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FAQs about Buying Finger Rings Online

Where can I buy good quality rings online?

If you are looking for high quality uniquely designed finger rings then you are at the right place. If classic, vintage-looking rich rings is what has been on your mind then Kashmirica is the right place to buy it.

At Kashmirica, we sell a host of different handcrafted products which aren’t just of a top notch quality but also so beautifully made that you can’t help but fall in love. Our catalogue also consists of an array of jewellery rings to help you make the best choice for yourself. So, explore away!

What makes Kashmirica the best place to buy finger rings online?

There are many reasons why you need to do ring online shopping from Kashmirica.

Well, first of all, our designs are very unique and unlike others that you normally find online. Our designs are one of the reasons that make us stand apart from all the other ring retailers online. What’s more, all of our rings have been very carefully handcrafted with attention to every tiny detail. This gives our rings that special touch as our rings have been completely hand made by expert artisans using traditional techniques. Since we do not bulk produce our rings, you know that what you have is truly unique and special.

What’s more, is that the rings that are sold on Kashmirica are of a very superior quality. Only the best materials are used to make them and the rings are checked for quality before getting sold. This means that, when you purchase a ring from Kashmirica, you will have something beautiful to treasure for a long, long time.

What materials are used to make these jewellery rings?

For the rings that we sell, we use silver and marcasite as the base materials. These two materials are very well-known when it comes to quality jewellery and have been used for ages. They are also quite valuable and considered precious jewellery. And while the jewellery is precious, it still won’t dig a hole in your pocket.

Many of our rings are embellished with beautiful, unfiltered natural stones. We also use real and authentic gemstones for our finger rings online. The gemstones are completely original, making the ring even more worth buying. So, you can be assured that Kashmirica is the best place to buy quality jewellery rings online.

What are the different ring designs that Kashmirica sells?

We have a host of different designs to make your ring online shopping easier, more convenient and more memorable. Whether it is pure gemstone rings, floral designs, the classic circular designs, other geometric shapes or something out of the box, we have it all. We truly have you spoilt for choice when it comes to the designs of our jewellery rings.

All of the designs are majorly vintage and they are inspired from the Kashmiri, Moroccan, Spanish as well as the Greek cultures. So, on our website, you will find a beautiful mix of the four of these. We have designs that are hard to find elsewhere and that makes our rings rare and hence, more precious.

What makes Kashmirica’s finger rings online unique or worth buying?

There are many online portals that sell finger rings. But if you wish to feel truly special with your purchase or make someone you love feel special, Kashmirica is your place to buy rings online.

There’s a lot more to our rings than just their unique designs and superior quality. It is also the fact that they have been very carefully handcrafted by skilled artisans who have been practising this art for years and years altogether. It is their hard work and dedication to give you the best jewellery rings that make buying from Kashmirica a lot more special.

So, when you opt for ring online shopping from Kashmirica, you don’t just get a beautiful piece of jewellery for yourself. But, you also help out and support the local artisans who toil hard to keep the traditional arts and crafts alive.

Moreover, our finger rings online are timeless and way beyond the trends. So, when you buy a ring from Kashmirica, you have something to treasure for a long, long time.

Our finger rings are also honestly priced despite the fact that we use high quality materials used and that they are completely handmade.

What is the style of Kashmirica’s rings and do you have designs for both men and women?

We have jewellery rings that are exclusively meant for women, we have rings that are exclusively meant for men and we also have some rings that are unisex. So, we have something for everyone and anyone can buy from us.

The best part is also that our rings are suitable for all kinds of occasions and you can style them with all kinds of outfits. Whether it is a festival, a special occasion or a formal one- the rings pair well with all outfits irrespective of whether it is traditional or western. So, after you buy rings online, there are no limitations to how and when you can wear them.

Where are Kashmirica’s rings manufactured and how?

All of Kashmirica’s products, including the finger rings are handcrafted in the Kashmir valley itself. They are made by the master artisans of Kashmir who have been practising the art of ring and other jewellery making for generations and generations. Every process that goes into making the finger rings is done only using hands and no fancy machines are used. Only the traditional tools and methods are used by the artisans to make the rings.

Thus, a lot of hard work, dedication, patience and love goes behind handcrafting each and every piece of these rings. These rings are more than just mere jewellery, but indeed, they are truly pieces of art.

What are the sizes of the ring and can it be customized to different sizes?

The sizes of the rings are mentioned in the product description, please check that out before you make a purchase. The size of the ring can also be customized according to your size. For that, you can contact us either on Whatsapp or through email.

If I wish to get a ring customized in some other design or need some changes made to it, can it be done?

Yes, at Kashmirica, we make your ring online shopping experience smoother as we also customize the jewellery rings. Whichever design you like from our website and need to get it customized, you can contact us. You can get in touch via Whatsapp and then we can discuss your customization and get the ring made for you.

How does buying from Kashmirica help out local artisans?

The local Indian or the Kashmiri artisans, here, in particular, are immensely skilled at the work that they do. However, the artisans failed to keep up with the pace of the technology. As a result, either they do not get adequate returns for their hard work or their art isn’t appreciated enough.

In order to change this and to keep our rich legacy of handicraft making alive, we came up with Kashmirica- a place where you can shop for exclusive handicrafts with ease. With Kashmirica, we don’t just support and aid the handicraft industry but also the amazingly skilled artisans behind it.

Every product that is listed on the website has been made by the local artisans with who we work. So, every time you make a purchase on Kashmirica, you also do your part of helping out and supporting these artisans. This gives you another reason to buy rings online from Kashmirica.

What all places does Kashmirica ship its finger rings to?

Like each one of our products, we ship our finger rings everywhere in the world. So, you can have the rings shipped not just anywhere in India but also anywhere in the world. After buying finger rings online, you can have them shipped anywhere you wish.

What is Kashmirica’s shipping time for the rings?

Since each product is exclusively handcrafted in the valley, the shipping time differs from product to product. We have partnered with the best courier facilities to give you the best ever experience. You can get in touch with our team to get an idea of the exact shipping time for the product that you have chosen.

While your rings should reach you within a matter of a few weeks, feel free to talk to us if you have any doubts. You can also read our detailed shipping policy here.

Do I need to take any special care of these rings?

No, absolutely not. You just need to make sure that your ring is always kept in its box so that it stays protected from any kind of possible harm. Although you need not take any special care of it, keeping it well will ensure that it will stay good for a very, very long time.

What is the process of buying rings online from Kashmirica?

Buying finger rings online from Kashmirica is actually very easy. First, you can go through our catalog of rings. You can click on the rings that interest you to know more about them and take a look at their pictures.

Choose the ring/ rings that you like the most and wish to buy. You can click on the ‘buy now’ option on the right side of your page if you wish to purchase just one ring. If you wish to buy more than one ring or more products from Kashmirica, click on ‘Add to Cart’ tab which is also on the right side. After you are done adding all your products to the cart, proceed to your cart.

Then, click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’ and just follow the next process. You then just need to fill in some basic details like your full name, country where you need it shipped, detailed address and your phone number. Then, make the payment for your purchase and you are done. You will receive an email once your order is successfully placed.

Then all you need to do is wait for your product to arrive. That’s it! Ring online shopping from Kashmirica is just that easy. So, start shopping right away!

If I am unhappy with the ring, can I return it?

Although we wouldn’t want it, we do have a returns policy in case you are unhappy with the products. We aim to provide you with the best ever customer experience ever so we have a return policy that you can follow. However, you need to note that we do not offer returns for any kind of customized products. So, if you have customized your rings online and then wish to return it, we will not accept the return for that.

If you wish to return your product, you need to inform us within 24 hours of the delivery of the product. You can either email us or Whatsapp us regarding any of your concerns. If you receive a damaged product, inform us immediately and make sure that it is unused and all of its tags and packing are intact. We will arrange a reverse pickup for it at your address.

You can take a look and read our detailed returns policy here.

What all products does Kashmirica sell?

We sell everything handcrafted that is exclusive to the Kashmir valley. We have a host of different products ranging from pashmina shawls, kaftans, Kashmiri suit materials, perfumes, jewellery to food products such as saffron, dry fruits and nuts, shilajit and much more. We also have other exclusively handcrafted products such as carpets, rugs and other home decor items.

We also sell natural beauty products including essential oils, face packs and much more. So, apart from buying rings online, there is a lot more than you can shop for on our website. Go on exploring and happy shopping!

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