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Malcolm Forbes once quoted, “Good food is a fuel for the soul” and the remarkable and ever-loved Biryani is the perfect example of that.

Biryani is not just a dish, it’s an emotion. The dish said to have originated from Persia has a global fanbase due to its exquisite blend of flavours and delicious taste. Emerged as a variety of Persian pilaf, the dish has evolved and been modified over time, to the extent that there are endless types of Biryani which represent authenticity and diversity around the world. 

Even in India, almost every state has its version of biryani, followed by a unique cooking style and ingredients. The word itself is a combination of two different words from the Persian language, “birian” which translates to “fried before cooking” and “brinij” which is the Persian word for “rice.”

Biryani Platter

If we look further back in time then we can easily peek into the vast and long journey of this wonderful dish, from being a staple food for communities of the Mediterranean to be the royal supper of the Mughals.

Biryani has maintained its status as a dearly cherished meal and we have specially assorted these “11 different types of Biryani that you can’t miss”. We recommend you try them at least once in your life. 


Owing to the diverse culture of India, you can find several types of Biryanis here, with different fusions, tastes, and a perfect balance of meat, spices, and rice. Some are even loaded with vegetables like potatoes and carrots. Let’s dive into these biryani varieties, curated just for you with careful research.


Lucknow- the artistic hub and city of nawabs, knows how to serve authenticity and royalty in their dishes, and Lucknowi Biryani, also known as Awadhi Biryani sets the standard just about right. Cooked in a signature style called “Dum Pukht”, this biryani is packed with delicate flavours and the aroma of the best spices. The versatility of this biryani is a dream come true for every non-vegetarian as it goes perfectly with mutton and chicken. 

The meat is marinated in yoghurt and spices and then slow-cooked separately to bring out the best of the flavour of each ingredient, also a special kind of concentrated stock known as “kewra” is added to the rice to make it fragrant and appetising.

 According to the locals, Haji Wahid Quraysh’s “Wahid Ki Biryani” in Aminabad is believed to serve the best biryani in the city, so next time you are in Lucknow, you know where to go for a good biryani. 


The tea state of India, Assam, has its unique edition to the biryani which not only includes meat but also, is loaded with vegetables like potato, carrot, peas, bell peppers, onion, nutmeg and cardamom. Simple yet flavourful, this biryani is very underrated which makes it hard to find in other parts of India. 

It originated from a small Muslim town known as Kampur, hence the name, Kampuri Biryani. The dish is dominated by hues of yellow which gives it a very delectable look, so if you love biryani then this is a must-try for you. 


Kashmiri cuisine is known for its sophistication and elegance which sets it apart from any other cuisine of the world and so does its biryani. Kashmiri biryani is a finesse due to its richness and smooth texture.

 The dish is highly generic and inclusive for it can be cooked with any type of meat, as well as just vegetables. The meat is marinated in yoghurt and flavourful Kashmiri spices for long hours to enhance the taste and pure saffron is added to the rice to give it a genuine golden look.

This heavenly dish imprints on the taste buds and feels divine on the tongue, owing to the tender meat used in it. Buy our Kashmiri spices to add that earthy taste to your biryani. 

For all the biryani fanatics out there, this one is a treat to not just the tongue but also the eyes and soul – thanks in part to saffron. You cannot resist the urge to try it. 


The main character of biryanis, originating straight from the kitchen of Nizams, is famous for its robust flavours and spiciness- Hyderabadi Biryani. It is the balanced combination of Mughlai and Hyderabadi cuisines as one wonderful savoury dish. Cooked with the “Dum” technique, this biryani is a remarkable fusion of whole spices and mutton meat. 

Hyderabadi biryani has great hype among people, making it the most loved variety of biryani. This exotic dish is the highlight of south Indian cuisine. If you love food that can make your heart jump, then this one’s for you. 


Also known as Malabari biryani, it is the indigenous recipe of the Malabar region of Kerala. This biryani is unique due to the use of exotic, premium quality, short-grained rice called “jeerakasala” which has an entirely different cooking process than that of basmati rice. Another distinctive element is the use of fish and prawns instead of meat, but it can be customised to suit one’s preference. 

The Thalassery biryani is garnished with dry fruits, caramelised onions, raisins, and whole spices which are roasted in ghee to give it a more rich and more flavourful taste.  


Sindhi biryani said to have originated in the Sindh province of Pakistan, is now an integral part of north Indian cuisine. 

The ingredients used in the recipe, such as plums, potato, chilly, nutmeg, mace, yoghurt, and tomato, give this dish a burst of many unique flavours. It is the perfect blend of sweet, spice, and sour in every bite.


The biryani is low on spices and mild on heat but full of flavours that struck the heart most gently. Kolkata biryani uses potatoes to humble down the enhanced aroma of meat. 

The dish is said to have its roots in colonial India and is a reminder of the richness and culture of our land. This regal biryani is something you’ll never regret trying.


The sweetness from the dried plums, the fragrance of the kewra, and the use of fried onions and chunks of potatoes in the cooking process are precisely what makes the Bombay biryani stand out. 

Maharashtra cuisine is rich in taste and Bombay biryani is just evidence of that. The special spice mix used in the recipe gives it a flavoursome texture and mind-blowing heat. If you can handle your spice well then this is for you. 


Infused with coconuts and green chillies, emerged in the kitchens of coastal Karnataka, Beary biryani is an ethnic dish closely related to the Byari Muslim community who mainly were traders and merchants on the coasts. 

Beary biryani has an authentic taste to itself due to the use of spices like fennel, clove, javitri and star anise. 

This biryani is a delight to the heart and is packed with several flavours, you can never have enough of this one. 


Mughlai biryani is the traditional dish of the capital of India, Delhi, made with aged basmati rice, chunks of fried meat, and aromatic spices such as clove, cardamon, nutmeg, saffron, and cumin. The biryani is cooked in “Dum” with many layers of rice and meat which enhances the taste of the entire dish and makes it a fit to be presented to a king. 

The dish also uses dry fruits and fried onion as a garnish which adds to its overall beauty. We, at Kashmirica, have a wide variety of dry fruits that are 100% genuine and authentic. One cannot help but crush over this delicious treat. A definite must-try. 


Ambur biryani is a cherished delicacy of Tamil Nadu and the story of its origin is as unique and fascinating as its taste.

The biryani is a heartwarming one-pot meal which is patiently cooked on low heat to absolute perfection. The aromatic rice called “jeera samba” and mint leaves is the star of this dish. 

The origin of this biryani is traced back to the Mughals through the nawabs of Arcot who used the Carnatic region of south India near Ambur, as their base and their battalion of chefs created this hearty meal to suit their royal taste.

Kashmiri Mutton Dum Biryani is among the types of biryani that is served in an iron pot with raisin garnishing and scooped from one side.


Our love for biryani is the one thing most of us might have in common. If there must be common ground among people then that most definitely is this wonderful dish. Biryani is a largely diversified dish in India which represents the ethnicity, culture, as well as regional features of different states.

There are over 50 types of biryani in the country with each state having their suitable version of the same. We, at Kashmirica, offer a wide variety of spices and dry fruits right from the heavenly lands of Kashmir at your doorstep, so that you can experience the best of cooking with premium quality ingredients.

Check out the Kashmiri food section on our website and treat yourself to some authentic Kashmiri cuisine.  

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