Biryani is love. That’s what everyone who tastes a Biryani has to say. But do you know something interesting? This Mughlai delicacy is not uniform and there are numerous types of biryanis that taste completely different.

If you’re traveling to India, or are looking to order a biryani from an Indo/Pak restaurant near you, then you are at the right place. And yes, if you are an avid biryani muncher, you might not probably have given thought to the various types you biryanis you have been eating.

Probably that’s why you find the tastes very different.

In this post, we will be delving deep into the different types of biryani, their ingredients and the peculiarities of each type of biryani. So, the next time you order a biryani, you would know exactly what you want. 

What is Biryani?

Biryani is a dish made up of rice, dried fruits, spices, beef, lamb or chicken and some other tasting ingredients.

A perfect blend of spices and ingredients to use might be somewhat a form of rocket science but biryani chefs have got it covered somehow.

Biryani is an extremely popular dish in South Asia and is a must taste delicacy for a visitor to this region.

In this post,I am going unveil the 11 most popular types of biryanis that will satisfy the foodie in you.

11 Must Eat Types of Biryani

1. The Grand Mughlai Biyani – The Most Widely Consumed Type of Biryani

It was the type of biryani which was traditionally cooked in the kitchens of the Nawabs. Or say the rulers of various territories in the Mughal era.

Mughlai biryani was more popular from 1426 to 1857 CE and due to a mass scale spread of poverty after the Revolt of 1857, which poets like Mirza Ghalib have spoken about, this type of biryani became a less common form.

That was primarily due to the decrease in the buying power of people and the high cost of ingredients used in the preparation of Mughlai biryani.

Mughlai biryani uses a ton of dry fruits especially cashew nuts and almonds. A very important ingredient of this type of biryani is the famous spice, saffron. You can’t just prepare Mughlai biryani without saffron. M

ughlai biryani was traditionally made from chicken, but some alterations of this delicacy have also used mutton as the primary ingredient.

High-quality yoghurt and premium quality of basmati rice is the core preparatory ingredient.

Where can you find this type of biryani?

Typically, its found everywhere in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Any restaurant that serves Mughlai food, has a Mughlai biryani on its menu.

Mughlai Biryani

Mughlai Biryani

2. Hyderabadi Biryani – Biryani From the Land of the Nawabs

Originating in the kitchen of nizam, Hyderabadi biryani can be made of muttton or chicken. Spices, lemon, saffron and fried onions are used as an additional garnish.

Places where you can find
it:- Hyderabad.

Image courtesy:-Wikipedia.

  •  TAHIRI:- Another type of biryani which was cooked for the Hindu book-keepers of the Muslim Nawab rulers of South
    Asia,it  gained popularity during second
    world war due to increase in meat prices and ingredients include
    potatoes,carrots,spices and various vegetables.

Places where you can find

Image courtesy:-Wikipedia.

  • MALABAR BIRYANI:-From the streets of Kerela we get Malabar Biryani.A unique dish since it
    can be both sweet or salty depending upon your taste and consists of
    chicken,vegetables,mild spices and can be garished with nuts and raisins.

Places where you can find it:-Kerela.

Image courtesy:-Wikipedia.

  • LUCKNOWI BIRYANI:-Originating from Lucknow,this biryani has a unique cooking style known as
    “DUM PUKHT”.The meat or chicken is cooked separately from rice.Other
    ingredients include saffron,yellow chilly powder and rose water.It is also
    known as “AWADHI BIRYANI”.

Places where you can find

  • MEMONI BIRYANI:-If you love spicy food,then this biryani is for you.It is extremely spicy
    and comes from Gujarat.Ingredients include meat,yogurt,potatoes and various

Places where you can find

  • BHATKALI BIRYANI:-From the coastal regions of Karnataka,we get the delicious Bhatkali
    Biryani.Spicy  and juicy chicken with
    fried onions makes this biryani a must try.

Places where you can find

  • DINDIGUL BIRYANI:-From the Dindigul Thalapakatti region of Tamil Nadu,we receive the mouth
    watering and tangy Dindigul Biryani.What makes this Biryani a must try is its
    tangy taste,which it gets due to the mix of lemons and curd.

Places where you can find
it:-Tamil Nadu.

  • BOMBAY BIRAYNI:-What  makes Bombay Biryani so
    special is the addition of Kewra Water(Screw Pine) which changes the taste of
    the dish as a whole.Composed of chicken,dried plums and spiced potatoes make
    this dish tangy and sweet.

Places where you can find

    dish contains beef(buffalo meat) and not goat meat or chicken.It costs a lot less than Hyderabadi
    Biryani because it doesn’t have all the ingredients of Hyderabadi Biryani but
    this doesn’t affect its aroma or taste.

Places where you can find

  •  KOZHI
    with  coriander leaves and fried cashew
    nuts,this dish contains chicken,spices,and lemon.This dish is also known as
    “CLAYPOT CHICKEN BIRYANI” because it is served in a claypot.

Places where you can find
it:-Kerela,Tamil Nadu.

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