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Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or some other occasion, perfumes make for the best gifts. Or if you are looking for a little something for yourself, perfumes are again, a great choice. If you are looking for the top perfumes for girls, keep reading on.

With such an array of fragrances available, choosing the perfect one can put you in a spot of dilemma. Lucky for you, we have compiled this list to make your choice easier.

Top 16 Perfumes for Girls

1. Rose

You will rarely find a woman who doesn’t like the fragrance of roses. One of the best perfumes for women, you absolutely cannot go wrong with this classic.

The soft and sweet aroma from roses is sure to make anyone feel refreshed. Kashmirica’s Rose scent, with light traces of oudh oil and Indian spices make it even more special and take the traditional rose fragrance to a whole new level.

Moreover, this scent is also perfect to be worn on a daily basis and works for every occasion.

2. Almas 

If you are a girl who loves chocolates or know one who does, a scent cannot get any better than this for you.

With a chocolatey aroma, Almas is one of the best women’s perfumes. A concentrated perfume, it is completely alcohol free and also extremely long lasting.

The addition of Indian spices to it makes it even more unique. Moreover, the scent also has healing properties and just a whiff of it will make anyone feel refreshed and relaxed all day long.

Experience the best of scents with this unique perfume Almas.

3. Shabaya

One of the best perfumes for girls is ‘Shabaya’. When buying branded perfume for women, you cannot go wrong with floral scents.

Shabaya is a refreshing and delightful floral fragrance that any woman is sure to love. A refreshing scent that is sure to calm the user and feel fresh instantly.

Being long lasting, just a few dabs of it will last all day long. This scent won’t just impress you but also all those around you.

A premium quality daily wear scent, this will make a great addition to your collection or a great gift for someone.

4. Aseel

This is a great women’s perfume. It is a floral fragrance made with fine extracts. Being completely natural, the fragrance is a delightful one to use.

Its delicate floral notes will make you feel relaxed instantly and soothe you. Also made naturally using the finest of floral extracts, its mesmerizing smell will transport you to a whole new world.

A rejuvenating fragrance, it works equally well to be worn on a daily basis or for special occasions. 

5. Swiss Arabian Surprise

One of the best perfumes for women, Swiss Arabian Surprise is just as magical as its name sounds.

It is created using precious blooms and has an alluring floral fragrance. A blended fragrance, it is made using Swiss and Arabian techniques. It is perfect for daily wear as well as for special occasions. 

Indulge in a little luxury yourself or get your beloved this lovely fragrance. The Swiss Arabian Surprise is sure a treat to own. Try this once and we are sure you’ll be buying more bottles of it!

6. Pumposh

Yet another one! One of the best perfumes for girls or women is the Pumposh. Made with flora extracts, it has a very pleasant smell. The addition of Kashmiri touch makes this scent even more special.

It is completely chemical free, natural and has a long lasting effect. If you like floral scents that aren’t too overwhelming and feel like a treat to the nose, don’t think twice before getting this one.

Whether you are getting this for yourself or for somebody else, we are sure that you’d love this one.

7. White Oudh

This is one of the finest scents that you will ever own. If you are gifting this to someone, they’d be delighted to receive this.

A modern version of the oud, the White Oudh has a subtle woody essence. It has the magic of oud but it isn’t too overwhelming at the same time.

The White Oudh is a blend of musk with aquatic notes, making the scent as refreshing as it can get.

You will feel instantly refreshed and relaxed after applying this one and you will feel its magic all day long.

7. Escada

One of the most amazing perfumes for girls is Escada. For the woman who loves scents beyond the floral ones, this is the perfect treat.

Escada is the perfect blend of exotic musky notes with citric and fruity smell. This exquisite scent is highly loved by women.

A long lasting smell, whiffs from the Escada perfume will help you stay refreshed all day long. Its fresh scent will calm your senses and soothe you down.

Definitely worth a try, Escada will make a great addition to your collection.

8. Rasasi

An expert’s pick, you cannot go wrong with Rasasi for women’s perfume. It has a deep and long lasting fragrance.

Rasasi is a harmonious blend of woody, citric as well as floral substances. The fragrance is inspired by the Arab perfumery. It is a strong, powerful and sensuous fragrance.

The perfect blend of Indian and Arabian perfuming traditions, Rasasi is the ultimate fragrance. This is the perfect scent for summers that will refresh you like nothing else.

Prepare yourself for an ultimate sensual experience with Rasasi.

10. Dahn al Oudh

For the woman who likes what’s beyond the ordinary, Dahn al Oudh is the perfect scent. It is one of the finest and best perfumes for women. 

It is very carefully derived from agarwood and producers are applied to it to give it depth. The Dahn is matured to improve its volume and viscosity. A powerful scent, the Dahn al Oudh is one of the best scents that you will ever own.

It is a premium quality, 100% organic and natural oriental fragrance.

11. Amber Wood

Another best perfume for girls is the Amber Wood. It is an oriental scent that has a woody herbal fragrance.

Infused with the rich aroma of amber wood, this one is a masterpiece to own. Its powerful and sensuous smell is truly captivating. 

With the main ingredient being amber, a lot of other ingredients go atop it, making it the perfect scent. This exquisite scent is something you should surely try out!

12. Oudh Mukhallat

Whether you have tried oud before or you haven’t, you must surely try out the Oudh Mukhallat. This one is an extraordinary oriental scent.

High quality and alcohol-free, it is one of the best fragrances that you will ever try. One of the finest and most exquisite scents ever, it has a woody floral fragrance.

Oudh Mukhallat is the perfect concoction of the woody oudh with subtle floral and herbal aromas. 

The Oudh Mukhallat scent will make a perfect addition to any women’s perfume collection.

13. Arabian Nights

The Arabian Nights perfume is yet another fragrance that is sure to enchant you with its magic. It is one of the best perfumes for girls.

It is an oriental fragrance that is made using the old Arab perfuming tradition. It is completely natural, chemical free and long lasting. 

The perfume has spices added to it. The Arabian Nights fragrance has seductive notes and is sure to give you a sensual experience. 

This one is a must try and you are sure to love it.

14. Coco Musk

Another top women’s perfume is Coco Musk. It is an animalic fragrance that is a blend of musk with Indian spices.

This exotic perfume is one of the best you will ever own. A completely natural, alcohol-free long lasting scent, this unique scent is truly worthy of being a part of your collection.

The Indian spices give an interesting twist to the musky notes of the scent, making it one of a kind. Whoever you get this scent for is sure to love it!

15. Black Musk

For the woman who loves dark and sensuous scents, Black Musk is the perfect choice. For the ultimate experience of desire and animal magnetism, this is the scent.

Black Musk is an exotic fragrance that is a blend of musky and woody smells. This is the perfect choice for the bold woman who dares to be different. 

Moreover, this is the purest scent that is completely alcohol free and chemical free and has a long lasting effect. 

If you love to experiment with your fragrances, don’t think twice before getting this one.

16. Cambodian Oudh

The last one on the list for the best perfumes for women is the Cambodian Oudh. This scent is basically pure Cambodian Oudh blended with floral and woody fragrances.

The floral and woody fragrances perfectly complement the oud, making the scent exquisite. 

Being completely natural and organic and long lasting, this is one unique scent that you must not miss out on. The Cambodian Oudh is also soft on the skin and makes for a perfect gift for yourself or someone else.

Over to You

Here, we shared the top 16 perfumes for girls. These 16 unique scents are for sure a treat to try. Try them out and you will be coming back for more.

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