Buy Pathani Suit for Men Online

  • What is a Pathani suit?

A pathani dress or suit is a type of menswear that consists of a set of long kurta with salwar. Traditionally, the kurta has a stand collar or normal collar and two pockets. A Pathani suit for men also usually has a loop on both shoulders. It is a very simple and sober outfit and usually, the kurta and the bottom are made in the same color.  It gives the perfect ‘Nawab’ look to every man who wears it. This is a very common type of apparel in Kashmir as well as Punjab. Pathani suits for men are also commonly known as ‘Khan Suits’.

  • What does Pathani mean?

The Pathani or Pathan people belong to the Muslim community and are one of the four major Muslim communities in India.

  • How are a pathani and a simple kurta pyjama outfit different?

There are a lot of differences.

The difference between a simple kurta and a pathani kurta: In a kurta pyjama, the kurta is mostly straight. In a pathani, the kurta is a little flared. The sleeves are a little baggy too. Most other kurtas don’t have a collar while a pathani kurta doesn’t come without a collar. Pathani kurtas also mostly have pockets unlike regular kurtas. Some pathani kurtas also have a loop on the shoulders. Upon comparing, you can easily spot the differences between the two.

The difference between pathani pants and simple pyjama: A simple pyjama has a straight fitting. A pathani suit’s bottom is flared with a band at the bottom and looks almost like a salwar.

  • What is the origin of the Pathani suit?

The origin of the Pathani suit is controversial and so, exactly unknown. Some believe that it originated in Afghanistan while some believe that it originated in Pakistan. Many also believe that its origin is Punjab. No matter where it was originated, the pathani dress remains a favorite and preferred outfit for many across the world.

  • Where can the Pathani suit for men be worn?

This attire is suitable for all occasions. While it is popularly worn at weddings and other such occasions, many also wear it casually on an everyday basis. A pathani suit for men is an outfit suitable for many occasions.

  • What material is used in making a Pathani dress?

A Pathani dress is most commonly made with cotton or linen fabrics. This also makes it a perfect wear for the summer season. Pathani is also made from other fabrics like silk, brocade, jacquard and some other materials as well.

  • What are the most common pathani suit colors?

The signature pathani suit for men is black. This is the most commonly worn. However, there is a host of colors that the pathani dress is made in. You can now buy a pathani suit in almost each and every color.

  • What are the different patterns and designs on a pathani?

Most pathani suits for men are plain and don’t have a lot of embellishments. But since Kashmir is so popular for its embroidery, you can find pathanis that are adorned with embroidery around the neckline. Some pathanis also have patterned sleeves.

  • Where can I buy an authentic Pathani suit online?

There are a lot of websites that sell Pathani suits online. However, not every one of them is authentic and hence you need to make a choice carefully. The best way to check authenticity is to look for websites that exclusively sell such garments. Keeping this in mind, one of the best websites to buy a Pathani dress is Kashmirica. Kashmirica sells exclusive products that are synonymous to Kashmir and hence is an ideal place to buy a pathani suit for men from.

  • Why should I buy a Pathani suit for men online from Kashmirica?

Kashmirica makes use of the purest of fabrics only. This makes our final product so good and soft that you’d want to lounge in our pathani all day long! All of our products are made by the bestest artisans of Kashmir. We don’t make the use of machines and every product that we sell is either handcrafted or handwoven. This makes our products extra special. A pathani suit being one of the most worn attires in Kashmir, you cannot get a more authentic pathani suit for men than from Kashmirica. We sell all of our products at very honest prices. And with us, the authenticity is always guaranteed!

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  • What footwear should I wear with a Pathani suit?

You can wear sandals or chappals with your pathani suit. For an occasion, you can go with footwear like kolhapuris, mojaris, loafers or moccasins. They will give a whole new dimension to your outfit and make you look fashionable.

  • How to choose the right Pathani suit for men?

While choosing your ideal pathani suit or pathani dress, keep the following points in mind:

  • What is the occasion? If the occasion requires you to wear a simple outfit, go for materials like cotton or linen. These are great for a simple look. But, if you need a pathani for weddings or such occasions, go for materials like silk or brocade.
  • Depending upon the occasion, choose the kind of work you want on your pathani suit.
  • You can also choose a pathani dress based on the color. Buy one in your favorite color or in a color that suits you the best.