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Traditional Kashmiri Jewellery is a very well-known form of hand art famous both for its quality as well its craftsmanship. We at Kashmirica, are pleased to offer the finest forms of handmade jewellery items for our Global audiences. We offer jewellery sets, handmade earrings, handmade bangles and bracelets, silver pendants, silver antique rings, and more. We generally offer the stuff in pure silver but recommend you to read the product descriptions in detail.

FAQs about Buying Traditional Antique Kashmiri Jewellery Online from Kashmirica

  • What is traditional jewellery?

Traditional jewellery refers to the jewellery made using typical designs that hold significance in a particular ethnic group. It has a very special place in the hearts of Indians and no Indian occasion is ever complete without a piece of ethnic jewellery to go with the outfit. No matter how modern jewellery designs may get, traditional jewellery will always have its own charm.

  • What is Kashmiri jewellery?

Kashmiri jewellery is usually made out of silver or gold. The jewellery belonging to this region of India is quite unique. The traditional Kashmiri women typically adorn themselves in a beautiful tika (worn on the forehead), earrings, a necklace and some bangles.

  • I want to buy jewellery, where can I buy jewellery sets online?

There are many websites that sell jewellery sets online. If you are shopping for antique jewellery online or traditional jewellery online, Kashmirica is your destination to buy them. We sell exquisite ethnic jewellery with intricate designs. Our ravishing designs set us apart from all websites selling traditional jewellery online. When shopping for jewellery sets online, look no further than Kashmirica.

  • Is it reliable to buy traditional jewellery online?

Yes, it is completely reliable as long as the seller is trustworthy. A lot of sellers dupe their customers by selling cheap quality of jewellery. You must always buy antique jewellery online only from reputable sellers. Take a good look at the website, the product you want to buy, its pictures, the reviews and then make a purchase if everything looks genuine enough. Quite often, shopping for traditional jewellery online is a better option but only if you buy carefully.

  • Why should I buy jewellery set online from Kashmirica?

There are many reasons why you should buy jewellery set online from Kashmirica. First of all, we use only the best quality materials that give us the best quality of products. All of our jewellery sets online are made from authentic precious metals. Then, we use the highest quality precious stones to add a pop of color to our jewellery sets. Our jewellery is made right here in Kashmir; making it as authentic as it can get. We source all of our products from the choicest of artisans. We ensure ourselves that everything right from the raw materials to the final product is of superior quality.

Kashmirica wishes to sell to its patrons only the best of the best. Our customer-centric approach is what makes us the number one destination for buying exclusive Kashmiri goods. Along with making unique Kashmiri products easily available to the world, we are also helping out the amazingly skilled local artisans. We make shopping for Kashmiri goods hassle-free with Kashmirica. You can now buy supreme Kashmiri jewellery online. We have quite a range to cater to all of your jewellery needs. Above all, our jewellery is super affordable and will also prove its worth in the longer run.

All in all, Kashmirica is the best place to buy jewellery set online as well as ethnic jewellery and traditional jewellery online.

  • What are semi-precious stones and jewellery?

Usually diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires are considered to be ‘precious’ stones. So, every other gemstone that does not fall under the ‘precious’ category is referred to as a ‘semi-precious stone’. Some examples include- amethyst, jade, amazonite, moonstone and quartz. Jewellery that is made out of these semi-precious stone is usually called as semi-precious jewellery,

  • How can I style Kashmiri jewellery?

You can style it in various ways. The versatility of this particular type of ethnic jewellery makes it a great choice for every kind of outfit. You can wear it with simple outfits as well as with the heavier ones. It will add oodles of oomph and grace to any outfit that you choose to wear. If styled in the right way, after buying Kashmiri jewellery online, you can also wear it with western outfits.

  • What is the best way of keeping ethnic jewellery in the best of its shape for a long time?

After investing money in a jewellery set online, it is a priority to make it last for a very long time. To do it, first of all, you must store it properly; the best way to store it is in a box. Storing it in a box will ensure maximum safety. The appropriate way to clean jewellery is by wiping it with a clean and dry cloth. It should not come in contact with water. After you buy antique jewellery online, keep it away from all kinds of chemicals. If it comes in contact with any chemical, it can ruin your jewellery.

  • What is German silver? Is it real silver?

No, German silver is not real silver. In fact, it is an alloy that is made out of nickel, zinc and copper. Its resistance to corrosion and robustness make it a great fit for making jewellery. You can buy antique jewellery online made out of German silver.

  • Can Kashmiri jewellery be used as costume jewellery?

Yes, why not? In fact, this kind of ethnic jewellery makes for an excellent statement piece. You can style it in many unique ways and also use it as costume jewellery.

  • What are the different types of Kashmiri jewellery online?

There are so many types of the jewellery found in Kashmir. There’s jiggni and tikka, these two types of ornaments are worn on the forehead. Then there’s bala, dejihoor, kanadoor and kana-vaji which are the different types of earrings that are traditionally worn by Kashmiri women. Kashmiri necklaces typically have a triangular pendant. Halaqband is a type of ethnic choker worn by many women. To adorn the wrists, the Kashmiri women wear Gunus, which is a thick bangle. There is a huge variety when it comes to Kashmiri jewellery.

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