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  • Large Sized Nuts
  • Mild & Nutty in Taste
  • Rich Source of Iron, Calcium & Protein
  • Crunchy Nuts
  • No Preservatives Added
  • High-Quality Cashew Nuts
  • 400 Grams Pack (Net)



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In stock

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Product Description

Cashews are one of the most widely consumed nuts in the entire world. They aren’t just delicious but also come with a host of health benefits. If you want to buy cashew online, you have landed at the right place. Before we tell you why Kashmirica is the right place to buy kaju online, let us get to know this nut a little better.

Cashews grow on long and tall trees that often grow as high as 46 ft. The fleshy fruit that grows on this tree is called the ‘cashew apple’ and has a kidney-shaped seed attached to it. The seed, after doing a few processes on it, is what becomes the cashew nut. Today, India is one of the major producers of cashews in the world.

Health Benefits of eating cashews and nutritional information

  • Cashew nuts are rich in healthy fats, protein, fiber, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, phosphorus as well as some other minerals and vitamins.
  • They also contain beneficial plant compounds like antioxidants that are extremely essential in protection against damage caused by the free radicals.
  • The fats that are present in cashews are actually very good for your heart health. They are known to reduce the bad cholesterol or LDL in your body while maintaining the good cholesterol or HDL levels.
  • Eating cashew nuts also helps with weight management.
  • Since cashews are a rich source of copper, eating them will promote bone health.
  • Cashews are also good for your eye health.
  • Eating these nuts regularly will also boost your skin health.
  • Cashews are also good energy boosters.

How to eat cashews?

After you buy cashew online, incorporating them in your diet is extremely easy. Cashews are very versatile and can be had in several ways. They are delicious, so you can have them as they are any time during the day. To enhance their taste, you can also roast them a little and add your preferred spices to it.

Many Indian, as well as continental recipes, are incomplete without the addition of cashews. They are commonly added to rice dishes, desserts and also form the base for many gravies.

Cashews are especially amazing for vegans. They can be used to make cashew milk, cashew butter or even cashew yogurt. To use cashews in so many amazing ways, you can buy cashew online.

Buy high-quality cashew online from Kashmirica

If you want to buy kaju online, Kashmirica is the right place to buy them. Our cashews are 100% organically grown that have absolutely no preservatives added. They are large in size and are mild and nutty in taste. Being completely organically grown, they are extremely nutritious, crunchy and delicious.

Kashmirica aims to sell only superior quality products that are honestly priced. So, our cashews are some of the best that you can have.

Organically grown and lovingly taken care of the trees that grow cashews, carefully harvested and processed, hygienically packed and delivered to you- to buy cashew online doesn’t get any better than this.

(2 customer reviews)

2 reviews for Cashews

  1. Justin

    Nice & crunchy.

  2. Mohit Sharma

    The cashews were big and crunchy. I am kind of addicted to munching on them.

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