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When planning a suit for a formal occasion there is a lot to consider including cut, style, fabric and fit. However, when it comes to men’s accessories it’s easy to think about shoes, perhaps ties and maybe not much more.

But that’s not correct. When it comes to men’s formal wear there are many accessories you should invest in. While most men will think about their shoes and shirt, and possibly their tie, it’s important to have a wide variety of accessories in the wardrobe so that your suit can be jazzed up. This is to meet the requirements for every occasion.

While it’s important to choose the right shirt and shoes to complete your overall look, after all, no formal occasion would welcome a suit teamed with a pair of trainers, there are many other things to think about as well.

To help us with this post we asked the team behind Dobell – an online source for fashionable men’s suits; and there is their guide to five accessories every man should have.

Men's Accessories



No man’s suit is complete without a tie and it’s one of the most versatile accessories available in a variety of fabrics, colours and patterns to match every style and occasion. Make sure you choose the right tie for your personal style and your overall look.

It’s best to have a selection of more sensible and less patterned choices for business wear but if you wear ties to parties or weddings you can be a little more creative. Silk is one of the most popular fabrics for ties. If you wanted to be more creative you could swap a regular tie for skinny tie, or for cravat if appropriate.


Also known as pocket squares, these are usually worn with very formal dress suits and are great for adding some personality and colour to your outfit. They come in all kinds of colours and patterns but generally are chosen to match the tie for a neat look.

If you want to be creative then pick a patterned tie and choose a handkerchief which matches one of the tones or colours within the pattern, but make sure they don’t clash as that’s not the look you want to achieve for a formal occasion.

Cuff links

Cuff links come in a never-ending variety of shapes, styles and colours, from novelty to business-related and can be worn with dress shirts to add a touch of personality to a formal outfit and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

You can wear novelty ones for a drink after work or for a less formal occasion, but opt for a more sophisticated style for a business meeting or to attend a formal wedding event. Every man should have a variety of cuff link styles and dress shirts to wear them with, in his wardrobe.

Dress watch

Another often overlooked men’s accessory is the dress watch. You want to choose a watch which matches the suit and occasion you are attending. If you are going to a business event then opt for a classic watch which is also functional.

If you are heading to a wedding or a dressier occasion then opt for a watch which has a coloured face that matches your suit, or your tie, to bring a bit of colour and class to the occasion. Having a collection of watches is something people often don’t think about but every man requires at least two for different occasions.

Tie clips

Tie clips are both functional, keeping your tie in place which is essential at a formal occasion when you don’t want your tie falling into your dinner or drink and becoming an embarrassment, and they can also add to your look.

Keep your tie clip plain and simple for a very formal occasion as you don’t want it to distract from your overall look. However, for a business occasion or a night out with friends you could go for something more novelty if you wanted.

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When it comes to formal wear there are rules and guidelines covering what style and colour of suit is acceptable according to the occasion, but when it comes to adding accessories this is your chance to really develop your own personality and show off your personal style.

From the shoes you choose up to your colour and pattern of tie, whether or not you opt for a pocket square, and the kind of cuff links you go for, there are no end of choices for your formal menswear accessories to enhance any suit.


With these five accessories in a variety of styles and colours every man’s wardrobe will be incredibly flexible and versatile, giving options appropriate for every occasion from a business event, formal drinks evening, wedding reception and night out with friends. There is no excuse for wearing a boring suit which doesn’t reflect your personality with these five elements in your wardrobe.

Written by: Tim Rogers 

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