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FAQs on Buying Kashmiri Pheran Online

  • What is Kashmiri phiran?

Kashmiri phiran or pheran or feran is the traditional Kashmiri outfit for both males as well as females. It is a long, loose garment. The Kashmiri pheran is typically made out of cotton or wool; wool pherans are usually preferred in winters whereas the cotton ones are usually preferred during the summers. Now, there are many Kashmiri phiran designs. The Kashmiri feran traditionally hangs below the knees. This beautiful garment has two gowns, one is placed over the other. The pheran usually has wide sleeves. It is a major part of the Kashmiri culture.

  • Where can I buy the Kashmiri pheran?

The most authentic place to buy pheran is obviously from Kashmir. However, now you can also buy Kashmiri phiran online from portals/brands such as Kashmirica.

  • Is it safe to buy Kashmiri pheran online?

Yes, it is provided that you only buy it from an authentic and genuine website.

  • From which website can I buy Kashmiri phiran online?

Quite a lot of websites sell Kashmiri phiran online. A product can only be called as ‘authentic’ if it comes from the place that it has originated from. You can buy pheran from so many websites; however, they cannot be authentic unless and until the pheran has been made in Kashmir. So, a great place to buy Kashmiri feran online is from Kashmirica. Kashmirica is a brand born and based out of the beautiful valley of Kashmir and hence, you cannot get a more authentic pheran than from Kashmirica.

  • Why should I buy Kashmiri phiran online from Kashmirica?

There are various reasons that make Kashmirica your destination to buy Kashmiri phiran. First- the authenticity. Every pheran that we sell has been made right here in Kashmir by expert artisans; making it as authentic as ever. Second- the quality. We make use of only and only high quality raw materials. This helps us in yielding only high grade products. We ensure the quality of each and every product that we sell. Third- the comfort factor. The fabric that we use is so soft and comfortable that you can go about wearing the Kashmiri phiran whole day without feeling even a teeny bit of discomfort. You’d want to wear pheran all the time. Fourth- handmade products. All of our products are handcrafted. Our expert artisans handcraft every product. This adds a very personal touch to our products. This also goes a long way in ensuring that the traditional art and craft of Kashmir is preserved. And the best part? You can buy the Kashmiri phiran online without any hassle.

  • How is Kashmirica helping local artisans by selling Kashmiri phiran online?

Even though globalization is at its peak, we noticed that Kashmiri artisans lacked the knowledge to take their products on a global level. Even when they are so wonderfully skilled, due to lack of global presence, their art is not appreciated enough. We have pledged to solve this issue and help these artisans out by making exclusive Kashmiri products easily available to a global audience. Everything is specially handcrafted by these expert artisans. If you buy Kashmiri phiran online from Kashmirica, you help these artisans out greatly. And, in turn, you get a beautiful piece of lasting legacy and heritage for yourself.

  • What are the different Kashmiri phiran designs?

Men mostly wear pherans that are plain. Women wear Kashmiri ferans laced with intricate embroidery. There are different kinds of embroidery. It can either be embroidered with gold and silver threads; called ‘tilla’ embroidery locally. Or the embroidery is also done with wool or silk threads in various colors and floral designs. The amount of embroidery done can vary from one pheran to another. Basically, zari embroidery and floral patterns are the most common Kashmiri phiran designs. However, there are a lot of Kashmiri phiran designs too.

  • When did the Kashmiri phiran originate?

It is believed that the Kashmiri pheran was introduced by Emperor Akbar back in 1586. And then it went on to become the traditional outfit for the people of Kashmir. Traditionally, the pheran would be quite long and would extend to the feet. But with time, many Kashmiri phiran designs evolved and gave rise to many modern designs.

  • How to wash Kashmiri pheran?

When you buy Kashmiri phiran online or from a store, it will come with an instruction manual. It is best to follow the instructions that the manual states. While you can handwash most pherans, some require to be dry cleaned only. In the case of hand wash, wash very carefully with a mild detergent/ cleanser.

  • What are the different ways I can style Kashmiri phiran?

You can style the Kashmiri phiran in multiple ways. You can get as creative as you’d want to. You can style it with a salwar, palazzos or other kind of loose pants. You can wear it in the same or even in a contrasting color. A lot of women these days are styling it with straight pants. You can even wear Kashmiri pheran over jeans. Just wear it with what makes you feel the most comfortable. To complete your look, pair it with jhumkas or other traditional Kashmiri jewellery.

  • What makes Kashmiri phiran so special?

The phiran has been the traditional attire of Kashmir for centuries now. Women, men as well as children from Kashmir don’t just don this outfit on special occasions but wear it on a regular basis too. It was first invented as protection from the harsh winters. But now it can be worn all year long. The Kashmiri phiran is known for its softness and comfort. Now, the whole world is familiar with pheran. Outside Kashmir, many people wear it as a fashion statement too.

Over the years, Kashmiri feran has had its share of ups and downs and it was almost at the verge of extinction. But, luckily, the pheran industry revived and this beautiful garment came back in its full swing. The Kashmiri pheran isn’t just a garment or outfit but it is an integral part of Kashmir’s identity.

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