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With all the implicit information from here and there, the whole concept of men wearing rings can be a little confusing and sound unapproachable. The people who look to buy rings for men online know the trouble well. But there are certain traditional rules that can be considered in the whole process of selecting men’s rings. 

In this post I am going to tell you everything you need to know about men’s rings – its etiquette and make sure that it is a complete guide to buying rings for men.

Where do Men Wear their Rings – Right or Left Hand? 

It’s a general trend that men from all over the world wear their engagement rings on fingers of their left-hand. The right hand is associated with activity and the left hand with mental activity. The left hand represents the inherent personality and beliefs of a person. This is a general belief, however, it may vary from culture to culture.

You need to make sure that you choose a ring that makes a great first impression. Choose something in silver that could go with any occasion, attire, festival, or vacation. 

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Which Finger is Ideal to Wear a Ring for Men?

Different people from different cultures wear their rings differently. But here is the best way to do it.

1. Wearing the ring on your pinky finger isn’t associated with any religious or traditional connotation. Many people wear their rings on this finger as it makes for a great fashion statement.

2. The ring finger is associated with wedding norms. So, only wear it on this finger if you are married otherwise you may confuse people.

3. Wearing the ring on your middle finger is quite unusual but it gives off a really bold impression.

4. Wearing a ring on your index finger is associated with bachelorhood. It may also signify your association with any organization. 

5. The thumb is associated with a man’s wealth. So, you can rock with a bold, bulky, and broad ring worn on your thumb. 

If you’re confused about which finger to wear the ring on, just go with what you think looks best.

Men Wearing Rings
Men Wearing Rings

How Many Rings Should a Man Wear? 

One or two rings in a hand are more than enough. If you wear multiple rings, it will give a clustered look. But in popular culture, you can simply go with the trend and wear as many rings you find fashionable without caring for the rules! It’s all about your own preferences.

Man wearing multiple rings
Man wearing multiple rings

Types of Men’s Rings Based on the Occasion

Rings have always been seen as a symbol of the message that the wearer wants to convey. Because of this particular reason, rings can be put into functional brackets. With all the variety of rings available, choosing the best and perfect one makes all the difference.

  • Cultural and religious connotations: It’s not very popular that religions ask men to wear rings compulsorily. But in some cases, it’s important to wear one. In that case, you want something that is a blend of tradition and trend. Look for something that will leave your impression as a fashionably religious man! 

  • Zodiac signs: Displaying your zodiac sign on your ring is a trend that was always there. People pay their obeisance to your ruling planets by wearing a ring that portrays their zodiac. However, this can cause superstition and damage your mental peace, we never recommend you to be superstitious, but always have a firm belief in yourself and your creator.

  • Family rings: Rings to signify a man’s association with family are common but scarcely is there a blend of culture and fashion. You can wear a simple, yet classy silver ring set with a single CZ stone. It will speak volumes about your association with family and yet make you stand out. 

So Wear Your Men’s Rings in Style

So whether you’re a fashionable, young, dynamic, globe-trotting, charismatic, wealthy, powerful, brilliant, religious, spiritual, committed, bachelor, to-be-engaged, engaged, or married man there’s a perfect ring for you that you can easily find with the help of this guide. You could use your own creativity and wear a ring that is personal to you.

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