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Sisters are truly special. And when the need is, a sister plays every role from that of your mother to that of your best friend. No matter if it is your elder sister or younger one, every sister in the world deserves to be treated specially. In this post, I will be talking about some seldom thought gifts for sisters that will amaze her.

Whether it is your sisters’ birthday, Rakshabandhan, her graduation, any other celebration or no event at all, nothing will make your sister happier than a thoughtful unique gift.

Your sisters are beautiful beautiful creatures and should be pampered with only the best. If you are looking for gifts for sister, look no further. Here, we share with you some amazing gift ideas that are sure to put a huge smile on her face!

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13 Top ‘Gifts for Sister’ that will amaze her

Gifts for sister can be simple and inexpensive. But what your sisters would appreciate is that the gifts they get are full of love and care. Now for that you need to think and think out of the box. Here I bring to you some ideas to help you gift your sister a lovely piece of art from Kashmir.

Pashmina Shawl

If you are looking for a gift that your sister will cherish forever, present her with a Pashmina shawl. A Pashmina is a timeless accessory that exudes elegance and class. We are sure that it will end up becoming her favorite accessory from her wardrobe!

With a Pashmina, you don’t just give your sister something beautiful and long-lasting, but you also give her oodles of comfort and warmth. What makes it even more special is that pure Pashmina shawls are completely hand woven in Kashmir; making it one of the best-personalized gifts for sister.

Gift your beloved sister a Pashmina and let her think of you every time she wraps it around herself.

Jewellery Sets

Jewellery sets also make wonderful gifts for sisters. If your sister loves fashion accessories, this is the best gift for her. Buy her some versatile jewellery that she can wear with all kinds of clothing.

If you don’t want to invest a lot of money, semi-precious jewelry is a great idea. You can check out some amazing German silver jewelry sets on Kashmirica. We have beautiful jewellery that integrates traditional with contemporary, making it a great fit for today’s modern women.

Kaftan Tops/ Dresses

This is one of the many unique birthday gifts for sisters. Trust me, your sister will love you for this. Whether your sister is a fashionista or not, this will make a great addition to her wardrobe.

A kaftan is a loose tunic which when worn, gives an effortlessly stylish look. It is made with breezy fabrics, making it great even for the summers. Most kaftans are adorned with intricate embroidery, giving them an elegant look. If you are looking for the perfect gift, a kaftan is it!

Dress Materials/ Suits

We don’t mean the regular dress materials that are commonly found. When looking for  gifts for sister birthday, a suit is a great idea. However, to make it extra-special, give her a suit that is unique and hard to find.

A Kashmiri suit can be a great fit for this. Handcrafted by expert Kashmiri craftsmen, a Kashmiri suit is one of the best gifts for sister. Embellished with beautiful embroidery, this is something your sister is sure to love. You can check out some gorgeous Kashmiri suits for your sister on Kashmirica.

Paper Mache Items

If you are looking for unique birthday gifts for sister, paper mache items are a great option. Paper mache is a traditional craft that is made using paper bits and an adhesive. Bits of paper are mixed with a sort of adhesive to form a paste which is then smoothed over any surface to give it that shape.

This is a very fine art and the end product is immensely beautiful. You can buy various paper mache items for your sister such as vases, bowls, trays, boxes, decor items, etc. This is a very quirky gift item that your sister is sure to love.

These make for great gifts for sister birthday or for any other occasion. Wow your sister by buying some amazing paper mache products from Kashmirica. 

Attar Perfume

Give your lovely sister the beautiful gift of fragrance. Give her exotic fragrances and let her think of you every time she feels like smelling wonderful. Attar is one of the best gifts for sister.

Attar is often better than other perfumes since it is 100% natural. Pure attar does not have any artificial substances or alcohol added to it, making it a preferable choice over other perfumes.

Attar not just smells great but it also has properties to calm you down and make you feel refreshed and relaxed. All of these factors make attar one of the most unique birthday gifts for sister. You can find some great 100% organic attars such as oudh on Kashmirica.

Decor Items

Who says that you can only give your sister something for her personal use? You can also give her something to spruce up her living space. Decor items make great gifts for sisters. There is an array of decor items that you can choose from.

You can give her a beautiful handmade antique rug or carpet. Or you can also present her a beautiful wall hanging. Handmade decor items make for great personalized gifts for sister. With such a wide variety of decor items available, you can surely pick up something that your sister will love.


A saree is an evergreen attire that can never go out of fashion. Hence, you can never go wrong with a saree. Pick out an elegant saree as a gift for your beautiful sister. There is no such thing as ‘too many sarees’ and your sister will definitely appreciate you getting her one.

When in doubt (or not), just go for a saree. You can check out some gorgeous embellished sarees on Kashmirica that we can make sure will be a wonderful gift for your sister!

Kashmiri Jackets

What makes a Kashmiri jacket special is the beautiful embroidery that it is adorned with. A Kashmiri jacket can be made from a variety of fabrics- Pashmina wool, other wool, velvet or silk. This is a great unique gift for your sister as it will make a one-of-a-kind addition to her wardrobe.

Kashmiri jackets aren’t just beautiful but also give a very regal look. They are also super soft and warm. We are sure that your sister will absolutely love you for getting her this gift!

Gift Cards

If you’re still unsure of what you should give your sister, get her a gift card of her favorite store. This is also a great idea if you live far away from your sister. A gift card is one of the best gifts for sister as it will allow her to get something of her own choice.

There are various stores, online as well as offline that let you get a gift card for somebody. This is one of the best gifts for sister birthday. 

Make her Something Yourself

Nothing says you love someone more than a handmade gift. A handmade gift is definitely something that your sister will appreciate and love. It need not be very complicated.

It can be something as simple as a card, a photo frame or you can even cook her favorite food for her. Your efforts in making something for her will go a long way in making her feel super special.

A Personalized Gift

Personalized gifts for sister are also trending a lot right now. You can get her unique gifts with her name written on it. Or you can also get her something with her picture on it. Popular gift items include mugs, t-shirts, lampshades, photo frames etc.

Gifts with names on it can include pens, cushions, mugs etc. Or you can think of out of the box ideas considering your sister’s likes and dislikes and get her a personalized gift accordingly.

Dry Fruits and Nuts

If you didn’t already know this, let us tell you that dry fruits and nuts make excellent gift items. Dry fruits being healthy also mean that you are taking care of your sister’s health. Don’t just get her any dry fruits, get her the most authentic and tasty dry fruits.

Get her a variety of her favorite dry fruits. Pack them nicely and put them in a nice basket to make them seem fancier. You can check out some super authentic dry fruits on Kashmirica. We have a range of healthy and tasty dry fruits.

Over to You

Hope this list helps you figure out a gift for your sister. Here we shared some out of the box ideas for gifts for sister. We are sure that any of these gifts will make your sister super happy. Do check out Kashmirica’s website for some amazing gift items. All of our products are handcrafted, making them extra special.

Whether you are looking for unique gifts for sister birthday or something else, Kashmirica has products that are suitable for each and every occasion! We are sure that a gift purchased from Kashmirica will remain etched in your sister’s heart forever.

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