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Since ancient times, gemstones have caused fascination in people due to their sparkly appearance, remarkable strength, and incredible power. These precious stones symbolize love, health, eternal youth, happiness, and protection from evil, each gem specific in its power.

The value of gemstones is generally determined by their hue, hardness, and rarity. Some gems like citrine are reasonably priced because of their abundance, whereas others like diamonds are unbelievably costly. Despite their resistance to regular wear, gemstones should be cleaned, stored, and cared for properly.

In case you are looking for a particular gem, the following list of gemstones will introduce you to the most popular variants.

We hope the guide below helps you explore their physical properties, quality, and symbolism.


Citrine is one of the most abundant gemstones, whose specific yellow color originates from the process of iron heating. Its name means lemon in French, referring to the range of tones from honey yellow to brownish. The November birthstone is often used in the production of jewelry due to its abundance and affordable nature.

Although ignored in the past, citrine has transformed into a widely popular gemstone, mainly because of its affordability. It’s thought to protect the wearer and provide him/her with happiness. Also, the energy of citrine plays a major role in concentration and focus, as well as the regulation of one’s immune system and metabolism.


Amethyst is widely known for its violet color, ranging from bright purple hue to deep purple, depending on the amount of iron in the crystal structure. The February birthstone belongs to the quartz family, available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Amethyst was believed to be amazingly precious, more valuable in comparison with diamonds. Nevertheless, after the discovery of the vast amethyst deposits in Brazil and Uruguay, this gem is now considered semi-precious.

Moreover, ancient civilizations, like the Romans, believed this gemstone had the power to impede intoxication, which is why most of the goblets were made from amethyst. Nowadays, this semi-precious stone is associated with meditation, spirituality, and sobriety. You can always research more about the physical properties, geologic occurrence, and care of amethyst gems.


Aquamarine is an exquisite gemstone that represents the color of the ocean and the sky, ranging from pastel blue to turquoise. This translucent gem belongs to the beryl family, predominantly found in the African continent and Brazil. It’s believed that sailors always took aquamarine on their trips in order to have luck throughout the journey.

Furthermore, this gem is known to be a symbol of eternal life, good health, and faith. Also, it’s thought to provide calmness, reduce anxiety, and minimize anger. Its value is mainly associated with hue, as dark aquamarine gemstones are much rarer in comparison with the pastel blue variants. Consequently, one would pay substantially more for a dark aquamarine gem than for a pale blue precious stone of this kind.


Diamonds are undoubtedly the most precious, costliest, and most desirable type of gemstones. Hence, these are used in the creation of fine jewelry, such as engagement and wedding rings. Being a natural earth mineral is what provides this valuable gem with remarkable strength and miraculous light-reflecting properties.

Even though diamonds are recognized for their sparkling clear appearance, these gems can be purchased in a myriad of other hues like pink, red, yellow, and black. The high rating of the diamond on the Mohs scale makes it durable enough to be worn regularly and resist scratches. For further guidance on the color and properties of diamonds, make sure you visit this link,

While ancient Romans wore such gemstones in the course of battles so as to protect them from evil, nowadays, the diamond is a symbol of eternal love. However, the ancient use of this precious stone is believed to represent its true power, as diamonds have always been appreciated for their hardness and strength.


Emerald gemstones are characteristic of their vivid green color, ranging from pale green to a yellow-green hue. Despite their solid hardness, emeralds aren’t considered suitable for everyday wear. Given the rarity of these precious gems, emerald stones are known to be pricier than rubies or sapphires.

The May birthstone is thought to symbolize love and fertility. In ancient times, Queen Cleopatra was infatuated with the power and magnificent look of emeralds. Also, Egyptian mummies wore emeralds when buried in the sarcophagus, as these stones were believed to provide them with rebirth and eternal youth.

How to take care of gemstones?

In order for gemstone wearers to maintain the sparkle of their precious stones, they are supposed to clean them regularly. In spite of their natural resistance to scratches, gems should be handled gently during the cleaning process. One is advised to use nothing but water and dish soap to clean them, as well as a dry cotton cloth to wipe their surface.

Moreover, ultrasonic cleaners are frequently used for the purpose of gemstone cleaning, but these aren’t recommended for all kinds of gems. For instance, emeralds are too delicate to be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner, as they would be unquestionably damaged.

In terms of storage, owners are advised to store their precious stones in separate boxes so as to prevent scratches. It’s paramount for gems not to be exposed to sunlight, as most of these stones are susceptible to fading. Certain gemstones, like opal, are incredibly demanding when it comes to storage, as both light and heat are detrimental to their appearance and condition. When exposed to sunlight for longer periods, opal is known to change its color.

Furthermore, gems aren’t supposed to be exposed to perfumes and hairsprays, as well as to chlorine and bleach. Therefore, wearers should remove all pieces of jewelry before swimming or coming in contact with bleach. Also, toothpaste should never be used for cleaning gems, as their surface will most likely get deteriorated, particularly the fine polish.

Final word

Gemstones will always be adored by people. Purchase a gem that matches your personality!

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