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FAQs on Buying Men’s Scarf Online

  • What are the different materials used for making men’s scarves?

Mens scarves can be made from fabrics like pashmina, cashmere, other wool, linen, silk or a combination of these materials.

  • Are mens scarves actually popular?

Yes, scarves just aren’t a woman’s accessory but are super popular with men as well. These aren’t just a great accessory but also very helpful in keeping warm during the winters.

  • What are the best scarves for men?

Any scarf that will protect you from the harsh winters are good enough. For this, mens scarves made from pashmina, cashmere and wool are great options. All these fabrics are known to resist and protect against very low temperatures.

  • Where can I buy a men’s scarf online?

A lot of websites sell men’s scarves online. While buying, the only thing that you need to make sure is that they are of good quality. Many websites sell scarves online but few of them sell good quality ones. If websites sell low quality scarves made from synthetic materials, it can not only cause irritation to your skin but also won’t be very successful in keeping you warm.

To avoid this, take a very good look at the website you wish to buy a men’s scarf from. Know about the material that it is being made from. If everything seems authentic then it is a good website to buy men’s scarves. Considering all these points, a very genuine website to buy scarves for men is Kashmirica.

  • Why should I buy scarves for men from Kashmirica?

Kashmirica is a website based in Kashmir that sells only exclusive Kashmiri goods online. What makes our products special is that all of our products are handcrafted. Expert Kashmiri artisans who have been in the profession for years work hard to make sure that our customers get only the best. We also do not add any synthetic materials to our products; they are made from 100% pure fabrics.

Kashmir, also being the cold state that it is, is the land of the finest wool. So you can never go wrong with a muffler or a men’s scarf from Kashmirica.

  • Can men’s scarves be worn as a muffler?

Yes, absolutely, mens scarves can easily be turned into a muffler.

  • What are the different ways of tying men’s scarves?

Scarves for men can be worn in so many different ways. Some simple ways are:

  • A men’s scarf can be tied to become a muffler.
  • It can simply be draped around your neck with the scarf’s ends hanging at the front.
  • You can even wear mens scarves formally. Layer it with a formal coat and it can be a great outfit for cold work days.
  • Scarves for men can also be tied with various knots like the Parisian knot.
  • How to tie a scarf as a muffler?

Fold the scarf in half. Let it hang around your neck. Take one end and loop around your neck once. You can also tie a knot to secure it. Your muffler is done!

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