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Every bride and groom are very excited for their old life to end and prays cheers to the beginning. Weddings take up a lot of energy. From planning to shopping for so many different occasions and then constantly smiling! Indian weddings are big and fat. But as fun, it is to see two lives coming together, in reality, there is a lot of nervousness between them. Starting a new life and committing to each other; after all this, they deserve a break.

It is said, if there is a heaven on this Earth, it is in Kashmir. When you are stepping into a new life with someone wouldn’t you want it to be from a place of heaven? Therefore, Kashmir is the best place to start strong. There is not much need to sell you on this; after all, it is the Kashmir honeymoon package that says it all. Nonetheless, we are here to give you 7 places that you must visit on your romantic getaway. It is bursting with flowers in the spring and covered with beautiful snow in the winter. So you can have your pick. Nevertheless, do not forget to visit these places.


The beautiful town of Jammu will take your breath away. Apart from the Chenab River flowing through the valley in all its glory, there are more places to explore. Tourists visit this place from different parts of the world to see the breathtaking scenery. Also, do not forget to visit the Akhnoor Fort and the Bagh-eBahu garden. Moreover, if you feel a little religious or just want to appreciate some art, visit the Raghunath temple. This place is located on the lap of the Himalayas and is a great place to get cuddly with your partner.


If you and your partner are major nature lovers, a visit to Yusmarg is a must. Located in the Budgam district of Kashmir is a small hill station that is all green. With the right weather, you will feel the trill or the clam of the trees. The serene Himalayas are covered with green meadows. You will find trees like pine and fir among others. With some parts of snow floating in the streams and the lakes in the town, it is a sight to behold. Be sure to experience the lush greens of Trata Kutti and Sang Safed before you leave this place.


All of Kashmir is mesmerizing to see. Therefore, we start with Ladakh. One of the most fascinating places to see is here. Most people make a trip to Ladakh on their bikes with their friends on a bachelor trip. The lesser-known fact is, it is one of the most romantic places in Kashmir. Enjoy the crystal-clear lakes, Hemis Monastery, Leh Market, Tso Morini lake as a part of your Kashmir honey package. Look at that night full of stars with your partner beside you and the sun-kissed mountain peaks during the day. It will definitely be the highlight of your honeymoon.


One of the most outstanding scenes in Kashmir are the lakes and Sonmarg is filled with them. Experience the peace and quiet along with the light sound of waves flowing. Definitely visit the lakes like Krishnasar, Gangabal, Gadsar, and Vishansar. See these lakes flowing through between the meadows and the greenery. Just as two of you met together and formed an amazing bond. Find the same bond being made with the coming together of the Nilagard stream and the Sind River. The water is green, the weather is great and you have your lover beside you. Does the world get any better?


Home of the biggest and the largest monasteries in Ladakh, this place is a must-visit for peace and quiet. All the monasteries are located over hill ranges. As much fun you would have to walk hand-in-hand to them, you will love looking at them from afar. Lamayuru is also called the MoonLand of Ladakh for the rich Buddhist cultures. You will find murals and Buddhist texts and figures right on display for you. This is the perfect place to absorb the beauty and the knowledge of peace.

Nubra Valley

Do not forget this place on your trip to Jammu and Kashmir. It should be the main event of your Kashmir Honeymoon package. If you and your partner love sporty events, then congratulations you are made for each other. Also, this is the right place for you. Between the magnetic sand dunes are camels waiting for you to take a ride. You may visit the Yarab Tso Lake and the Maitreya Buddha Statue. But the real fun is the journey and not the destination for it is marvelously pretty. If you have a honeymoon between July to September, it is the best time to visit Nubra Valley.


With this, we shall mark the end of the journey within the Kashmir honeymoon package. Located in the Doda district in the foothills of the Himalayas, Bhaderwah is also called ‘mini Kashmir’. It is a paradise within the paradise. You cannot possibly match the energy this pace has. Filled with luscious grasslands, sparkling water, and major exposure to the fauna and flora, this is indeed a paradise. The interesting part about this place is that it is called ‘Nagon ki Bhoomi’. If you are eerie of snakes, run because this place has a variety of snakes that are waiting for you.

Over to You

Here are the top 7 destinations for spending your honeymoon in Jammu & Kashmir. Share this blog with people who would love to visit Kashmir.

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