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Got a spare bedroom you’d like to turn into a cozy guest room?

Want to amplify your guest room decor?

Here are a few simple tips to help you turn that room into a welcoming, comfortable space for your guests:

Start By De-cluttering

One of the first things you probably need to do is get a de-cluttering process started.

Is all of your kids’ childhood stuff out of their old room? If not, start there (if you haven’t already!).

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Box up things to send with your children to their new adult homes, or carve out some space for safekeeping of the items you just can’t part with. Your future guests will be appreciative, and your children may secretly thank you for your efforts, as well.

Even if your spare room was never a child’s bedroom, it’s likely to have been used as a catch-all storage space – in which case, de-cluttering will still be a necessary initial task for you to tackle.

Cluttered Bedroom

If you’re like a lot of families, your spare bedroom didn’t start out as a spare bedroom. Perhaps your children have grown up and left the nest, and you’re ready to re-purpose the room for receiving guests. That is why you are seeking out some guest room decor tips. 

Create a Space That is Designed For Guests with Some Awesome Room Decor 

A guest room doesn’t need to be large, and it doesn’t even have to be a bedroom dedicated to guests only. If your child has only partly left the nest (away at college, for example), this can still be their bedroom when they come home; you don’t have to banish your kids to have guest-friendly space!

Guest room decor is no special than any other bedroom decor. Saying that there will always be some good to have settings that make your guest room decor all the more wonderful. 

You just need to start by considering how somebody else might feel staying in the room. As long as someone has enough room to move around, fresh bedding, and a place for their bag, they’ll feel welcome.

If there’s enough space, a bench or a folding luggage rack is a great feature to add. It will make your guests feel more welcome, and it also means they’ll be less likely to toss their suitcase or bag on the bed (after all, who knows where that suitcase has been?).

Buy two of those folding racks if you’re shopping. That way, if a couple shares the room, they’ll each have a place for their own bag. Take some mental notes from your favorite hotel rooms.

A comfortable chair and a desk would be nice to add, but only if you have plenty of space. And if you still need to use part of the room for storage (or a home office, or hobby space, or whatever), put up a dividing screen to hide the boxes, supplies, or whatever else you still keep in the room.

Provide Extra Amenities For Guests

At a minimum, provide an extra blanket at the foot of the bed or in the closet, a nightstand with a lamp, an extension cord for convenient charging of phones and computers, and a card with the wifi password. I like to think about what someone might ask for, and try to set it out before they ask.

A tray with some bottled water and prepackaged snacks (such as dried fruit and nuts) is a nice touch that your visitors are sure to appreciate.

The Guest Bathroom

In the bathroom, provide plenty of towels, a clean bath mat, nightlight, and basket of travel-size toiletries in case someone forgets something. Have extra toilet paper handy, and perhaps keep a small sewing kit and extra cleaning supplies in an easily-found spot. Also, make sure the bathroom is clean before your guests arrive!

This might not be a tip for guest room decor per se, but it will be essential to allow your guest a comfortable stay. 

Other Special Touches

Depending on your space and budget, it’s nice to include a full-size mirror in the bedroom. This makes it more convenient for one guest to be able to use for personal grooming or dressing, in the event that their partner has the bathroom tied up.

In terms of bedroom lighting, floor lamps and desk lamps create a warmer, more inviting feel than overhead lighting. A nice finishing touch for your guest room is to choose the perfect bedding that is both stylish and comfy.

Would it not be awesome to deck up your guest room decor with some mind-blowing silken rugs from Kashmir?

Invest in Some Luxury Bedding 

Look for a brand or a designer with a passion for design and comfort. Look for items that are all about redefining  how you feel in bed. Brands and people who are fascinated with the concepts of comfort and luxury help creating products that reinvent the ultimate sleep experience.

This helps your home feel like a cozy, personal sanctuary.  Visit a store or a website to find a great selection of luxury bedding sets, including sheets, comforters, blankets, duvet covers, pillows, shams and home décor items, and more. One such brand that I may recommend is Jennifer Adams.  

Over to You 

Don’t look at the budgets if you really are sure about giving your guests an ultimate comfort stay. Do all that I have mentioned to give your guest room decor an ultimate lift. 

Author: Patrica Clark 

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