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FAQs on Buying Ethnic Wear for Men Online

What is ethnic wear for men?

Ethnic wear refers to the type of clothing that men and women wear which is a part of their ethnicity and culture. Different ethnic cultures have different ethnic wear for men. Pheran is the traditional dress for men in Kashmir. Whereas, lungi is traditionally worn by men in South India.

What is the traditional dress for men?

Traditional dress for men includes kurta pyjama, sherwani, dhoti with kurta etc.

Where should I buy men’s ethnic wear online?

There are a lot of websites that sell ethnic wear for men online. But before buying, make sure that the website is selling good quality products as quite a lot of websites tend to sell low-quality, cheap products. To avoid this, make sure that you buy from authentic websites only. One great website to buy men’s ethnic wear online is Kashmirica.

Why should I buy ethnic wear for men online from Kashmirica?

All of the products that Kashmirica sells are handcrafted, including traditional dress for men. We take great pride in the fact that our ethnic wear for men has been handwoven by expert Kashmiri artisans. We also make use of only superior quality fabrics. At Kashmirica, we quality check our products right from their raw material stage to the final product and every step in between. We ensure that you get only the best of products!

We have quite a range of men’s ethnic wear, meaning we have something for everyone. Kashmir is known around the world for its quality of fabrics. This is yet another reason to buy traditional dress for men from Kashmirica. Kashmiri artisans are also known to be few of the best in the world and are amazingly skilled. That is yet another reason to love Kashmirica!

When you buy ethnic wear for men from Kashmirica, along with getting a beautiful outfit for yourself you also help out the local Kashmiri artisans greatly.

How can men’s ethnic wear be styled?

The first step would be choosing the right traditional dress for men. A high quality dress that has been made using good quality products has its own sheen. This is an important step in choosing the right men’s ethnic wear.

  • Men can style their sherwani or kurta with a dupatta. This will give the outfit a royal look.
  • Men can also add a jacket to their traditional outfit. Kashmiri jackets are beautiful and can give a great look to the whole outfit.
  • Wearing contrast top wear and bottom wear is a great idea. Or you can also go for a bottom with a shade lighter than your top.
  • Men can also style their traditional outfits with a juti. Wearing juti footwear will give a complete traditional look,

How to know whether men’s ethnic wear is of good quality?

The appearance and fabric: You can compare the appearance of a cheap quality ethnic dress and high quality ethnic dress. The high quality one will look much more impressive than the low quality one. You will be able to tell the difference right away. Even the fabric of the high quality men’s wear will feel better to your hands.

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