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We have known the uses and benefits of essential oils for hundreds of years now. Right from treating different kinds of pains, itching, and various skin conditions to promoting the feelings of relaxation by relieving stress,manage gout symptoms and anxiety, these potent essential oils can do many wonders.

Always a top product used in aromatherapy, essential oils are now also finding their use in a host of other areas. As a result, they are being extensively used in skin and hair care products, pain relief products, and a lot more.

It is in the recent years that more research is being conducted on these oils and their popularity is growing immensely. Now, people are realizing their benefits and not just buying products with essential oils but also these essential oils itself.

These potent oils, which are derived through steam distillation from specific parts of a plant, can work magic when used the right way. While you might have heard about its many benefits, we are going to be discussing one particular benefit in detail here- the effectiveness of essential oils for the treatment of gout.

Essential Oils for Gout

Gout is basically a form of arthritis that can be characterized by intense joint pain. Higher levels of uric acid in your body affect your joints and then leads to sudden attacks of pain accompanied by swelling, burning, and redness. While gout mostly affects the joints of the toe, it can affect other joints as well. Gout can make your affected joint so tender that even the weight of something very light can feel like a burden on it.

It is a very common condition and if you have ever suffered from it, you probably know how painful it is. Since it is accompanied with inflammation, it makes the pain even worse.

The symptoms of gout are known to develop quickly and they can remain for as many as 10 days. If you find yourself irritated and are looking for a solution for the pain and swelling then you are at the right place. 

While controlling your diet and taking medications prescribed by your doctor is of utmost necessity, there are a few additional things you can do to relieve the pain and feel better.

For years and years, essential oils have proved their effectiveness in treating aches and pains, especially joint pain. These oils have been used as a remedy for pain for a very long time now and they are the best and most effective when it comes to the treatment of gout.

There are many ways that essential oils for gout are effective. They are known to ease the pain by breaking down the uric acid particles that are stuck between the joints. 

Essential oils are all-natural, have anti-inflammatory properties and are thus, perfect for treating gout pain. These oils are also known to have amazing calming and relaxing properties

Here, we will tell you all about the best essential oils for treating gout pain and how you can use them for the best results.

Best Essential Oils for Gout

1.Lemongrass Oil

In traditional medicines, lemongrass has been used as a remedy for reducing pain and inflammation. It is also known to have strong antioxidant properties as well as anti-inflammatory properties. 

As a result, lemongrass essential oil also has strong anti-gout effects and this has been proved by researchers with the help of a few studies. This essential oil also helps in promoting good blood circulation and in breaking down the uric acid crystals. 

Use of lemongrass essential oil effectively reduces the pain as well as inflammation that is caused, giving you great relief from gout. 

All in all, lemongrass is a great choice when it comes to getting relief from gout. You can also have tea made from real lemongrass leaves to treat gout.

How to use lemongrass essential oil for gout?

You need to dilute the lemongrass essential oil with a carrier oil such as almond, coconut, or jojoba oil. Then, apply this combined oil mixture on the affected area and massage it well to get relief from gout.

You can also add a few drops of this oil to boiling water and inhale the steam coming from it. A few drops of it can also be used in a steam inhaler or diffuser.

2.Lavender Oil

The next on our list of the best essential oils for gout is lavender essential oil. Known for its pain relieving and soothing effects, this essential oil also has anti-inflammatory properties. 

Not just that but the oil’s antiseptic and healing properties will relax and refresh you and its pleasant smell is just an additional benefit. 

Owing to its wonderful healing properties, lavender essential oil will reduce the pain and inflammation caused by gout to a great extent. Using it a few times will give you great relief and make you feel better.

This essential oil can also reduce muscle tension which is often caused by eliminating stress, anxiety or tension. 

All of these wonderful reasons make lavender essential oil one of the best for gout.

How to use lavender essential oil for gout?

This essential oil first needs to be diluted with the help of a carrier oil or almond or coconut oil. Then, use this oil to massage gently on the affected area. Using this method of application will give you the best results for treating gout. Alternatively, you can also inhale this oil either directly or with the help of a steamer.

3.Rosemary Oil

Rosemary essential oil is also quite effective when it comes to treating gout. It has high levels of analgesic properties that are known to provide relief from aches and pains. 

Also due to its strong diuretic properties, rosemary essential oil can get rid of the excess uric acid from the body. It does not only have warming qualities but is also known to improve the blood circulation. It is also an excellent pain reliever as it anesthetizes the nerves, and reduces the pain to a great extent.

Its amazing antioxidant properties and astringent properties also make it one of the best essential oils for gout. All in all, rosemary essential oil is full of wonderful qualities that are effective for the treatment of gout and hence, this oil is a must-have.

How to use rosemary essential oil for gout?

You just need to mix a few drops (about 3 to 5) this essential oil in a carrier oil of your choice such as coconut or almond oil. Mix these oils well and then use it to massage well on the paining or swollen area. Use this oil blend about twice a day and use it regularly to see the best results.

4.Peppermint Oil

If you are still looking for an essential oil to treat gout, you need to try out peppermint oil. Owing to the presence of menthol in it, peppermint essential oil is very stimulating and soothing. Menthol is also a well-known anesthetic agent. It also has natural anti-inflammatory properties, and hence, it is perfect for relieving all kinds of muscular and joint pains. 

Not just that but peppermint essential oil is also extremely refreshing and just its smell is enough to uplift you instantly. 

All of these wonderful reasons make peppermint oil one of the top essential oils for gout. 

How to use peppermint essential oil for gout?

Like all other essential oils, peppermint oil needs to be diluted using a carrier oil as well. You can use coconut oil, almond oil or any other oil of your choice to dilute the peppermint oil. Then use this essential oil blend on the affected area and massage it well.

Alternatively, a few drops of peppermint essential oil can also be used in bath or even as a foot soak to get relief from the pain.

5.Tea Tree Oil

The next on our list of the best essential oils for gout is tea tree essential oil. Tea tree oil is known to be effective for a host of different reasons, right from treating acne, dandruff and other skin conditions to various aches and pains.

The oil has so many diverse uses and that makes this essential oil an absolute must-have in every home. Its antifungal, as well as, microbial properties make it very effective for the treatment of gout. Using this oil helps desensitize the inflamed nerve endings, thus giving you great relief from the pain caused by this condition.

This essential oil, when applied topically, will also reduce the inflammation that is caused by gout. So, if gout is what has been troubling you, what you need is a bottle of tea tree essential oil.

How to use tea tree essential oil for the treatment of gout?

Since it is very potent, tea tree oil always needs to be diluted with a carrier oil first. You can use any carrier oil that you have easily available with you. Mix the oils well and then use it on the inflamed/ paining area and massage it well with the oil. Using this regularly for a few times will give you excellent relief from gout. 

6.Celery Seed Oil

The next on our list of the best essential oils for gout is celery seed oil. Celery seed oil is known to increase the effectiveness of the gout medications.

This essential oil also has immense anti-inflammatory properties which can help in reducing the swelling that is caused by gout. Along with swelling, it also effectively reduces the pain that comes with gout and gives you overall relief from it. 

So, if you can get your hands on high quality celery seed essential oil then you need to get it right away for treating your gout.

How to use celery seed essential oil for gout?

Like all the other essential oils, celery seed oil also needs to be diluted with the use of a carrier oil. Take any carrier oil of your choice and add about 3 to 5 drops of this essential oil to it and mix it. Then, use this blend of oils on the gout-affected area and rub it or massage well to feel relief.

Precautions to take while using Essential Oils for Gout

You need to be careful while using essential oils as they are very, very potent.

  • Make sure that you use only and only high quality essential oils that are produced by a genuine company. 
  • Never ingest an essential oil as it is only meant for topical application unless advised otherwise by your doctor.
  • Essential oils must always be diluted before you apply them topically on your skin and about 4 to 5 drops of these oils is enough for one-time use.
  • For the best results against gout, you need to use essential oils in moderation and do not go overboard using them.
  • In case you have sensitive skin or are allergic to something, it is advised to do a patch test before you apply these oils on the affected area.
  • Essential oils for gout are quite effective. You just need to be a little patient and use them the right way to see the best results.
  • In case you find your skin irritated or even more inflamed after using essential oils on skin, stop using it immediately.


Remember that along with using essential oils for the treatment of gout, you also need to take care of your diet and take the right medications. This will help speed up the process and help remove the condition from its root.

In this article, we talked about the 6 best essential oils for gout. All of these oils will work excellently well for gout provided that they are of a high quality and 100% pure. 

So, which ones of these 6 essential oils are you going to be trying out for your gout? Do give these oils a try and let us know how well they worked out for you.

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