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Dry Fruits

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FAQs on Buying Kashmiri Dry Fruits Online

  • What are the different types of dry fruits?

Lets first understand what dry fruits actually are. Dry Fruits are dried fruits in essence, fruits from which water content has been essentially removed. This not only gives them a long shelf life but also condenses their nutrients, making these small edible things nutrient-dense.

There are countless types of dry fruits, some major ones, or say the more famous ones include almonds, badam, walnuts, akhrot, cashews, pistachios, raisins, black raisins, dried apricots, dried figs, cranberries etc.

  • Which dry fruits are the best for health?

All of the dry fruits are good for your health and are needed to stay in optimum condition. Different kinds of dry fruits have different health benefits. If you have certain health conditions then you may be asked to exclude a particular dry fruit from your diet. Otherwise, each and every kind of dry fruit is loaded with nutrients and has its own place in a diet.

  • What are the health benefits of dry fruits?

  • Almonds: Almonds are rich in proteins, vitamin E, manganese and magnesium. This makes it great for controlling your blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Almonds are also great for healthy hair growth, better memory and weight management.
  • Walnuts: Walnuts are a very rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants as well as other nutrients. It is great for your heart health and brain health.
  • Apricots: Dried apricots are very nutritious. These are very good for your eyes, skin and your bones. Being rich in non-heme iron, dried apricots are also great for blood and in treating anaemia.
  • Dried Figs (Anjeer): Dried figs too have a lot of health benefits. These are known to be really good for your skin and hair. They also help in managing diabetes, weight loss and lowering blood pressure.
  • Pistachios: Pistachios are high in antioxidants, proteins and other nutrients like vitamin B6 and good fats. They promote healthy gut bacteria, aid in weight loss and may help reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.

To reap all of these benefits, make dry fruits online purchase now.

  • Where can I buy good quality dry fruits online?

If you are looking for high quality dry fruits online then Kashmirica is your place to buy them. There are a lot of websites that sell dry fruits online but you can’t always be assured of their quality. At Kashmirica, we sell 100% Pure Organic Kashmiri dry fruits.

  • What is special about Kashmiri dry fruits?

Along with being a producer of saffron and other spices, Kashmir is also known for its dry fruits. Kashmir dry fruits are popular all over the world. Kashmir is one of the largest producers of dry fruit in India. The weather and soil of Kashmir make it especially great for almonds to grow here.

Kashmiri almonds are known for their superior taste and are among the healthiest almonds found in the world. Similarly, Kashmiri apricots, walnuts, and dried figs are also quite popular around the world. Now, you can buy these super nutritional and tasty Kashmir dry fruits online at Kashmirica without having to worry about the authenticity.

  • Why should I make dry fruits online purchase from Kashmirica?

Kashmiri dry fruits are among the best in the world. And Kashmirica has pledged to make unique Kashmiri products easily available across the globe. When you make dry fruits online purchase from Kashmirica, you get the most amazing dry fruits from the farms in Kashmir delivered right at your doorstep. Kashmirica’s dry fruits aren’t just healthy but super tasty at the same time.

We also naturally produce all of our dry fruits which ensures that they are of the highest quality. Kashmiri dry fruits are a pleasure to the tastebuds and you’ll be left wanting for more.

  • Is it safe to buy dry fruits online?

Yes, it is completely safe. At Kashmirica, we take utmost care in ensuring that your dry fruits get delivered to you in the best condition. We pack them very neatly so their freshness is retained. We also ensure the best packing so that your products aren’t hampered or damaged during the delivery process.

  • Is it better to buy dry fruits online or from a store?

When you are looking for dry fruit from a particular place, like Kashmir dry fruits, then it is very difficult to find them in stores. Sometimes, a store owner may claim that those dry fruits belong to a particular region but you can’t be sure. In all such cases, it’s best to buy dry fruits online. You can where your dry fruits are coming from and you are also assured about their quality.

  • Which is a better way of having dry fruits; by soaking them or unsoaked?

It is advised to soak your dry fruits such as almonds and walnuts overnight to reap maximum health benefits.

  • How to consume dry fruits?

You can have a handful of them directly just as they are. Or you can also add them to various recipes like ladoos or adding them to milk etc. You can also add some to smoothies and other sweet dishes.

  • What is the shelf life of Kashmiri dry fruits?

After you buy dry fruits online, they have a shelf life of about 6 months to a year.

  • Which is the most appropriate time to eat dry fruits?

You can have Kashmir dry fruits at any time. You can have them with your breakfast or even at your snack time. To enjoy tasty nuts throughout the day, make dry fruits online purchase from Kashmirica.

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