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If you are on the lookout for the most common Kashmiri names for boys and girls then you have arrived at the right place.

The ‘Kashmiriyat’ or Kashmiri way of life definitely reflects in these names. Also, the most commonly used names in the valley are also the sweetest. 

If you have been looking for some sweet, modern, traditional, or cute names then keep reading on. Here, we tell you 500 boys’ and girls’ names along with their meanings.

Kashmiri Names for Boys and Girls

We will take a look at names for both genders. But first, let us start with some of the best boy names.

Kashmiri Names for Boys

  1. Affan- This beautiful name means virtuous, or pious.
  2. Aabshar- A small waterfall/ a series of small waterfalls.
  3. Absar- The meaning of this name is wisdom or intelligence.
  4. Abdul Ghani- Meaning ‘Servant of the Self-Sufficient’.
  5. Abdul Ali- Meaning ‘Servant of God’.
  6. Abdul Aziz- The name means ‘Servant of the powerful or beloved one’.
  7. Abdul Rahaman- ‘Servant of the Beneficent’.
  8. Abdul Raheem- ‘Servant of the merciful or Compassionate one’.
  9. Abdul Wahab- ‘Servant of the giver’.
  10. Arhaam- This Kashmiri name means ‘merciful’.
  11. Aseel- Meaning ‘pure’ or ‘noble’.
  12. Asfand- The name means ‘brave’.
  13. Azlan- The meaning of this name is ‘lion’.
  14. Abhinandana- Meaning ‘to rejoice’, or ‘to celebrate’.
  15. Atraiu- This name means ‘a great warrior’.
  16. Amarendra- One of the common Kashmiri names for boys, this name refers to ‘king of the gods’.
  17. Ardwan- The meaning of the name is ‘born to be a warrior’.
  18. Arsal- The name Arsal means ‘the one who was sent’.
  19. Aidaan- This name means ‘tall palm tree’.
  20. Aditya- The name Aditya means ‘the sun’.
  21. Amit- This name means infinite, or unique.
  22. As-Salam- This means ‘the eternal’.
  23. Arsh- The name Arsh means ‘throne’, or ‘power’.
  24. Allah- God.
  25. Ayzam- Ayzam means ‘given by God’.
  26. Ajay- Ajay means ‘unconquered’.
  27. Ashok- The meaning of Ashok is ‘without sadness’.
  28. Aadil- Aadil means ‘fairness’ or ‘justice’.
  29. Aaban- This name means ‘name of an angel’.
  30. Aarif- Aarif means ‘knowledgeable’.
  31. Aariz- Aariz means ‘a respectable man’.
  32. Aaqil- The name Aaqil means intelligent.
  33. Abhinav- An act or brand new.
  34. Anil- Another one of the common Kashmiri names for boys, it means wind.
  35. Arun- The sun or dawn.
  36. Ashish- Blessing.
  37. Amam- It means safety or protection.
  38. Amer- The Kashmiri name Amer means rich.
  39. Amin- This name means faithful or trustworthy. 
  40. Amjad- The meaning of this name is more glorious or more illustrious.
  41. Ammaar- Ammaar is someone with a strong Imaan.
  42. Altaf- The name Altaf means kindness.
  43. Bansi- This name basically means ‘flute’.
  44. Bahir- The Kashmiri name Bahir means dazzling or brilliant.
  45. Baha- The name Baha means ‘beautiful’.
  46. Baqir- This name means a beloved one or someone close to the heart.
  47. Barir- The name Barir means faithful.
  48. Birbal- Birbal is a braveheart/ A courtier of Mughal Emperor Akbar
  49. Basel- Basel is someone who is brave.
  50. Basem- The name Basem basically means ‘smiling’.
  51. Bashaar- Bashaar means the ‘bringer of glad tidings’.
  52. Brij- Brij basically means the place of Lord Krishna.
  53. Charanpal- Charanpal basically means protection under the feet of the Guru.
  54. Dameer- The meaning of the name Dameer is heart or conscience.
  55. Danish- The name Danish basically means intelligent.
  56. Daniyal- The name Daniyal also means ‘intelligent’.
  57. Darim- Another one of the common Kashmiri names for boys, Darim is the name of the narrator of hadith.
  58. Dawud- Prophet’s name/ beloved. 
  59. Dinanath- Lord or Protector of the poor.
  60. Dhakir- The name Dhakir means ‘one who remembers God’.
  61. Damurah- This name means ‘sparkle of light’.
  62. Dilawar- It means someone who is brave or courageous.
  63. Ehan- The name Ehan means ‘full moon’.
  64. Eitzaz- Name of Prophet.
  65. Faakhir- It means ‘proud’.
  66. Firasah- This name means ‘an insight of God’.
  67. Farooque- It basically means ‘fortunate’.
  68. Faeq- This name means ‘redeemer’.
  69. Fateen- Another one of the common Kashmiri names, it means ‘clever.
  70. Faud- The name Faud means ‘heart’.
  71. Farokh- Power of discrimination.
  72. Fahad- Lynx or wild cat.
  73. Faheem- Faheem means intelligent.
  74. Fahmi- The name Fahmni means understanding.
  75. Faiq- This name means superior or outstanding.
  76. Faisal- Faisal means strong and handsome.
  77. Faiz- The name Faiz means grace or favor.
  78. Faizaan- This name also means grace or favor.
  79. Fakeeh- Cheerful
  80. Fidan- Fidan basically means boy.
  81. Fravash- It means ‘guardian angel’.
  82. Fadil- It basically means honorable or outstanding.
  83. Fakir- The meaning of the name Fakir is proud, or excellent.
  84. Fakaruddin- Pride of the religion.
  85. Ghasaan- One of the common Kashmiri names for boys, Ghasaan is an old Arabic name.
  86. Ghanim- It means successful.
  87. Ghufran- The name Ghufran means ‘forgiving’.
  88. Ghauth- It means helper.
  89. Ghayoor- This means self-respecting.
  90. Ghazwan- Ghazwan is a warrior/ companion of the Prophet.
  91. Ghazzal- Ghazzal is the name of a reciter of the Quran.
  92. Ghazan- It means ‘on an expedition’.
  93. Gulfam- The name means ‘rose-faced’.
  94. Gohar- Diamond.
  95. Girdhari- the name of Lord Krishna.
  96. Gautam- Lord Buddha.
  97. Ghulam Ahmad- A variant of Gulam.
  98. Ghulam Hassan- A variant of Gulam.
  99. Ghulam Mohammed- A variant of Gulam.
  100. Ghulam Nabi- A variant of Gulam.
  101. Goral- It means ‘lovable’.
  102. Gul Mohd.- A variant of ‘Gul’.
  103. Hafid- It means ‘the wise one’.
  104. Haider- Meaning ‘lion’.
  105. Haikal- It means ‘tale’.
  106. Hamd- Praise.
  107. Haady- It means ‘guiding to the right’.
  108. Hajjaj- Orbit/ debate.
  109. Habibullah- It means ‘beloved of Allah’.
  110. Hakem- Another one of the popular Kashmiri names for boys, Hakem means ‘ruler’ or ‘governor’. 
  111. Hakim- It means ‘brother’ or ‘wise’.
  112. Haleef- Haleef basically means an ally or a confederate.
  113. Haleem- It means ‘patient’.
  114. Halim- Mild, gentle, or patient.
  115. Hareem- It means ‘lucky’.
  116. Harit- A beautiful Kashmiri name, it means ‘lush green’.
  117. Harud- In Kashmiri, Harud means ‘autumn’.
  118. Harindra- It means tree.
  119. Harinder- Lord Shiva.
  120. Hariraj- It means ‘king of lions’.
  121. Idris- Prophet’s name.
  122. Hiresh- Meaning ‘king of gems’.
  123. Imaad- A popular Kashmiri name, it means ‘to support’ or ‘pillar’.
  124. Isaam- This name means ‘safeguard’.
  125. Iyaad- The meaning of Iyaad is ‘generous’.
  126. Intaj- It means ‘king’.
  127. Ian- It means ‘God is gracious’.
  128. Ibhana- This name means ‘selected’.
  129. Ichan- Ichan basically means ‘desire’.
  130. Ifran- Ifran means ‘identity’.
  131. Iham- It means ‘expected’.
  132. Ihit- This name means ‘prize’ or ‘honor’.
  133. Ihkas- Meaning respect, or honor.
  134. Ihsan- Beneficence.
  135. Iishaanah- Another one of the popular Kashmiri names for boys, this name means ‘the master’ or ‘owner’.
  136. Ithesham- It means ‘respectable’, or ‘honorable’.
  137. Ilan- Ilan basically means ‘good person’.
  138. Ilavenil- The meaning of this name is ‘brilliant’.
  139. Ilyas- Prophet’s name
  140. Ilifat- This name means ‘friendship’, or ‘kindness’.
  141. Imad- The name Imad basically means support or pillar.
  142. Imran- A Prophet’s name.
  143. Imtiaz- Imtiaz means different or antique.
  144. Intaj- Intaj basically means ‘King’.
  145. Isa- Isa is a Prophet’s name.
  146. Jafar- Rivulet.
  147. Jaabir- The name Jaabir means ‘comforter’.
  148. Jawad- It means ‘generous’.
  149. Jasim- Jasim means ‘powerful’.
  150. Jahiz- The meaning of Jahiz is ‘ogle-eyed’.
  151. Jalal- Glory, or grandeur.
  152. Jamal- Beauty.
  153. Jayad- Jayad basically means ‘causing victory’.
  154. Kashif- Another one of the common Kashmiri names for boys, Kashif means discoverer.
  155. Kafeel- Kafeel means ‘responsible’.
  156. Kamal- Perfection, or completeness.
  157. Kamran- The name Kamran means ‘helpful’.
  158. Karif- Karif means ‘born in autumn’.
  159. Karim- It means ‘generous’, ‘noble’, or ‘friendly’.
  160. Kaysan- Wise.
  161. Kateb- Writer.
  162. Kavin- This name means ‘handsome’.
  163. Kawkab- Meaning ‘star’.
  164. Kazim- It means ‘restrainer of anger’.
  165. Khalam- It means ‘servant to Allah’.
  166. Khalaf- Khalaf basically means ‘successor’.
  167. Kashi- It means ‘luminous’.
  168. Lahar- Meaning ‘wave’.
  169. Liban- It means ‘successful’.
  170. Liyaqat- ‘Worth’, or ‘deserving’.
  171. Lutfi- Lutfi means ‘kind’.
  172. Lut- It is the name of a Prophet.
  173. Lalit- It means ‘handsome’.
  174. Lukesh- It means ‘king of the empire’.
  175. Laxman- Auspicious.
  176. Mahir- It means ‘skilled’.
  177. Mahd- This name means ‘the guided one’.
  178. Mahad- Mahad means great or nice.
  179. Mahbeer- The name Mahbeer means ‘brave’.
  180. Mahmud- Another one of the common Kashmiri names for boys, Mahmud means ‘the praised one’.
  181. Mansukh- The meaning of this name is ‘pleasing’.
  182. Mustafa- ‘Chosen’, ‘preferred’, or ‘appointed’.
  183. Maraam- Aspiration.
  184. Maulik- It means ‘precious’.
  185. Motilal- Pearl
  186. Mehroz- It means the ‘moon’.
  187. Mikail- This name means ‘one of Allah’s angels’.
  188. Mahjub- The meaning of this name is ‘concealed’.
  189. Mahrus- This name means ‘protected by God’.
  190. Mansukh- Pleasing.
  191. Nadeem- This name means a companion or a friend.
  192. Nadir- Dear, or precious.
  193. Nadish- The meaning of this name is ‘ocean’.
  194. Nafi- Nafi is someone who ‘brings profit’.
  195. Narain- Protector.
  196. Nazeeh- It means ‘pure’.
  197. Omeir- Long-living.
  198. Omran- It means ‘solid structure’.
  199. Om Prakash- It means ‘the light of creation’.
  200. Palin- It means ‘protecting’.
  201. Punim- This unique name means ‘expert’.
  202. Pran- It means ‘life’ or ‘breath’.
  203. Pahal- The name means beginning or initiative.
  204. Paki- It means ‘a witness’.
  205. Qais- The name Qais means ‘lover’.
  206. Qamar- Moon.
  207. Qasif- Another one of the common Kashmiri names, Qasif means ‘discoverer’.
  208. Quadir- It means ‘strong’.
  209. Qaseem- Share, or portion.
  210. Qutub- A Chieftain, or leader.
  211. Rehab- It means ‘generous’, or ‘open-minded’.
  212. Rafee- High-ranking, or cultured.
  213. Rabab- This name means ‘a white cloud’.
  214. Rafid- It means ‘support’.
  215. Raghib- The meaning of this name is ‘desiring’, or ‘chilling’.
  216. Rahim- Meaning ‘compassionate’.
  217. Rabah- Gainer.
  218. Rami- Archer.
  219. Riyaz- It means ‘practice’.
  220. Rahat- It means ‘rest’.
  221. Rahas- The meaning of this is ‘merriment’, or ‘delight’.
  222. Ragin- Meaning, ‘melody’.
  223. Raheel- Fearless, or brave.
  224. Raif- Merciful.
  225. Rais- Meaning, ‘captain’.
  226. Rakin- Respectful, or confident.
  227. Ramiz- Symbol.
  228. Sadiz- Truthful.
  229. Sadad- ‘The right thing to do’.
  230. Sadeed- It means ‘relevant’.
  231. Saeed- Meaning, ‘happy’.
  232. Safal- Safal means ‘succeed’.
  233. Safi- Safi means ‘pure’, or ‘clear’.
  234. Saahir- Wakeful.
  235. Sufian- Fast-moving.
  236. Tahir- It means ‘pure’, or ‘clean’.
  237. Tahsin- Beautification.
  238. Taimur- Taimur means ‘iron’.
  239. Talal- It means ‘admirable’.
  240. Talat- This name means ‘countenance’.
  241. Talhah- It is a kind of tree.
  242. Talib- Sender of truth.
  243. Umair- Intelligent.
  244. Umran- It means ‘prosperity’.
  245. Usaim- Lion’s cub.
  246. Usman- The name of the third Caliph.
  247. Yaqub- The name of a Prophet.
  248. Yaseer- ‘Wealth’, or ‘comfort’.
  249. Zahid- Saintly.
  250. Zain- Friend, or beloved.

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Kashmiri Names for Girls

  1. Aafreen- Brave.
  2. Aalia- Noble.
  3. Aalimah- Scholar.
  4. Aamaal- Aspirations/ Wishes.
  5. Aamilah- The doer of good deeds.
  6. Aaminah- Secured, or safe.
  7. Aara- Adoring.
  8. Aamanee- It means ‘good wish’.
  9. Aisha- Alive.
  10. Aayat- Miracles/ Proof.
  11. Aamira- Abundant/ Imperial.
  12. Aasimah- Protector/ Defendant.
  13. Aaqilah- Intelligent.
  14. Aatifa- Affection.
  15. Amira- Princess.
  16. Aleema- Learned.
  17. Aqsa- Intelligent.
  18. Aamna- Peace.
  19. Amairah- Leader/ Princess.
  20. Aarti- A Form of worship.
  21. Aanisah- Young lady.
  22. Aarini- Adventurous.
  23. Aashika- Lovable.
  24. Aashiyana- Shelter/ beautiful home.
  25. Aashana- Beloved.
  26. Amal- Hope.
  27. Bareen- Another one of the common Kashmiri names for girls, Bareen means the highest/Supreme.
  28. Balqis- The name of the queen of Shiba.
  29. Bansari- Meaning ‘flute’.
  30. Bahija- Happy.
  31. Baha- Value.
  32. Banhi- Meaning ‘fire’.
  33. Baraah- Innocence.
  34. Banni- Maiden.
  35. Baraka- White/ Blessing.
  36. Bariah- Excelling.
  37. Barirah- Faithful, devoted.
  38. Barika- Bloom.
  39. Baruni- Goddess Durga.
  40. Barzah- Narrator of hadith.
  41. Baseema- Smiling.
  42. Basheera- The bringer of good tidings.
  43. Chaman- Garden.
  44. Chandika- Goddess Durga.
  45. Chandraane- Meaning ‘wife of the moon God’.
  46. Chandrabha- Moonlight.
  47. Chandani- Meaning ‘star’.
  48. Charmi- Lovely.
  49. Didda- Name of a Kashmiri ruler queen.
  50. Daneen- Princess.
  51. Danah- Graceful.
  52. Dayanita- Merciful.
  53. Dayita- Beloved.
  54. Deeba- Obedience.
  55. Deema- Meaning ‘rainy cloud’.
  56. Dhakirah- Dhakirah is one who remembers God frequently.
  57. Dimah- Diman means a cloud that carries rainwater.
  58. Diqrah- Diqrah is a narrator of hadith.
  59. Dina- Dina means ‘love’.
  60. Deekshita- Initiation.
  61. Devalekha- Celestial beauty.
  62. Eshal- The flower in heaven.
  63. Erum- Heaven.
  64. Ekisha- One Goddess.
  65. Eliza- Unique/ precious.
  66. Eimaan- Faith.
  67. Ermina- Friendly.
  68. Erina- A beautiful lady.
  69. Eshana- Search.
  70. Eshita- The one who desires.
  71. Fahmida- Intelligent.
  72. Fahima- Intelligent.
  73. Faiqa- Superior.
  74. Faheema- Another one of the common Kashmiri names for girls, Faheema means understanding.
  75. Faiza- Victorious.
  76. Fakihah- Cheerful.
  77. Fajr- Dawn.
  78. Fakirah- Elegant.
  79. Firoza- Turquoise.
  80. Fakhra- It means ‘new’.
  81. Fizzah- It means ‘silver’ or ‘pure’.
  82. Foram/ Forum- Fragrance.
  83. Faleehah- Successful.
  84. Farha- Happy.
  85. Farasa- Insight.
  86. Firyal- Firyal means ‘proper name’.
  87. Gauhar- Pearl.
  88. Ghazal- Narrator of hadith.
  89. Ghaziyah- A female warrior.
  90. Ghunyah/ Ghunwah- Indispensable.
  91. Gulnar- Flower.
  92. Ghadah- Beautiful.
  93. Ghusoon- Branches of a tree.
  94. Habiba- Beloved/ Sweetheart.
  95. Hadeeqah- garden.
  96. Hadil- Voice of a dove.
  97. Hadiyah- The guide to righteousness.
  98. Haifa- Of a beautiful body.
  99. Hafa- Meaning, ‘gentle rain’.
  100. Hafizah- Successful.
  101. Hafsa- Wife of the Prophet.
  102. Harita- Meaning, ‘green’.
  103. Hardika- Full of love.
  104. Haniya- Joyous.
  105. Harseerat- The meaning of this name is ‘God’s wisdom’.
  106. Hadhira- Smart.
  107. Hajra- Independent.
  108. Heeposh- Jasmine.
  109. Hoorein- An angel of heaven.
  110. Hamna- Purple or black grape.
  111. Inaya- Care/ concern.
  112. Ihita- Desire.
  113. Ibra- Lesson/ wisdom.
  114. Ikhlas- Sincerity.
  115. Iksha- Sight.
  116. Ikram- Honor/ hospitality.
  117. Ilham- Intuition.
  118. Iman- Another one of the common Kashmiri names for girls, Iman means ‘faith’ or ‘belief’.
  119. Inas- Sociability.
  120. Inayat- Kindness.
  121. Iqra- Meaning, ‘to recite’.
  122. Iram- A garden in heaven.
  123. Insha- Creation.
  124. Jaina- Good character.
  125. Jaheel- Lake.
  126. Jasmin- Flower.
  127. Jalele- Goddess of water.
  128. Jamila- Beautiful.
  129. Janan- Heart/ Soul.
  130. Jammana- Pearl.
  131. Jasrah- A narrator of hadith.
  132. Kashifa- It means, ‘the one who reveals’.
  133. Kainat- The universe.
  134. Kanzah- Treasure.
  135. Kardawiyah- A pious woman.
  136. Karam- Meaning, ‘noble nature’.
  137. Karimah- Generous/ noble.
  138. Khadijah- First wife of the Prophet.
  139. Kausar- A river in paradise.
  140. Kashish- Attractive.
  141. Kaukab- Meaning, ‘star’.
  142. Kanval- Flower.
  143. Kubra- Great.
  144. Kaina- Leader.
  145. Khansa- Memory.
  146. Lamis- Tender.
  147. Lalasa- Love.
  148. Laamah- Brilliancy.
  149. Lalima- Beauty.
  150. Lashirah- Very intelligent.
  151. Latifa- Beautiful/ kind/ gentle.
  152. Lalyla- Meaning, ‘born at night’.
  153. Lazim- Essential.
  154. Liba- Meaning, ‘most beautiful’.
  155. Lasna- Eloquent.
  156. Manal- Achievement.
  157. Madhuja- Made of honey.
  158. Manoor- Referring to ‘moonlight’.
  159. Mahrosh- This name means a piece of the moon.
  160. Maryam- This is also one of the most common Kashmiri names and it means ‘beloved’.
  161. Madira- Nectar.
  162. Mahabbah- Love/ affection.
  163. Mahdiya- It means ‘rightly guided by Allah’.
  164. Maheen- Like the moon/ feeble voice.
  165. Mahveen- Light of the sun.
  166. Maimoona- Auspicious/ blessed.
  167. Maira- Moon.
  168. Majidah- Glorious/ Noble.
  169. Maisarah- Wealth.
  170. Nadira- Unique.
  171. Nur- Light.
  172. Nabeeha- Intelligent.
  173. Nabiha- Honest.
  174. Nabijah- Ambitious.
  175. Nadeen- Hope.
  176. Nabilah- Noble.
  177. Nadimah- Meaning, ‘friend’.
  178. Nadirah- Rare/ Precious.
  179. Nadiyah- Caller.
  180. Naisha- Special.
  181. Naomi- Beautiful.
  182. Nizalia- God’s gift.
  183. Olena- Light.
  184. Parina- Fairy.
  185. Parijat- Flower.
  186. Parajika- A raagini in Indian music.
  187. Pareeha- Happiness.
  188. Parisa- Like a fairy.
  189. Parmita- Wisdom.
  190. Qaniah- Contended.
  191. Qasoomah- Meaning, ‘poetess’.
  192. Qailah- The one who speaks.
  193. Qaaria- Reciter of the Quran.
  194. Qaarah- Cloudlet.
  195. Qarasafahl- Narrator of hadith.
  196. Qirat- Meaning, ‘beautiful recitation’.
  197. Qareebah- Near.
  198. Qaymayriyah- A student of Hadith.
  199. Quadriyyah- Strong.
  200. Qiyyama- Meaning, ‘stand for Allah’.
  201. Reyhana- A sweet-smelling flower from paradise.
  202. Ruhani- Spiritual/ sacred/ divine.
  203. Raka- Full moon.
  204. Reyah- Strength.
  205. Radwah- Contentment.
  206. Rania- Delighted.
  207. Ramila- Lover.
  208. Rifat- High/ Height.
  209. Rihana- Sweet-smelling plant.
  210. Rija- Desire/ Hope.
  211. Rizwana- Guardian of heaven.
  212. Romeesa- Heaven’s beauty.
  213. Rona- Shining light.
  214. Rimsha- A bunch of flowers.
  215. Ramita- Pleasing.
  216. Sabeen- Cool morning breeze.
  217. Sabah- Dawn.
  218. Sahnoor- Royal glow.
  219. Salima- Complete.
  220. Shurooq- Rise.
  221. Sabeeyah- Meaning, ‘baby girl’.
  222. Sabihah- Beautiful/ graceful.
  223. Sabina- Flower.
  224. Sabirah- Patient.
  225. Sabrina- Princess.
  226. Sadah- Happiness.
  227. Sadidah- Good luck.
  228. Sadiyah- Blessed.
  229. Safa- Clarity/ purity.
  230. Sadad- Lucky hand.
  231. Saffiya- meaning, ‘best friend’.
  232. Saffanah- Pearl.
  233. Sahana- patience.
  234. Sahibah- Meaning, ‘colleague’.
  235. Sahlah- Easy.
  236. Saira- Happy/ beautiful.
  237. Sajani- Beloved.
  238. Sakina- A narrator of hadith.
  239. Salma- Another one of the common Kashmiri names for girls, Salma means ‘peaceful’.
  240. Sameena- Meaning, a big forest in paradise.
  241. Tahira- Holy/ pure.
  242. Tahseenah- Acclaim.
  243. Tamanna- Wish.
  244. Tamira- Magic.
  245. Umaynah- Narrator of hadith.
  246. Umina- Gift.
  247. Unaysah- Friendly.
  248. Wafiyah- Loyal.
  249. Wahbiyah- Giving.
  250. Zahra- Beautiful.


Here was our list of the most common 500 Kashmiri names for boys and girls. Which out of these 500 names did you like the best?

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