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Kashmiri Wazwan

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  • What is Kashmiri Wazwan?

Wazwan, a unique and very integral component of the Kashmiri culture is actually a multi-course meal in Kashmiri cuisine. The meal comprises anywhere from 7 to 36 dishes made from meat, vegetables, and fruits. All these traditionally prepared dishes have very appealing flavors and textures.

Mostly served at weddings, festivals, or reunions, the preparation of this meal is considered as an art and all the dishes are prepared by the waz (cooks) under the supervision of a vaste waza (master chef).

The Wazwan is a very cherished meal and a matter of utmost pride for the Kashmiris.

The best part is that, now, you can now enjoy the mouthwatering dishes of the Kashmiri Wazwan from the comfort of your own home by ordering them online.

  • Is it actually reliable to buy Kashmiri Wazwan online?

Yes, it is absolutely reliable and Kashmirica has made it possible. As a Srinagar-based brand, we sell exclusive Kashmiri products on our website and our catalogue also consists of traditional Kashmiri foods.

So, you can now order the dishes from the Wazwan online anywhere in the world. Whether you have had the Kashmiri Wazwan before or you wish to try it out for the first-ever time, you can buy Kashmiri Wazwan online from Kashmirica. While you may get to experience the real grand Wazwan affair only in Kashmir, you can always enjoy its dishes anytime you want and give your taste buds a treat.

  • What all dishes are there in the Kashmiri Wazwan?

The Kashmiri Wazwan consists of a host of different dishes. Some of these dishes include Rista, Rogan Josh, Aab Gosh, Kabab, Dum Aloo, Waza Palak, Tabak Maaz, Phirni, and a lot more. Wazwan is actually a grand gastronomical affair and consists of as many as thirty different dishes.

  • What all dishes from the Kashmiri Wazwan does Kashmirica sell online?

We have a host of different dishes such as Rista, Goshtaba, Tabak Maaz, Mutton Kabas, and more. We suggest that you check out our page before placing your order as we have all the dishes listed on our website. You can check them all out on this page so that it is easier for you to make a choice.

  • But what about the freshness of the food if I buy Kashmiri Wazwan online?

We understand your concern regarding the freshness of the food but you do not have to worry about it as its freshness is our guarantee. We pack all of our Wazwan dishes only on demand and that too in properly sealed tin containers. This helps in retaining their freshness and when you receive your dishes, it is as if they have been just packed.

No matter which dishes from the Wazwan you order, we assure you that it will be as fresh as ever when it reaches you. Even when you relish the dish, you will be able to feel its freshness.

  • What all places does Kashmirica ship its Kashmiri Wazwan to?

The best part is that you can buy Kashmiri Wazwan online and have it shipped anywhere in the world. We don’t just ship our Wazwan only all across India but our shipping is open to everywhere in the world. You can now enjoy delicious Kashmiri Wazwan even if you are located at a place that is far away from Kashmir. So, no matter where you are located, you can order delicious Wazwan from us and enjoy it from the comfort of your own home.

  • Who prepares Kashmirica’s Kashmiri Wazwan and where is it prepared?

All of the dishes of the Kashmiri Wazwan that we sell online are prepared by expert chefs who know the ins and outs of Kashmiri cooking. Also, all of the Wazwan dishes are prepared right here in the Kashmir valley. Our expert chefs only use the traditional methods of cooking to ensure that the food is as authentic as it can get.

Along with being very authentic, the food is also extremely delicious and has that homely feel to it. So, you know that, with Kashmirica, you will get only the best ever experience if you buy Kashmiri Wazwan online.

  • Why should I buy Kashmiri Wazwan online from Kashmirica?

As a brand based out of Srinagar, we sell everything on our website that is proudly Kashmiri- right from exclusive handicrafts to the traditional food items, we have it all. Our expertise doesn’t just lie in those intricately handcrafted items but also in, expertly made Wazwan dishes.

Right from the starter dishes of Tabak Maaz and Mutton Kababs to the main course dishes of Goshtaba, Rista, and more, every Wazwan dish ordered from Kashmirica is sure to blow your mind.

Freshly prepared super authentic Kashmiri food is our forte. So if excellent, supremely delicious Kashmiri food is what you have been craving or something that you wish to try out then Kashmirica is just the right place for it.

Moreover, we use only organically sourced highest quality raw ingredients for preparing all of our food items. So, it isn’t just delicious but very hygienic and fresh as well.

Freshly cooked using the highest quality ingredients and traditional cooking methods, hygienically and neatly packed and then delivered right to you- can it get any better to buy Kashmiri Wazwan online?

  • How should I order the Kashmiri Wazwan from Kashmirica?

Buying Wazwan online from Kashmirica is actually very easy. Our page will show you all the Kashmiri Wazwan dishes that we sell online. All that you need to do is select the dish or the dishes that you want and add them all to your cart. Then, place an order for all the dishes that you want, make your payment, and now all that you need to do is wait.

Once we receive your order, we will do our part and try to deliver your order as soon as we can. Then, it is time that you relish our delicious food. That’s it. To buy Kashmiri Wazwan online is just that easy.

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