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FAQs on Buying Antique Silver Pendant Designs Online

  • Where can I buy good quality antique pendants online?

If unique antique pendants are what you had in mind, then you are certainly at the right place. Whether you are looking for an antique gold pendant or a silver pendant, Kashmirica is the right place to buy it.

We sell a host of different silver pendant designs to help you make the best choice for yourself. Our designs are very unique as well as precious. From classic designs to modern ones, you get all that you crave for. At the same time we have a variety of antique jewellery that is jaw-dropping and unique. So, explore away and make a choice for yourself right away.

  • What are the different antique pendant designs that are sold by Kashmirica?

We have an array of designs in our pendants. Right from the circle and triangle-shaped to other geometrically shaped pendants to gemstone pendants to the more unique ones, we have it all. Whether you are looking for dainty ones or little heavier ones, we have a lot for you.

While you may find many pendant retailers online, what sets our designs apart is the fact that they have been inspired by the Kashmiri, Moroccan, Spanish as well as Greek cultures. As a result, our pendants are hard to find elsewhere.

So, if vintage and classic pendants define your style then we have a lot in store for you.

  • What makes Kashmirica’s antique silver pendants worth buying online?

While there may be many portals that sell pendants online, the pendants sold by Kashmirica are truly special. If you wish to pamper yourself with something special or need to make a loved one feel special then the silver pendant or antique gold pendant from Kashmirica is the best choice.

What makes Kashmirica’s pendants very special is the fact that they have completely been handcrafted. They are made by skilled artisans who put in a lot of hard work to get you a beautiful piece of jewellery. And since the pendants are not bulk produced and made in small quantities on order, what you have is truly, truly unique.

So, if you purchase from Kashmirica, you don’t just get something special and unique for yourself but you also encourage the support the art of these local artisans.

Not just that but we also use only top quality materials to make our antique pendant designs.

  • What are the materials used to make these antique pendants?

We use silver as well as marcasite for the base of our pendants. These two materials are known to be highly durable and precious and are quite commonly used for jewellery making.

We also use stones or original gemstones for the purpose of embellishing our pendants. Due to this, while your jewellery is still very precious, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Our pendants are designed in such a way that they have a timeless charm and a perfect vintage look.

  • Where are Kashmirica’s antique pendant designs actually made and by whom?

As a brand focussed on selling Kashmiri handicrafts, all of our antique gold pendant and silver pendant designs are exclusively handcrafted right here in the Kashmir valley. They are completely handmade by the master artisans of Kashmir, who are extremely skilled in their art.

They use traditional methods and tools for crafting precious pieces of jewellery. Since no fancy machines are used, every process that goes into making the antique pendant designs is done only using hands.

This makes every piece of jewellery sold on Kashmirica incredibly special as a lot of hard work, dedication, precision, patience as well as love is put behind it.

  • Can these antique pendant designs be customized or can slight changes be made to them?

Yes, absolutely. Whether you wish to buy silver pendant designs or antique gold pendant online from Kashmirica, we do take customization requests.

You can choose a design that you like the most on our website or the design that you need changes made to and then contact us. You can contact us with the design request and we will check if it will be possible for us.

For any kind of customization request for antique pendant designs that you might have, you can contact us either via WhatApp or via Email.

  • What all places can Kashmirica’s antique pendants be shipped and what is the shipping time?

Also one of the best parts of buying from Kashmirica is that we ship worldwide. So no matter where in the world you are located, you can buy our antique pendants online and have them shipped wherever you wish to.

Since all of our products are handcrafted, their shipping time varies. So, while your antique pendant should reach you within a time frame of one week, you can contact our team to get its exact shipping time.

We strive to deliver the pendants products to you as soon as we can. To get more details about the same, you can read our shipping policy here.

  • Can the pendants be returned if I am not satisfied with them?

To give you a great customer experience, we do have a returns policy. If, in an unfortunate case, you do not like the product that you received, you can return it. However, you need to make sure that you contact us within 24 hours of receiving the product if you wish to return it.

Also note that we won’t take any return requests for the products, or here, antique pendants that have been customized. To know more about Kashmirica’s return policy, you can click here.

  • Why should I buy antique silver pendants online from Kashmirica?

There are many reasons why you should shop for silver pendant designs, antique gold pendant as well as other pendants from Kashmirica.

First of all, the quality of all of our pendants is topnotch. The jewellery sold on Kashmirica is designed in such a way that it surpasses all the short-lived trends. Moreover, our designs are also very unique- giving you that special, one of a kind feel.

We also aim to provide you with an excellent customer experience and offer antique pendants online at great prices.

At Kashmirica, we specialise in crafting handmade  silver rings, silver earrings, silver bracelets & bangles along with traditional Kashmiri Jewellery Sets.

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