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When worn the right way, jewellery can amp up any kind of outfit and kick it several notches up. However, you must know how to choose just the right jewellery and what to pair it with to get the best out of it. And with all the jewellery designs that you have available out there, making just the right choice can often get overwhelming. 

But worry not, as we are here to help you out with that and ease out your dilemma. To know what is trending when it comes to jewelry or how to style it in the best way possible, taking the help of the best jewelry websites is always a great idea. 

Whether you are just basic when it comes to jewellery or a pro at styling it, everyone could use a little help. So here, in this article, we share some amazing jewellery blogs for some jewellery inspiration that we are sure you will love. 

Top 10 Jewellery Blogs of the World

1. Gem Gossip

Gem Gossip is a leading jewelry blog by Danielle Miele, a professional gemologist. Located in New York, she has an extensive collection of jewellery from all over the world.

Whether it is antique or vintage jewellery, designer jewellery or celebrity jewellery, Danielle covers it all on her website. If you wish to learn and know everything that is happening in the jewellery world, Danielle’s blog is what you need to follow. Right from jewellery schools to shows to designers to auctions, you will find a lot of jewellery-related stuff on her website.

A serious jewellery enthusiast and a certified gemologist, Danielle Miele’s Instagram page ‘Gem Gossip’ was started back in 2008 and today, she is one of the most popular jewellery bloggers. 

Her fine collection of jewellery includes stone-based, antique, vintage, rare jewellery treasures and so much more. 

Not just that but she also has jewelry book recommendations, her wardrobe favourites, her Q&A interviews, and a lot more on her website. All of this makes her blog one of the best jewellery blogs in the world.

2. Gemologue

The next on our list of the best jewelry websites is Gemologue, a blog by Liza Urla. A writer, fashion consultant, model, and globe-trolling influencer, she is very passionate about jewellery. 

Based in London, she studied Gemology in New York. Her blog is over 9 years old and she constantly keeps updating it with the latest trends in the world of jewellery. Her immense popularity has also helped her reach the London Fashion Week, which she attended with her face completely covered in pearls and her picture went viral.

Her blog is one of the most visited blogs in the world when it comes to jewellery. Right from her jewellery finds across the world to the trends in vintage, fine as well as fashion jewellery, Liza covers it all on her blog.

On her website ‘Gemologue’, there is a section called ‘Gem Talks’. In this section, Liza Urla interviews jewelry designers as well as other top persons of the industry.

Right from interviews, bridal, jewellery styling, travel and much more, Liza covers everything jewlery-related on her website, making it one of the best jewellery blogs in the world.

3. Voylla

Voylla is a leading jewelry blog based in India founded by Vishwas Shringi. If you wish to know everything about the latest jewellery trends, how to style jewellery and more or if you are just a jewellery-lover in general, following this blog is a must. 

Along with having a leading blog related to jewellery, Voylla also has an online store for jewellery as well as accessories. 

Right from the latest trends in fashion, jewellery styling for men as well as women, grooming tips and much more, everything is extensively covered on their blog. One of the best jewellery websites, Voylla was founded in 2012. They also have a very wide collection of jewellery on their website that starts at very low prices. Voylla’s USP is luxury jewellery at very affordable prices.

They have an entire blog section where they talk everything about jewellery- whether it is information about our traditional jewellery, how to style it, the latest trends, gifting ideas and so much more. Whether you are looking for information on bridal jewellery, temple jewellery, sandstone jewellery, meenakari jewellery or something else, Voylla is the place that you need to head to.

4. Gem Obsessed

Another blog to look out for everything jewellery-related is ‘Gem Obsessed’. It is a blog run by absolute jewellery and gem-obsessed people.

All kinds of jewellery trends- right from jewellery seen on the red carpet to celebrity jewwllery to all the latest designs by top jewellery designers, everything is covered on their blog. 

The most trending type of jewelry is also covered on this jewelry blog. They also post interviews with the top designers of the industry on their blog.

Gem Obsessed’s blog is written, edited as well as curated by Cheryl Kremkow. And it is a blog meant for total jewellery lovers. Whether you want to get information about it, know about jewellery trends around the world or know of the latest jewellery collections or what’s hot when it comes to jewelry, you need to follow Gem Obsessed. They also talk about new ways of wearing jewelry.

Gem Obsessed’s team is always in search for the next shiny thing and dreams of emeralds and alexandrites. All of this makes Gem Obsessed one of the best jewellery websites.

5. Ageless Heirlooms

The next on our list of the best jewellery blogs of the world is ‘Ageless Heirlooms’. If you love antique or vintage jewellery then this blog is definitely for you. The blog talks about everything related to heirloom jewellery- right from famous jewelry to auctions to dealers and more.

You can also get all of your information related to diamonds, gemstones, birthstones as well as the different jewellery eras through their blog. The blog was founded by Lauren back in 2006.

This is one of the best jewellery blogs if stunning and grand heirloom jewellery is what interests you. Either way, Ageless Heirlooms’ blog is definitely worth a visit. 

The blog also shows some marvellous antique jewellery collections that are sure to awe you. They have up to date information on antique jewellery, vintage engagement rings and much more.

Whether it is knowing about antique tiaras, important heirlooms or the top antique picks, this blog is where you need to head to.

So, go and educate yourself on something new and very interesting through this jewelry blog.

6. Champagne Gems

If you are still looking for the best jewelry websites, Champagne Gems is what you need to check out. The blog was founded by jewellery enthusiast Bebe Bakshi back in 2010. She is a Persian girl based in Melbourne who is a diamond enthusiast and very passionate about high-end jewels.

Through her blog, she shares her opinion and views on different kinds of jewellery, diamonds as well as gemstones from all across the world. On her blog, you will find a lot of information related to jewellery and she covers everything right from events, exhibitions, interviews to bridal jewellery, diamonds and gemstones.

Champagne Gems is like your one-stop destination for anything jewellery-related. She also covers topics like the best gifting ideas, red carpet events and much more.

Bebe Bakshi also interviews prominent people in the industry of jewellery and gemstones and posts the Q&As on her blog.

She also curates collections of high-end jewellery and fine jewellery. And her collections consist of everything right from bracelets and earrings to rings and necklaces. All in all, Champagne Gems is a wonderful jewelry blog that you must check out.

7. Diamonds in the Library

The next on our list of some of the best jewellery blogs is ‘Diamonds in the Library’. The blog is run by Becky Stone, a jewellery lover who went from a career in writing for the government to jewellery-blogging full-time. Becky describes herself as a lady who loves literature and shiny things and discusses the two on her blog and hence, the name.

She covers a lot on her blog- everything right from reviews of jewellery books to guides and tips on buying jewellery. She also covers a lot of tips and tricks on her blog like a better way of packing necklaces, protecting yourself from jewellery frauds, antique jewellery shows and so much more.

Becky also talks about the different kinds of jewellery by its type, its era, its design element as well as its material. What’s more, she also has a directory of jewellery stores on her website.

Becky covers a lot of jewellery-related ground on her blog ‘Diamonds in the Library’, making hers one of the best jewellery websites. Hers is a very fun blog that you will surely enjoy reading.

8. Gehna India

If you are looking for more Indian jewellery blogs then you need to check out Gehna India’s blog. They have everything jewellery-related that you would possibly want to read. Right from jewellery collections, bridal jewellery, gold jewellery to diamonds as well as other gemstones, there is everything on the blog.

They also have numerous jewellery styling articles like styling lightweight jewellery, styling gemstone jewellery and much more. They also cover the different jewellery trends during the festival season and have interesting articles related to them. Whether you wish to know about wearing jewellery to the office, know jewellery-related myths or something else, Gehna India’s blog is where you need to head to.

Gehna’s blog is maintained by professionals who know the latest trends and information when it comes to jewellery. The huge ground covered by Gehna makes it one of the best jewelry websites.

Gehna actually also sells jewellery and it has a store in Chennai. You can also shop for precious gold and gemstone jewellery on their website. 

9. The Jewelry Loupe

If you are still looking for the best jewelry blog then head out to The Jewelry Loupe, a blog by Cathleen McCarthy. She is a jewellery-obsessed writer who writes for magazines, website as well as her blog. 

The Jewelry Loupe was started back in 2009 and the blog is meant for all kinds of jewellery lovers, makers as well as for connoisseurs. The blog covers everything right from the history of jewellery, behind the scenes of the hottest jewellery auctions and exhibitions, interviews of jewellery experts to so much more.

Cathleen talks about a lot of jewellery-related stuff including collecting ancient jewellery, how to buy diamonds, how to buy estate jewellery and more. 

The Jewelry Loupe is your one-stop for everything that you’d ever want to know about jewellery. While the blog features ‘high jewellery’, they also cover art jewellery and alternate materials. Whether you are looking to know about contemporary or vintage jewellery, diamonds, gemstones or more, you need to head out to this blog.

10. Katerina Perez

The last on our list of the top jewellery blogs of the world is that of Katerina Perez’s, a jewellery aficionado who turned her passion into her career. A globetrotting jewellery enthusiast, she is a well-known personality in the industry.

With over 12 years of experience, she is a prominent jewellery influencer. Her versatile experience makes her an expert in the world of jewellery. If you are a jewellery lover and wish to know more about it, you should not miss out on her blog as she has one of the best jewelry websites.

She covers everything right from diamonds, pearls and other gemstones to interviews and a lot more. She also shares jewellery collections and high jewellery on her website. All information related to auctions, events and exhibitions and key events can also be found on her website. If you wish to know the hottest and latest jewellery trends, head to her website.


In this article, we told you about the 10 best jewellery blogs and the best jewelry websites in the world. So, go on, and get reading and exploring right away. 

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