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Black Cardamom


  • Premium Black Cardamom (Badi Elaichi)
  • Improves Gastro-Intestinal Health
  • Good for the Heart
  • Effective to Enhance Oral Health
  • Helps in Detoxification
  • Anesthetic & Anto-Bacterial Agent
  • 100 Grams Pack


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Product Description

What to Know Before You Buy Organic Badi Elaichi Online?

If you want to buy badi elaichi or black cardamom online, you are certainly at the right place. We, at Kashmirica, sell the highest quality of organically grown black cardamom sourced right from the some of the bestest spice farms in the country.

We will tell you more about why you should buy black cardamoms from Kashmirica. But first, let us get to know this spice and its importance in cooking a little better.

What exactly is Premium Badi Elaichi?

Cardamom, or what we know as ‘elaichi’ in India is a very commonly used spice in cooking. Also known as kali elaichi, moti elaichi, hill cardamom or even Bengal cardamom, the Badi Elaichi grows in pods on herbaceous plants. Did you know that more than 50% of the total black cardamom production in the world is in India? Yes, that is one of the reasons why it is extensively used in Indian cooking.

The cardamom’s pods have a wrinkly, dark brown to black colored skin and are about an inch long. Each pod contains small, sticky, dark-colored seeds. As compared to its green counterpart, the kali elaichi is longer in size and more aromatic.

The black cardamom has an intense and earthy aroma and a smoky taste. And unlike green cardamom which is used in both sweet as well as savory dishes, black cardamom is used only in savory dishes.

The kali elaichi or cardamom pods are picked much after they reach maturity and then they are dried over smoke. This drying process is what gives them the smoky flavor. Adding these cardamoms to any dish can give it a wonderful taste.

The badi elaichi is actually one of the costliest spices in the world. However, the delicious taste that it imparts and its health benefits make it totally worth its price.

Organically grown black cardamoms are the ones that have been grown without the use of any harmful synthetic fertilizers or GMOs. Not only are they better for health but also for the environment.

Health Benefits of Black Cardamoms

  • Kali elaichi or black cardamom is actually very good for your digestive health. It helps with various gastrointestinal diseases like acid reflux, bloating and stomach ulcers.
  • These cardamoms are also good to reduce respiratory issues. If you are suffering from asthma, cold, congestion or other such issues, black cardamom can be of great help.
  • Regular intake of these cardamoms is also good for your cardiovascular health. Eating them helps reduce the chances of blood clots and keeps blood pressure levels in check.
  • Black cardamoms have antibacterial properties, good amounts of vitamin C and they also contain antioxidants. This makes them very beneficial for your overall skin health.
  • They also contain anti-carcinogenic properties and can help combat various cancers like prostate, colon and ovarian.
  • Due to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, kali elaichi works well for building overall immunity and keeping you healthy. Due to this, eating cardamoms also prevents scalp infections and irritation, provides proper nourishment to the hair and keeps it healthy.
  • These cardamoms also have some great detoxifying properties and help in flushing out the toxins from the body.

Black Cardamom Uses

  • Use this whole spice to flavor rice dishes such as jeera rice, pulao and biryani.
  • It is also extensively used in flavoring curries and soups.
  • Use it as an ingredient for other spice mixes.
  • You can also use it in marinating meats or vegetables.
  • It is a very important ingredient that goes into making ‘Garam masala’.
  • You can also remove the pods, grind its seeds and use its powder for cooking.

Badi Elaichi Price

Badi elaichi is one of the more expensive spices. Depending upon its quality as well as brand, a kilo of spice should cost you anywhere upto INR 2000.

Buy 100% Organic and Natural Black Cardamom from Kashmirica

Being an expensive and highly popular spice, it can be difficult to find black cardamom that is naturally grown. Hence, you must be very careful about where you buy it from.

To be able to reap its benefits, the black cardamoms need to be free of any synthetic fertilizers and substances.

At Kashmirica, we source our spices only from the best spice farms in the country. They are organically grown, checked for quality and then sold at honest prices. Our black cardamoms are dried to perfection with open flames so that you get to enjoy the best flavor.

We aim to give our patrons-only what’s the best and thus, we pay special attention to our quality checks. Moreover, with a purchase from Kashmirica, you also help the poor yet extremely hard-working farmers striving to earn an honest rupee.

Buy these high-quality cardamoms once and we are sure you’ll come back for more.


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