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Owing to its incredible medicinal properties, honey has been used for healing as well as beauty purposes since ancient times. It is the go-to remedy for treating cough and cold, healing wounds, treating skin infections and a lot more. But, did you know that not all honey is the same and depending upon the plants or trees that it is obtained from, its properties can vary greatly? That is why some honey variants lie on the lower side of the price spectrum while others tend to be on the higher side. One such honey is the ‘Sidr honey’- regarded as the most expensive honey.

Wondering what is it that makes this honey so special that people are willing to pay a higher price for it? Well, let us explore everything there is to know about the most expensive honey in India in this article.

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What is Sidr: the most expensive honey?

The honey obtained from the nectar of the ‘Sidr tree’, also known as the ‘Lote tree’ or ‘Christ’s thorn’ is known as the Sidr honey. It is an ancient tree also known by the name of Jujube tree in India. The tree grows in India, Pakistan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Libya, Sudan and Yemen.

Right from the belief that jujube fruit was the first thing that Adam ate when he descended on earth to the use of this tree in building palaces and temples in the time of King Suleiman and the Pharaohs, quite a lot of legends surround the sacred Sidr tree. The majestic tree also finds a mention in the holy Quran. In the Arab culture, the Sidr honey is extremely valued and in the olden days it would be given as a gift to Kings and Princes to show appreciation and loyalty.

What makes this tree even more special is the fact that all of its parts have medicinal properties. Everything right from its leaves and fruits to its wood ash has several benefits. So, you can probably imagine how wonderful the honey derived from it must be.

The Most Expensive Honey in India

India is among the few countries where the Sidr tree grows. The Indian Sidr honey comes from the beautiful valley of Kashmir.

It is obtained from the bees that feed exclusively on the flowers of the Sidr tree in the Kashmiri mountains. This exotic mountain honey is completely raw and organic. Many farmed honey bees are often fed sugar so that the honey they obtain becomes sweeter. However, that is not the case with the Indian Kashmiri Sidr honey. Even after the honey has been derived, absolutely nothing is added to it. It is completely free of adulteration and hence, the best that you can get out of any honey. The Sidr honey is also quite rare and harvested only about twice a year.

The Kashmiri Sidr honey is one of the finest that you’ll ever taste. Its distinct taste, aroma, color and texture are rich and offer an unforgettable experience. 

The honey is also valued for its high nutritional profile. As a result, it offers a lot more benefits than any of its other counterparts. Let us explore some of those benefits here.

Benefits of Sidr Honey

1. Boosts Immunity

The Sidr honey is full of powerful antioxidants and that is why it works great in strengthening the immune system. Antioxidants are known to fight off as well as prevent the damage that is caused by the free radicals to our cells. This damage can lead to diseases like cancer and arthritis. 

The honey’s high antioxidant content is extremely beneficial when it comes to improving the body’s response to fighting diseases. Owing to its inherent antiseptic properties, the honey provides ideal defense against invasive organisms.

3. Improves Digestion

One of the best benefits offered by the most expensive honey is that it improves digestion. Having it regularly improves the process of digestion overall along with preventing issues like acidity, IBS or other stomach-related conditions.

Sidr honey is also known to treat ulcers naturally.

3. Fights Sinusitis

Sinusitis is a condition where the cavities around the nose become inflamed and may lead to a runny nose, nasal congestion and headaches.

The Kashmiri Sidr honey has some incredible antibacterial properties. Due to its antibacterial action, the honey works excellent at fighting sinusitis. Rising the nose with diluted honey can provide instant relief from the condition and help you breathe better. In fact, it is known to cure sinusitis better than any antibiotics.

4. Treating Dry Cough and Cold

Nothing works quite as well as honey does for treating coughs and colds. Mixing a little honey with either cinnamon or ginger is the best remedy for the same.

Sidr honey, due to its amazing antibacterial and antiviral properties, works excellently well in providing relief from coughs, cold and other respiratory issues.

5. Weight Loss

Sidr honey is also amazing for those who want to lose some weight. A glass of warm water with lemon and Sidr honey in the morning is an excellent remedy for weight loss.

6. Probiotics

This variant of honey is naturally rich in probiotics that enhance the good bacteria in your body. Many health issues that we often face are due to a weak gut. However, the gut can be improved by taking the Sidr honey. This benefit isn’t offered by the other variants of honey.

These were just some of the many benefits of the most expensive honey in India. Its other benefits include treating acne, skin infections, healing wounds, working as an aphrodisiac, improving reproductive health and a lot more.

Why is Pure Honey so Expensive?

If you’re wondering why honey is so expensive then it is because of many reasons. First of all, the medicinal properties of raw and pure honey are unmatched. The benefits offered by it are incredible and you cannot get these benefits from any other type of honey. The other types of honey which are usually found in stores are also mostly laden with a lot of sugar and other chemical additives.

However, pure Sidr honey is devoid of any of that. It is the most authentic form of honey that you can get.

Over to You

Here, we talked about the most expensive honey; the Sidr honey. To enjoy the most amazing ‘honey’ experience that you’ll ever have, get your hands on authentic Sidr honey.

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