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While cricket is a serious game and tensions can arise during a nail-biting match, we have something fun cricket-related for you. Here is a compilation of more than 80 cricket jokes to read and enjoy.

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Short Cricket Jokes

  1. I kept wondering why the cricket ball kept getting bigger and bigger. And then it hit me.
  2. Why are cricket grounds cool? Because they are full of fans!
  3. Why are cricketers so good at ironing clothes? Because they know how to spot a crease!
  4. Why can’t Australian cricketers drink wine at the moment? Because they haven’t got any openers!
  5. How do cricket players search for things online? They Google it!
  6. What does a batsman have in common with a magician? They both can do hat tricks!
  7. Why is a cricketer called a superhero? Because he is Bat-man!
  8. When should a cricket player wear armor? When he plays Knight games!
  9. If you have a cricket ball in one hand and a cricket bat in your other hand, what will you have? A big cricket!
  10. I have a friend who is a retired cricket umpire. And he doesn’t lift a finger now.
  11. Why can’t the Chinese play cricket? Because they eat bats.
  12. Why did the cricket team need a lighter? Because the team lost all of the matches!
  13. Why should you never drive a car like a cricket is played? Because then you will hit and run!
  14. This guy explained to me his idea of a cricket field lit using LED lights. It was quite an interesting pitch.
  15. Why don’t grasshoppers like football? Because they prefer cricket!
  16. Why did the cricketer bring a string to his game? So that he could ‘tie’ the score!
  17. What is common between cricket players and car salesmen? They’re both good with the pitch.
  18. Why is a bad fielder always free of illnesses? Because he doesn’t catch anything.
  19. When is the only time that a batsman likes being ‘out’? On a Saturday night!
  20. My wife: Have you seen the dog bowl? Me: Oh, I didn’t know he played cricket!

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Best Cricket Jokes

  1. What did the conductor say to the bus full of cricketers? Wickets, please!
  2. My friend has been trying to think of a name for his shop that sells cricket equipment. But he’s stumped.
  3. Which animal is always present in a game of cricket? A bat!
  4. Why is it not a good idea to go to a nightclub with a batsman who struggles with short-pitched bowling? Because he always gets in a tangle with the bouncer.
  5. Why are deep fielders well-behaved? Because they know how to stay within their boundaries.
  6. My friend fell in love with a girl who plays cricket. But he got bowled over.
  7. Why didn’t the cricket team believe what their Captain said? Because he had a silly point.
  8. A batsman’s least favorite bird? A duck!
  9. Why did the Captain take his teammates fishing? To make sure they caught something!
  10. ‘Why do you look glum?’ ‘My doctor said that I can’t play cricket.’ ‘Oh? I did not know that he had seen you play.’
  11. A batsman scored two runs in an inning. That’s when his Captain said ‘Wonderful shot!’. Batsman: Which one? Captain: The one where you hit the ball!
  12. Bouncer: They throw you out at clubs and give you a black-out in cricket.
  13. How does a cricketer teach his kids ABC? A for appeal, B for bowl, C for caught
  14. While practicing in front of a mirror, what does a Cricket umpire say? “I’ll show myself out!”
  15. Why should China have a cricket team? Because they can take the world out with just one bat.
  16. My wife said she will leave me for my obsession with cricket. To be honest, it knocked me for six. 
  17. After watching cricket for four hours today, I realized that it uses legs to make noise.
  18. What would you call an enforcer of cricket rules who has no reflection? An umpire.
  19. The difference between Cinderella and the Australian cricket team? It’s that Cinderella knew when to leave the ball.
  20. Why did the cricketer get his guitar tuned? Because there was a drop-in on the pitch.

Top Cricket Jokes

  1. Why did the cricketers not sweat during the match? Because they were surrounded by fans everywhere.
  2. Why was a tiny ghost asked to join a cricket team? Because a little spirit was needed.
  3. Difference between a tea bag and the English cricket team? The tea bag stays longer in the cup.
  4. The only time Indians show their attachment to 7-11? During cricket.
  5. A series of insects was dancing on the sports field. It was a cricket ball.
  6. How did the infamous bat smuggler get arrested? He was caught at the boundary.
  7. Why was the batsman’s delivery left at his doorstep? Because he was out!
  8. Why did the midwife get to open the batting? Because she was good at fast deliveries.
  9. Why couldn’t Robin play cricket? Because Robin lost his bat, man.
  10. I was sitting in the park watching cricket. And then it jumped into my eye.
  11. The African Cricket Board announced that they found ebola in their cricket team but it’s no concern as they also found batsman and field.
  12. A teacher asks her students to write an essay on a cricket match. All students were busy writing except one who wrote ‘no match due to heavy rain’.
  13. Wife: You only watch cricket all day. I am leaving you. Husband: (in a commentator’s tone) And that is how you make beautiful use of steps.
  14. A boy throws 6 cricket balls at his girlfriend. Girl: What was that? Boy: It’s over.
  15. What is a bowler’s favorite fruit? A plum!
  16.  A man to the doctor: “Please help me, I think I am a cricket ball”. Doctor: “How’s that” Man: “Oh no, please don’t you start”
  17. Two rival cricketers having a conversation.
    Cricketer 1: The local team wants me to play for them really bad.
    Cricketer 2: Well, you’re just the right man for the job.
  18. Cricket – the only sport in the world where one gets points for hitting the ball in the crowd and it’s the cricketers wearing good protective gear.
  19. When would a bad batsman have 100 runs against his name? When he is bowling!
  20. The height of optimism? A poor batsman applying sunscreen before coming out to bat.

Some More Jokes on Cricket

  1. Doctor: Play sports daily for good health. Boy: I play cricket daily. Doctor: Oh good, for how long? Boy: Until my phone battery rubs out!
  2. Dad to son after he is back from playing cricket: How many runs did you make?

Son: Only 299 runs left for a triple century but that’s when they declared me out.

  1. A newly-married batsman during a cricket match to his fellow teammate: “ I am anxious and want to hit the ball hard. My mother-in-law is here today.”
    The teammate: “Don’t be silly. You will never be able to hit her on this huge ground.”
  2. When do poor batsmen perform their best? In advertisements!
  3. What happened to the batsman who did not understand the rules of cricket? He got to the crease and got stumped!
  4. Why are cricketers always dressed in properly ironed outfits? Because they can always spot a crease.
  5. Why did the stump marry the ball? Because she bowled him over.
  6. Who won a match between the Pen Cricket club and the Pencil Cricket club? Neither, as it was a draw.
  7. What does a poor cricketer put in his hands to guarantee that there is a wicket on the next ball? A bat!
  8. What is the main role of a bad cricket coach? To transport his team from the hotel to the ground and vice versa.
  9. Why don’t bad fielders ever need any travel injections before tours? Because they never catch anything.
  10. Why are singers also good cricketers? Because they are good with the pitch.
  11. Which cricketer should get a Nobel prize? The one who is good at a no-ball(Nobel)
  12. A guy is still waiting at the cricket ground after the match was over. Security Guard: Why are you still waiting here? Guy: I am waiting for the highlights.
  13. Why is the African cricket team not complete? Because they have no batsmen, only Ebolas.
  14. Why did the man not get a job as a Cricket commentator? Because he said ‘I don’t want to bore you with the details’ in his interview.
  15. An insect’s favorite sport? Cricket!
  16. Why should elephants not play cricket? Because they will block the wickets.
  17. Where do cricketers go dancing? The cricket ball!
  18. What do cricketers do if they get overheated? Get closer to one of the fans!
  19. A similarity between an angry chicken and an umpire? Both have foul mouths!
  20. Which cricketer is known to have the biggest shoes? The one who has the biggest feet!
  21. Something that runs around a cricket field but never moves? A fence!


Here, we shared over 80 cricket jokes with you. Which out of these jokes did you like the best? Also, do let us know if you know any more cricket jokes in the comments below.

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