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Amber Wood

🍯 Premium Quality

🍯 Long-Lasting

🍯 Concentrated Perfume

🍯 High-Quality Oil Based Attar

🍯 Alcohol-Free

🍯 Woody Herbal Fragrance

🍯 Unisex Appeal

🍯 Oriental Fragrance

🍯 6 ml pack

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Product Description

Amber Wood is one of the masterpieces in the collection of fragrances available at Kashmirica. Infused with the redolence of amber wood, its a rich and a very deep smell for the buds.

Users describe this perfume as powerful, sensuous and captivating. What else could you ask from an exquisite perfume?

Made with multiple ingredients that go atop of the main ingredient of amber, it is a perfume that a connoisseur would love to own. While creating this perfume, our craftsmen have gone the extra mile to create a fragrance that no one can diss.

Amber Wood Attar is a versatile masterpiece that can be used daily and yet you will never get bored of it. With Amber as a base note and fruits and spices added as top notes, you are sure to have a sensational fragrance. Each drop of Amber Wood Perfume is sensuous, captivating and powerful.

If you wish to get captivated by the multiple layered scent notes, Amber Wood is the attar for you.


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