waterfall style:

  • Drape the scarf/ shawl around your neck.
  • Its ends should be at the front and one end needs to be longer than the other end.
  • Now, take the longer end and make a loop around your neck with it. 
  • Take the same end again. Separate its two ends. And then take it at the back of your neck again and tuck it there.
  • Your waterfall style scarf is done.

    The picture below shows what your end result should look like:

  • The Hoodie Style:

This is yet another great style of how to wear a shawl wrap. You can make your shawl function as a hood with this creative style. This style works great when you want to cover your ears from the cold.

The following are the steps to creating this beautiful style:

  • Take your scarf/ shawl.
  • Open it completely.
  • Fold it in a triangle by joining any two opposite ends.
  • Drape the shawl around your shoulder with the two ends at the front.
  • Now, take it over your head. Take one of the ends and take it on your opposite shoulder to secure it.

    Your hoodie-style scarf wrap is done!

  • Asymmetrical Wrap:

Another way that a scarf can give you a great look is by dropping it in an asymmetric manner. There are no rules to this way of draping. Wear it the way that you find most comfortable. This is a great style for all those super cold days.

  • With a know at the back:

This is another simple style that looks great on any outfit. It looks especially great with flowy dresses.

Here is how you can do this style:

  • Take a shawl/ scarf.
  • Open it completely.
  • Now, drape it around your shoulders in such a way that the ends of the scarf hang at the back. 
  • Now, take both the ends of the scarf hanging at the back and tie a knot with it.

    And, you are done!

How to Wear a Shawl: For Men

Who says that only women can wear shawls? Men can too! Here are some great ways of how to wear a shawl as a scarf for men.

  • Just drape it: 

One of the best ways men can wear a scarf/ shawl is by just draping it around their necks. It can be topped off with a jacket for a more stylish look.

  • Wearing it as a muffler:

A shawl or scarf is very versatile and men can wear it as a muffler too.

  • The Knot:

This is another very simple way that men can use to wear a scarf or a shawl. 

How to do it:

  • Take a shawl or a scare and drape it around your neck with the ends at the front.
  • One end should be kept longer than the other.
  • Take the longer end and make a knot at the shorter end.
  • You are done!

    This is a classic style that looks clean and stylish.

  • The Parisian Knot:

Yes, this style also looks as stylish as it sounds. This looks very classy and also provides great warmth during the cold temperatures.

How to tie the Parisian knot:

  • Fold the scarf in half, widthwise.
  • Now, fold it lengthwise.
  • Then, drape the scarf around your neck.
  • Now, take the one loose ends and pass it through the hole that was formed when the scarf was folded.
  • Tighten the scarf a little and you are done!

    The image below is what the end result should look like.

Over to You

That’s it, folks! In this article, we shared some great ways of how to wear a shawl, how to wear a shawl as a scarf and how to wear a shawl wrap. We hope you liked them and found them useful. Out of all the great shawl draping styles mentioned above, which one is your most favorite?

If you would like to have a look at our collection of Pashmina Shawls and Woolen Stoles , please visit our shopping page.

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What is a Pashmina? A Complete Overview

What is a Pashmina? A Complete Overview

People have various notions about Pashmina. Some think of it to be a goat, some a thread, some a form of embroidery. So ‘what is a pashmina’?

Well, Pashmina is a super fine quality of wool that comes from a particular species of goat. This wool is then used to make shawls and scarfs that go by the same name. Simply put, a Pashmina is a super soft and super warm luxury shawl that is indigenous to the beautiful valley of Kashmir.

While only a few have the eye for a true Pashmina, many believe that every shawl that comes from the Kashmir region qualifies as a Pashmina.

Interested in Buying Exclusive Products from Kashmir?

Now that we have a general idea, let’s dig deeper and know this shawl better.

What is a Pashmina?

The Pashmina is made from the wool of a particular kind of goat that is native to Kashmir. This goat is called the ‘Changthangi’ goat or Capra Hircus or it is also popularly referred to as the ‘Pashmina goat’. The word Pashmina comes from the word ‘pashm’, which itself means soft wool.

The temperatures in some areas in Kashmir often fall as low as -40 degrees celsius during the winters. The Changthangi goat develops a special kind of wool to resist against such low temperatures. Later, when the spring season sets in, these goats shed their wool; which is then used in the making of a Pashmina.

A Pashmina Shawl is the perfect epitome of luxury, comfort and class. It is much desired by women all across the globe. 

What is the history of Pashmina?

There are various theories that suggest how the Pashmina originated. It is said that the 15th century ruler of Kashmir, Zain-ul-Abidin introduced pashmina to the world. Whereas, another theory suggests that a Persian Sufi named Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani who arrived in Kashmir with 700 Persian artisans sometime during the 14th century introduced the art of Pashmina. 

Even though the exact story of its origin can be a bit controversial, Kashmir has been an expert of the art for centuries and centuries.  

It is also said that the great French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte presented a Pashmina shawl to his wife Josephine. And the shawl impressed her so much that she is known to have owned many of them.

Before the 20th century, only royals would own a Pashmina. There are various royal families that are known to have spent fortunes on them. But, times eventually changed and industries evolved greatly. And his beautiful piece of art became accessible to everyone not just in India but in the rest of the world as well.

Through the years, the Pashmina has maintained its reputation as the most luxurious yet comfortable shawl that is known to man and yet somehow, it has evolved too. Centuries later, Pashmina is still known to be a status symbol and hasn’t lost its prestige at all. 

Pashmina and Cashmere: Same or Different?

The answer? Same, yet different! People often confuse between the two.

One thing that is different between these two is that- Pashmina is made from the wool that is obtained from the Changthangi goats. It is super fine and each of its fibres has a diameter of around 10 to 15 microns. Pashmina wool can only be spun by hand. Pashmina wool is also quite rare. 

Whereas, the wool for cashmere shawls can be obtained from any kind of goats and not just the Changthangi goats. It has a diameter of about 15 to 18 microns. This wool is super fine too but not as fine as the Pashmina wool. This is the major difference between Pashmina and Cashmere. Cashmere wool can be spun using machines. This means, cashmere wool can easily be found.

Although, nowadays, these two are often confused with each other. ‘Cashmere’ is, in fact, an Anglicised term for Pashmina. During the 18th century, various Europeans visited India and returned back to their countries with various Pashmina shawls as gifts. And instead of calling them ‘Pashmina’ they re-named them to ‘Cashmere’ (denoting the place where it belongs- Kashmir).

How is a Pashmina Shawl Made?

The way Pashmina shawls are woven hasn’t really changed since centuries. Till date, traditional methods are used in weaving a Pashmina. The process of weaving a Pashmina shawl is called ‘Wonun’ and the weaver weaving it is called ‘Wovur’.

This is how a Pashmina is Made: Process of Making Pashmina Shawl

First, the wool/ yarn is obtained.

Around 4 to 8 iron rods are already fixed on the ground. The wool yarn is first wound around these rods. The rods are usually spread across an area of 10 meters. A person has to walk across these rods multiple times while winding the yarn across them. This is how the warp gets made.

The yarn is then stretched and perfected.

It is then dried out in the sun and then wound again on wooden spindles.

Then, the yarn goes on the handloom where expert weavers weave it by hand.

Since the Pashmina wool is so fine that it cannot be spun using machines. Hence, each and every process that goes into making a Pashmina shawl is done using hands.

It takes a few days for a Pashmina shawl to be made.

After the wool is weaved into a beautiful shawl, an amazingly skilled embroiderer works his magic next. The shawl is then covered with beautiful, colorful embroidery. At the end of the embroidery process, the shawl is first washed and ironed before it reaches the stores to be sold.

What makes a Pashmina so expensive and special?

A Pashmina’s warmth is incomparable. Since the Changthangi goats need to survive extreme cold temperatures, they develop a thick fur which helps them in resisting the temperatures. This gives the Pashmina a warmth like no other! A Pashmina isn’t just known for its warmth but also for its softness and lightweightedness. Only someone who owns a Pashmina knows why all this craze surrounds it. 

Every time you step out wearing a Pashmina shawl, you don’t just have something that’ll keep you super warm but you’ll also make a style statement. A Pashmina can add oodles and oodles of grace to any outfit. 

Not to forget, with a Pashmina, you also own a beautiful piece of heritage and legacy that has been passed on from generations to generations. It is truly a timeless piece. 

What makes a Pashmina shawl or scarf so expensive is the process that goes behind it. Since everything is done using hands, it can take several days and in some cases months to craft a single shawl. Another factor that makes it expensive is the rarity of the wool. The artisans toiling hard to craft the perfect piece of Pashmina for their customers are also amazingly skilled and working in the industry for years. All of this makes a Pashmina shawl truly worth each penny! 

What is a Pashmina scarf?

A scarf or a stole that is made using the wool from the Pashmina or Changthangi goats can be called a Pashmina scarf.

What is a Pashmina wrap?

A shawl or a scarf that you can use during the winters and is made from the Pashmina wool can be called a Pashmina wrap. A Pashmina can be wrapped around in various styles.

What is a Pashmina scarf made of?

A Pashmina scarf is made from the wool of a type of goat called the Changthangi goat. The wool gets weaved into a beautiful scarf.

How to identify Real Pashmina?

Now that you know what is a Pashmina scarf and what is a Pashmina shawl, it is important to know whether the shawl/ scarf you want to buy is real or not. Here is how you tell whether a Pashmina is real or not:

  1. The Burn test: Take a thread from your shawl/ scarf and burn it. If it smells like burnt hair, the Pashmina is most likely real.
  2. The weave: Test a pashmina shawl under natural light. If you see irregular weaves, the Pashmina is real. Since a real Pashmina is handwoven, its weave will have some irregularities as opposed to unauthentic Pashminas woven using machines.
  3. Rubbing test: Rub the shawl using your fingers. If it generates tiny sparks, the Pashmina isn’t genuine.
  4. The Price: A real Pashmina comes at a price. If you find a vendor selling it at unbelievably low prices, don’t fall for it as the Pashmina being sold in this case isn’t real.
  5. Shine: Unauthentic pashminas usually exhibit a lot of shine. If the Pashmina looks shiny, ditch it and look for better vendors selling genuine ones.

Over to You

We hope this article cleared your doubts on ‘What is a Pashmina?’.When you decide to buy a Pashmina, remember all the hard work that goes into making one. Buy only from authentic sellers as there is a whole market dedicated to selling fake Pashmina shawls.

You can check Kashmirica’s Shopping Page for Exclusive, Authentic Products from Kashmir

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The Story of Shahtoosh: World’s Most Expensive Fabric

The Story of Shahtoosh: World’s Most Expensive Fabric

Shahtoosh or shahtush or simply toosh, is a type of luxury shawl made from the most expensive fabric in the world. It is a Persian word which literally translates to ‘king of fine wools’.

NOTE: Buying & Selling of Shahtoosh is illegal. We do not sell or buy this fabric. This post about Shahtoosh is purely for information purposes.

This super soft and super warm shawl is handwoven in the valley of Kashmir. To own a shahtoosh scarf or shawl is to lighten your pockets by several thousand dollars! And a few decades ago, people happily did so.

But, what is it that makes this shawl so exquisite? That at one point, the most elite of the elite class of not just India but also the US as well as other countries boasted to have owned at least one of these; before it became illegal to own one.

Right from supermodels and actresses to other celebrities- the shahtoosh scarf was a prized possession among them all.

Now that we have an idea about the world’s most expensive fabric, let’s delve deeper and see what all the fuss is that surrounds this type of shawl and what makes it so special.

What is Shahtoosh?

Shahtoosh is the finest quality of fabric that is known to man. Each of its fibres is only about 7 to 10 microns and it is considered to be one-sixth of that of a human hair. This fabric is used to make luxury shawls and scarves, popularly known as shahtoosh shawls. 

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The fabric is procured from the underfur of a species of an Antelope; locally called the ‘Chiru’. The antelope is native to the Tibetan plateau. Chiru is a migratory animal that lives at super-high altitudes of about 5,000 meters and develops the ‘underfur’ in order to survive the extremely cold and harsh weather conditions. 

Back in the day, when shahtoosh shawls were legal, poachers would hunt down the Tibetan antelope and slaughter it to obtain its fur. 

What is a Shahtoosh Shawl?

A shawl that is made using the shahtoosh fabric is a shahtoosh shawl. This shawl is super popular throughout the world for its warmth, comfort and softness. It was once an object of desire for people across the globe. People have claimed to be addicted to the impressive beauty that it has and have described it as ‘nothing else in the world’.

For decades, Kashmir has been the only place where this shawl is expertly manufactured. In fact, expert weavers had careers dedicated only to weaving these shawls.

The Origin of Shahtoosh

The origin of the shawl is believed to date back to the 16th century, during the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar. It is believed that he had a great passion for these shawls and was the owner of quite a few of them. In fact, shawl factories flourished and became a major source of income in Kashmir during the Mughal rule. That is, interestingly, also when the wool received its name -‘Shahtoosh’.

Until about Shah Jahan’s rule (1666), the toosh shawls were reserved for use only by the royals. Later, with changing times, the shawls became accessible to the commoners as well. The shawls soon gained popularity and became a status symbol for the elite class around the world.

Thus, the trade of the shahtoosh began and influenced the market for a long, long time. These were also traditionally gifted at weddings back in the day.

Types of Toosh Shawls

Basically, there are three types of this shawl. The types are categorized by the fabric used. They are:

  • 16 Dani or Shurah Dani: This is the 100% pure toosh shawl; made only with the toosh fabric
  • 12 Dani or Bah Dani: This type comprises of 75% toosh mixed with 25% pashmina
  • 8 Dani or Aeth Dani: This type is a combination of 50% toosh and 50% pashmina

How Long Does it Take to Make a Shahtoosh?

The shahtoosh shawls are only handwoven by the master artisans of Kashmir. The weaving of this shawl is a traditional art and many weavers are only dedicated only to exclusively weaving these shawls. The shawls are traditionally woven making the use of handlooms.

Since the fabric is super fine, machines cannot be used and everything needs to be done using hands. As a result of the extensive process, it takes a weaver anywhere from a month to a year to craft a single toosh shawl.

What makes the Shahtoosh so Expensive?

For manufacturing a shawl/ scarf, the process that goes behind it is quite labor-some and lengthy. First, the fur is obtained from the antelopes. The antelopes are hunted for this purpose. After the fur is obtained, weavers in Kashmir make use of handlooms to weave the fabric.

Every process right from obtaining the wool to manufacturing a shawl is done using hands by amazingly skilled craftsmen. 

To manufacture just one shawl, around 350 grams of wool/ fur is needed. One Tibetan antelope gives about 125 grams of wool. Hence, to make just one shawl, wool from 3 antelopes is required! This is one of the major reasons that makes it expensive.

But, this isn’t the only reason why the shahtoosh is so expensive. Another factor is its majestic feel. The fabric is so super soft that it is incomparable with any other kind of fabric. It is known to give its owner a taste and feel of royalty.

The shawl is extremely lightweight that it can be passed through a wedding ring! It is so light that you can hardly feel anything around your shoulders. Not just its lightness but its warmth is incomparable too. Legend has it that the shawl is so warm that it can be used to hatch pigeon eggs. 

The majestic appeal, feel and warmth of the shawl has made celebrities and other rich people around the world pay thousands of dollars to own this beautiful garment. Some celebrities became so addicted to these shawls that they have been reported to have owned multiple pieces.

Some even claim that the shawls became so dear to them that they would never leave the house without their favorite shawl. 

Shahtoosh Scarf Price in India

The scarf costs lakhs of rupees. It would be generally around 3-10 lakhs in cost. Saying that it is banned and illegal to buy and sell shahtoosh. While a toosh shawl combined with pashmina costs less than a pure toosh shawl, it is still quite expensive.

When these shawls were legal, shahtoosh scarf price in India for an aeth dani (50% pashmina with 50% toosh)  or bah dani (25% pashmina with 75% toosh) began somewhere around 1 lakh and for a 100% toosh shawl, it went up to at least 2-3 lakh rupees! 

The price went almost double for buying a toosh shawl at places like the US and Europe.

Why is Shahtoosh Wool Banned?

The UN Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES) banned the trade of the Chiru wool products in 1975. It was banned globally in 1975.

The Indian government put a ban on trade of Shahtoosha in 1991. Then, the J&K government announced a ban on the manufacture and trade of the Shahtoosh wool in the early 2000s. After several court hearings and many years later, the law was finally enforced.  

Around 20,000 Tibetan antelopes or Chirus needed to be killed every year for the production of the toosh shawls. As a result, their population declined significantly. From around a million antelopes, the number came down to approx 75,000 by the end of the 20th century. The Chiru became an endangered species. All these reasons contributed to the ban of the Shahtoosh trade.

The sale and possession of a shahtoosh shawl is now illegal in most of the countries and is a punishable offence. 

The Chiru population has now stabilized and is thought to be increasing. Almost 15,000 people had been employed in the trade when the shahtoosh wool was legal.

The livelihood of thousands of families depended on the Shahtoosh wool trade in Kashmir. The weavers were later provided with other alternative ways of earning. But they are rather insignificant.

Since so many people depended on the trade, a parliamentary panel requested that the ban on the Shahtoosh wool trade be lifted to revive the industry as well as the employment opportunities. The traders welcomed this proposal with open arms. However, the request was not accepted and the trade of Shahtoosh shawls still remains illegal.

Any person who infringes the law can be subjected to a hefty fine and may also be sentenced to several years in jail.

Over to You

‘Shahtoosh’ is now a word that is talked about with much hush hush. But despite the ban, the demand for the toosh shawls and scarves still remains high in various western countries. 

Although we don’t know what the future holds for the Shahtoosh Shawl, a great alternative to the Shahtoosh is the Pashmina Shawl – one of the softest, warmest and lightest shawls in the world which is legal as well.

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13 Top Gifts for Sister that Will Amaze Her

13 Top Gifts for Sister that Will Amaze Her

Sisters are truly special. And when the need is, a sister plays every role from that of your mother to that of your best friend. No matter if it is your elder sister or younger one, every sister in the world deserves to be treated specially. In this post, I will be talking about some seldom thought gifts for sisters that will amaze her.

Whether it is your sisters’ birthday, Rakshabandhan, her graduation, any other celebration or no event at all, nothing will make your sister happier than a thoughtful unique gift.

Your sisters are beautiful beautiful creatures and should be pampered with only the best. If you are looking for gifts for sister, look no further. Here, we share with you some amazing gift ideas that are sure to put a huge smile on her face!

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13 Top ‘Gifts for Sister’ that will amaze her

Gifts for sister can be simple and inexpensive. But what your sisters would appreciate is that the gifts they get are full of love and care. Now for that you need to think and think out of the box. Here I bring to you some ideas to help you gift your sister a lovely piece of art from Kashmir.

Pashmina Shawl

If you are looking for a gift that your sister will cherish forever, present her with a Pashmina shawl. A Pashmina is a timeless accessory that exudes elegance and class. We are sure that it will end up becoming her favorite accessory from her wardrobe!

With a Pashmina, you don’t just give your sister something beautiful and long-lasting, but you also give her oodles of comfort and warmth. What makes it even more special is that pure Pashmina shawls are completely hand woven in Kashmir; making it one of the best-personalized gifts for sister.

Gift your beloved sister a Pashmina and let her think of you every time she wraps it around herself.

Jewellery Sets

Jewellery sets also make wonderful gifts for sisters. If your sister loves fashion accessories, this is the best gift for her. Buy her some versatile jewellery that she can wear with all kinds of clothing.

If you don’t want to invest a lot of money, semi-precious jewelry is a great idea. You can check out some amazing German silver jewelry sets on Kashmirica. We have beautiful jewellery that integrates traditional with contemporary, making it a great fit for today’s modern women.

Kaftan Tops/ Dresses

This is one of the many unique birthday gifts for sisters. Trust me, your sister will love you for this. Whether your sister is a fashionista or not, this will make a great addition to her wardrobe.

A kaftan is a loose tunic which when worn, gives an effortlessly stylish look. It is made with breezy fabrics, making it great even for the summers. Most kaftans are adorned with intricate embroidery, giving them an elegant look. If you are looking for the perfect gift, a kaftan is it!

Dress Materials/ Suits

We don’t mean the regular dress materials that are commonly found. When looking for  gifts for sister birthday, a suit is a great idea. However, to make it extra-special, give her a suit that is unique and hard to find.

A Kashmiri suit can be a great fit for this. Handcrafted by expert Kashmiri craftsmen, a Kashmiri suit is one of the best gifts for sister. Embellished with beautiful embroidery, this is something your sister is sure to love. You can check out some gorgeous Kashmiri suits for your sister on Kashmirica.

Paper Mache Items

If you are looking for unique birthday gifts for sister, paper mache items are a great option. Paper mache is a traditional craft that is made using paper bits and an adhesive. Bits of paper are mixed with a sort of adhesive to form a paste which is then smoothed over any surface to give it that shape.

This is a very fine art and the end product is immensely beautiful. You can buy various paper mache items for your sister such as vases, bowls, trays, boxes, decor items, etc. This is a very quirky gift item that your sister is sure to love.

These make for great gifts for sister birthday or for any other occasion. Wow your sister by buying some amazing paper mache products from Kashmirica.

Attar Perfume

Give your lovely sister the beautiful gift of fragrance. Give her exotic fragrances and let her think of you every time she feels like smelling wonderful. Attar is one of the best gifts for sister.

Attar is often better than other perfumes since it is 100% natural. Pure attar does not have any artificial substances or alcohol added to it, making it a preferable choice over other perfumes.

Attar not just smells great but it also has properties to calm you down and make you feel refreshed and relaxed. All of these factors make attar one of the most unique birthday gifts for sister. You can find some great 100% organic attars such as oudh on Kashmirica.

Decor Items

Who says that you can only give your sister something for her personal use? You can also give her something to spruce up her living space. Decor items make great gifts for sisters. There is an array of decor items that you can choose from.

You can give her a beautiful handmade antique rug or carpet. Or you can also present her a beautiful wall hanging. Handmade decor items make for great personalized gifts for sister. With such a wide variety of decor items available, you can surely pick up something that your sister will love.


A saree is an evergreen attire that can never go out of fashion. Hence, you can never go wrong with a saree. Pick out an elegant saree as a gift for your beautiful sister. There is no such thing as ‘too many sarees’ and your sister will definitely appreciate you getting her one.

When in doubt (or not), just go for a saree. You can check out some gorgeous embellished sarees on Kashmirica that we can make sure will be a wonderful gift for your sister!

Kashmiri Jackets

What makes a Kashmiri jacket special is the beautiful embroidery that it is adorned with. A Kashmiri jacket can be made from a variety of fabrics- Pashmina wool, other wool, velvet or silk. This is a great unique gift for your sister as it will make a one-of-a-kind addition to her wardrobe.

Kashmiri jackets aren’t just beautiful but also give a very regal look. They are also super soft and warm. We are sure that your sister will absolutely love you for getting her this gift!

Gift Cards

If you’re still unsure of what you should give your sister, get her a gift card of her favorite store. This is also a great idea if you live far away from your sister. A gift card is one of the best gifts for sister as it will allow her to get something of her own choice.

There are various stores, online as well as offline that let you get a gift card for somebody. This is one of the best gifts for sister birthday.

Make her Something Yourself

Nothing says you love someone more than a handmade gift. A handmade gift is definitely something that your sister will appreciate and love. It need not be very complicated.

It can be something as simple as a card, a photo frame or you can even cook her favorite food for her. Your efforts in making something for her will go a long way in making her feel super special.

A Personalized Gift

Personalized gifts for sister are also trending a lot right now. You can get her unique gifts with her name written on it. Or you can also get her something with her picture on it. Popular gift items include mugs, t-shirts, lampshades, photo frames etc.

Gifts with names on it can include pens, cushions, mugs etc. Or you can think of out of the box ideas considering your sister’s likes and dislikes and get her a personalized gift accordingly.

Dry Fruits and Nuts

If you didn’t already know this, let us tell you that dry fruits and nuts make excellent gift items. Dry fruits being healthy also mean that you are taking care of your sister’s health. Don’t just get her any dry fruits, get her the most authentic and tasty dry fruits.

Get her a variety of her favorite dry fruits. Pack them nicely and put them in a nice basket to make them seem fancier. You can check out some super authentic dry fruits on Kashmirica. We have a range of healthy and tasty dry fruits.

Over to You

Hope this list helps you figure out a gift for your sister. Here we shared some out of the box ideas for gifts for sister. We are sure that any of these gifts will make your sister super happy. Do check out Kashmirica’s website for some amazing gift items. All of our products are handcrafted, making them extra special.

Whether you are looking for unique gifts for sister birthday or something else, Kashmirica has products that are suitable for each and every occasion! We are sure that a gift purchased from Kashmirica will remain etched in your sister’s heart forever.

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5 Men’s Formal Wear Accessories You Should Invest In

5 Men’s Formal Wear Accessories You Should Invest In

When planning a suit for a formal occasion there is a lot to consider including cut, style, fabric and fit. However, when it comes to men’s accessories it’s easy to think about shoes, perhaps ties and maybe not much more.

But that’s not correct. When it comes to men’s formal wear there are many accessories you should invest in. While most men will think about their shoes and shirt, and possibly their tie, it’s important to have a wide variety of accessories in the wardrobe so that your suit can be jazzed up. This is to meet the requirements for every occasion.

While it’s important to choose the right shirt and shoes to complete your overall look, after all, no formal occasion would welcome a suit teamed with a pair of trainers, there are many other things to think about as well.

To help us with this post we asked the team behind Dobell – an online source for fashionable men’s suits; and there is their guide to five accessories every man should have.

Men's Accessories


No man’s suit is complete without a tie and it’s one of the most versatile accessories available in a variety of fabrics, colours and patterns to match every style and occasion. Make sure you choose the right tie for your personal style and your overall look.

It’s best to have a selection of more sensible and less patterned choices for business wear but if you wear ties to parties or weddings you can be a little more creative. Silk is one of the most popular fabrics for ties. If you wanted to be more creative you could swap a regular tie for skinny tie, or for cravat if appropriate.


Also known as pocket squares, these are usually worn with very formal dress suits and are great for adding some personality and colour to your outfit. They come in all kinds of colours and patterns but generally are chosen to match the tie for a neat look.

If you want to be creative then pick a patterned tie and choose a handkerchief which matches one of the tones or colours within the pattern, but make sure they don’t clash as that’s not the look you want to achieve for a formal occasion.

Cuff links

Cuff links come in a never-ending variety of shapes, styles and colours, from novelty to business-related and can be worn with dress shirts to add a touch of personality to a formal outfit and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

You can wear novelty ones for a drink after work or for a less formal occasion, but opt for a more sophisticated style for a business meeting or to attend a formal wedding event. Every man should have a variety of cuff link styles and dress shirts to wear them with, in his wardrobe.

Dress watch

Another often overlooked men’s accessory is the dress watch. You want to choose a watch which matches the suit and occasion you are attending. If you are going to a business event then opt for a classic watch which is also functional.

If you are heading to a wedding or a dressier occasion then opt for a watch which has a coloured face that matches your suit, or your tie, to bring a bit of colour and class to the occasion. Having a collection of watches is something people often don’t think about but every man requires at least two for different occasions.

Tie clips

Tie clips are both functional, keeping your tie in place which is essential at a formal occasion when you don’t want your tie falling into your dinner or drink and becoming an embarrassment, and they can also add to your look.

Keep your tie clip plain and simple for a very formal occasion as you don’t want it to distract from your overall look. However, for a business occasion or a night out with friends you could go for something more novelty if you wanted.

Kashmirica - Shop

When it comes to formal wear there are rules and guidelines covering what style and colour of suit is acceptable according to the occasion, but when it comes to adding accessories this is your chance to really develop your own personality and show off your personal style.

From the shoes you choose up to your colour and pattern of tie, whether or not you opt for a pocket square, and the kind of cuff links you go for, there are no end of choices for your formal menswear accessories to enhance any suit.


With these five accessories in a variety of styles and colours every man’s wardrobe will be incredibly flexible and versatile, giving options appropriate for every occasion from a business event, formal drinks evening, wedding reception and night out with friends. There is no excuse for wearing a boring suit which doesn’t reflect your personality with these five elements in your wardrobe.

Written by: Tim Rogers

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Know Everything About the Traditional Kashmiri Dress & Style

Know Everything About the Traditional Kashmiri Dress & Style

Kashmiri dresses have been showcased time and again in many Bollywood movies such as Kashmir ki Kali, Jab Jab Phool Khile, Rockstar, and more recently in Laila Majnu. Hence, the world is no stranger to the customs and traditions of the valley of Kashmir.

There are some intricacies about the culture and the ethnic clothing of Kashmiris that will tell you a lot  about the history and the culture of the people of Kashmir. Kashmiri traditions, the dressing, the language and the preferences make a vivid picture of how Kashmir connects to the rest of the world. That’s also the manner in which we get to know, how Kashmir and Kashmiris set themselves apart.

Today, I am going to narrate to you another bulletin on Kashmir. It is the story of Kashmiris and their dressing sense. Their clothing and fashion. So, hold your breath and enjoy some information on the traditional Kashmiri dress & style. 


Are You Interested in buying a Kashmiri Dresses, Pashmina or Handmade Decor?  

Check our Shopping Page


Kashmiri Traditional Wear 


When we talk about the ethnic Kashmiri apparel, it is exactly what you think it is. A traditional kurta and salwar for men, actually called the Khan Dress. In rest of India, it is famous as a pathani. Women wear Salwar-Kameez donned with a pheran. The hair of women is usually covered with a head scarf.

Although movies do exaggerate showing short shinning waist coats and pointy skull caps, which in reality are only worn when you have a fancy dress competition to win. Am not joking! 

The Preferred Traditional Kashmiri Dress of a Woman 


The Kashmiri dress for women be it Muslim or Pandit is completely the same. But there is a difference in the kind of jewelry each of them prefer to wear. Whereas most of the women in India have sarees as their traditional dress, Kashmiri women have a completely different style. 

We Kashmiri women have traditional dresses similar to that of Afghan and Persian women. The style and making of the Salwar-Kameez and the jewelry is very similar to the attire donned by the Pashtun women.


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The Salwar-Kameez is further beautified by a fancy pheran. Now when I say pheran don’t get confused thinking pheran is for wearing in winters only. Pherans are used to cover the bodies. Pherans were worn  by Kashmiri women over the centuries to cover their bodies as a sign of modesty. The pherans worn in summer are made out of light fabrics in accordance with the heat.

Next comes the head scarf. It is like a cherry on top of a cake. Without a scarf, any outfit is not complete. At least in our estimation. Interestingly, it is worn by both Muslim and Pandit women. It can be worn by either tying it to the head or letting it stay open. A scarf is called Kasaba or the Taranga by Kashmiri Pandit women. They wear it in a peculiar manner. It is tied to the hanging bonnet and falls up to the heels from behind.

Traditional Kashmiri Dress for the Man


For men, the traditional Kashmir outfit is a Khan Dress topped with a short Sadri (waist coat). in the past, they also used wear a long full length outer robe with long bell sleeves which is called the Chogha. Older folks wear it with a girdle around the waist. A head gear was also worn in older times. It was like a turban made by a small fitted cap covered with a cloth.

The manner of tying of the cloth varied among the Pandits and the Muslims. Sometimes, on special occasions such as marriages the turban of a Muslim man resembled with that of a Pathan man. In medieval times rich upper class Kashmiris wore silk on festive occasions.


Kashmiri Dress


The footwear consists of shoes made of grass called Pulharoo and sandals made of wood called Khraw. But this is talking about 5-7 decades ago. Today, with Globalization, Kashmiris wear whatever the world wears, but they still like to done their tradition.

So, you will find men often wearing a full Khan Dress, and women wearing a Salwar-Kameez. During the winters both men and women wear the pheran.  


Talking about the Kashmiri Dress in Winters


I am going to mention the pheran now. I love the pheran, O’, yes I do!

The winter in Kashmir can give full-fledged competition to the climate in Siberia and Antarctica. The temperature can go down to -15 degree Celsius.

We Kashmiris tend to be prepared for it. In all honesty victory over such a climate requires a complete preparation. In the past, people used to prepare for it months in advance. 

Pheran is the first item that comes to the mind when someone talks about winters in Kashmir. The Pehran! Something that Kashmiris love and deem to be heritage. It is an all-rounder garb that acts as a sweater, a jacket, an overcoat and even a blanket. The star of the Kashmiri customary dresses, the pheran has become a mark of identification for Kashmiris around the world.


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This woolen wonder has saved Kashmiris from crippling harsh winters which have to be tolerated without electricity in some areas. The only source of heat is the Kangri which is tailor-made for pehrans. Once you have a Kangri under your pehran, the winters just seem like any other season.

Btw, a Kangri is a fire pot.



The women folk wear the pherans in a much more fashionable way. It is not just a winter garment but also a centuries old customary clothing worn also for every special and important occasion. This is the Kashmiri dress that is famous the world over, not as much as the pashmina though.

The simple pherans worn at home have simple embroidery and designs. But pherans worn for during special occasions are ornamented with attractive tilla works and special embroideries crafted with special gold threads making them worth thousands of rupees in the market but priceless in the eyes of a Kashmiri.




The Summer Dress of Kashmir 


In summers, Kashmiri people wear the lighter versions of their traditional outfits. Although ever since the modern times popularized global fashion in the valley, our clothing has drastically changed. It has paved way for western wear to penetrate into the market, but even then the evergreen and ever comfortable ethnic summer wear hasn’t been written off the valley yet.

The younger women wear Salwar-Kameez in summers with light duppattas whose making can be inspired from either sides of the border. The older women prefer to stick to their traditional roots and wear clothes made in the conventional Kashmiri style. As I stated earlier, the Kameez-Salwar is topped by a light pheran to cover their bodies fully for modesty and crowned with a Daejj (Head Scarf).

Similarly, men also tend to experiment with modern styles now-a-days. They prefer to wear pants and jeans with shirts winning the battle of the trends. But when comfort weighs more than show off traditional wear wins the war every time.

The customary Khan Dress is usually made in the Pathan style which can be sometimes topped with a waist coat adding to charm and elegance. The kurtas vary is sizes and shapes, they can be short or long and with our without a collar. Also they can be either typical salwars or pant like salwars. Some men wear trousers or jeans under them. Not only is the Kashmiri dress comfortable, it’s elegant and stylish. At the same time, it gives the wearer a royal look.


The Elegant Kashmiri Jewelry


The traditional Kashmiri jewelry is creativity and mystic art at its best. Every piece of the jewelry blends beautifully with the apparel and adds to the charm of the outfit donned. These ornaments are typically made of gold and silver and are studded with multi-colored stones or pearls. Kashmiris love birth stones. Some people say that Kashmir is the land of the blue sapphire as well. 

The well-known and frequently worn jewelry pieces in the past were Jiggni and Tikka. They were worn on forehead. They can be triangular, semi-circular and circular in shape depending on the use and occasion. Atta-Hor (ear piece) was usually worn by the Kashmiri Pandit women. It hangs over the head of the women on either side and is connected by a chain over the head.

Hard to imagine but this beautiful piece of ornament is a sight for sore eyes. Kana-Door (tops) is a simple ornament usually worn by young unmarried girls. Jhumka (ball shaped earrings), Deji-Hor (long chain like earrings) are a trademark jewellery piece of married Kashmiri Pandit women. They are a mark of their matrimony and are worn at all times by them especially during festivities and weddings. Finally, Kana Vaji are studded with turquoise with a fringe of hanging gold leaves and balls.

Kashmiri Earring


Over to You

That’s all in this bulletin. I have told you everything that you would need to know about the traditional Kashmiri dress. You may know that roots of Kashmir ethnicity are a mix of several civilizations. Thus, with every piece of clothing you can see different cultures being beautifully merged among one another. Doesn’t that create  a magical blend of many rich customs, arts and traditions?

Summarizing, Kashmir is an offspring of Central Asia, Persia, Arab, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan and you can visit all these countries at once by simply visiting Kashmir. Hey, come and have a look at some unique products that Kashmiri craftsmen produce. 

Author: Ruwa Kitab 

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