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There are many great benefits of buying handmade products. They aren’t just of great quality and last longer but also have many more surprising benefits. Moreover, it isn’t just beneficial to you as a buyer but also to the manufacturer or the business owner – who in most cases is a poor artisan. 

Along with helping out and supporting a local artist or craftsman, there are many more far-reaching benefits that making, shopping for, and using handmade products has. 

Keep reading on as we explore those benefits in this article.

Why Should You Buy Handmade Products?

The reasons that would ask you to buy handmade products from small businesses are plentiful. For me, such things help a family have dinner in the evening. And more business to giants such as Amazon means that owners are buying more properties and yachts. Apart from that, there are multiple other reasons which would endorse buying handmade products.

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1. Handcrafted products are good for the environment

Since most handmade products do not require a large factory or production units, they are actually very good for the environment. Such products are mostly sustainably made in small studios or workshops or even in people’s own homes. As a result, they also require lesser energy and natural resources to be produced.

On the other hand, items that are mass-produced don’t just require a lot of energy, they are also often manufactured overseas. And as a result of this, they demand greater amounts of oil usage and more carbon emissions for them to be shipped.

2. When you shop handmade, you support the local economy

When you buy a product that is handcrafted or handmade, you directly support the artist who has made it. While it may not appear as directly local to you, the money stays within the country.

Moreover, the amount to pay goes directly to the artist or the craftsman himself and not to any large organization- and that’s a huge thing! 

So, you don’t just support the local economy but also the artist in this process of buying handmade. 

3. Each handcrafted product is unique

Unlike mass-produced items, each and every handcrafted product is unique. No two products are exactly alike and that is what makes these products so special.

Many times, these handmade or handcrafted products are also made to order and that is what makes them truly one of a kind. 

And isn’t it wonderful to have something that is unlike anything else and made just for you?

Look at Paper Mache Crafts, you can never get two similar or same products.

4. Handcrafted products withstand time

This is another one of the many reasons for why you need to choose handmade products. While most of the mass-produced items promote the culture of ‘throw away’ after the products get a little damaged or after using them for some time, that is not the case with handmade products. 

These products are extremely long-lasting and often made using materials that will face time and withstand a lot longer. 

And just imagine how beautiful it is to have something that doesn’t go into the pile of rubbish after only a few times that you have used it. So, items that are handmade can be treasured for a long, long time.

These products help you to leave a legacy behind. Look at the Mughal architecture stored in memory by the Mughal monuments in South Asia.

5. Handmade keeps the craft and tradition alive

By going for handmade products, you don’t just support the artisan but also help keep the traditional arts alive. This technologically driven era that has made everything so easy and within the reach of our fingertips is also taking a toll on our cultural identity. 

And somewhere in this, our age-old skills of arts and crafts are getting lost and ultimately, leading to the slow extinction of these handicrafts.

So, by supporting and encouraging these arts, you also help pass on the skills to the next generation and keep the tradition alive and growing.

Remember the Kalamkari art that you see on every handloom day?

6. Handcarafts are made by real people

Another reason that makes handcrafted items so incredibly special is the fact that they have been made by real people and not machines. So, you know that an actual person somewhere has put in a lot of effort and love in getting you that precious handcrafted item.

When the product is handmade, there is a lot of love, care, and attention that has been put into it. And that is what gives the product that amazing personal touch.

And how wonderful is it to have something that has been made so thoughtfully? Like a true treasure indeed!

Btw, do you know that ethnic designs are for interiors too?

7. Buying handmade shows that you care

Let’s say you are looking for a gift for a friend and you buy her a necklace or a clothing item that has been made commercially. The chances are that there are several people who will have it. While the gift may be beautiful, it may not necessarily be unique.

However, if you get them something handmade, it shows that you care because you are willing to go that extra mile to get something unique and special for them.

In jewelry designs, you can check out contemporary jewelry designs, Brazilian jewelry designs, Scandinavian jewelry, and even gypsy jewelry.

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8. You get to buy handicrafts directly from the maker

Another amazing benefit of shopping handmade is that you get to buy it directly from its maker. This actually has many more advantages than you might think.

If you have any questions about the product, you can get them directly answered without any hassle. The person will know the product inside out and that will just enhance your overall experience of buying. 

9. Each artistic product has a story behind it

Every handmade product that you buy will have a beautiful story behind it. Right from the history behind its craft to why only specific colors or materials were used to make it, everything has a story.

10. Handmade items are quirky and on trend

Buying handmade is also getting trendier as more and more people are realizing its benefits and embracing handicrafts even more than before. Moreover, the items are also quirky as they have been made by skilled artisans.

Heard about Kashmiri Embroidery? Exactly, that’s what we mean.

Are You Going to Buy Handmade Products now?

So next time you decide to buy someone a gift or a little special something for yourself, do consider handmade. You won’t just find a very unique product but also something that is of great quality and totally worth every penny that you spend. Moreover, you also do this amazing deed of supporting the life and the craft of a handmade business owner.

So while we are at it, do check out Kashmirica- your one-stop shop for unique handcrafted items- right from home decor to apparel!

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