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Double Blade Tennis Cricket Scoop Bat [Hard Tennis]

🏏 Top Quality Double Blade Cricket Bat

🏏 Scooped to Perfection

🏏 Engineered to Swoosh

🏏 Perfect to Play Against Hard Tennis Ball

🏏 Hard Tennis Ball Bat

🏏 Premium Hard Wood

🏏 Singapore Cane Handle

🏏 Ultra Lightweight Cricket Bat

🏏 6 Months Guarantee on Handle

Original price was: ₹2,490.00.Current price is: ₹1,990.00.


Product Description

Are you looking for the best Double Blade tennis cricket bat in India? If yes, then you are at the right place. At Kashmirica, we sell the perfect scoop bat for hard tennis ball online.

Our Double Blade Tennis with its scooped perfection allows you to execute powerful shots effortlessly, making it perfect for playing against hard tennis balls. Made with premium hard-wood coupled with Singaporean cane handle offers durability, excellent grip, and control. Moreover, the bat’s ultra-lightweight design enhances your agility, while the 6-month guarantee on the handle ensures your satisfaction.

Qualities of Double Blade Tennis Cricket Scoop Bat?

What are the top qualities that set Kashmirica’sΒ hard tennis cricket bat double blade apart? Well, to start with, it has a precisely scooped design that ensures a clean contact with the ball. It generates a satisfying swoosh on impact with the ball.

Crafted from premium Kashmiri Willow hardwood, the bat provides durability. The hardwood also makes it resilient, to handle the challenges of harder tennis balls. The ultra-lightweight construction and Singapore cane handle further enhance control while power-hitting. Singapore cane handles are known for their excellent shock absorption. This is because rattan (Rattan is a flexible and lightweight material derived from the stems of a climbing palm plant) has a hollow core and a fibrous structure that helps to dampen the vibrations caused by hitting the ball. This ishelpful for players who struggle with sting in their hands.

Moreover, this scoop bat for hard tennis ball is also lighter in weight. It allows you to have a greater flexibility while hitting powerful strokes and agile shots. So, If you are a player who likes to play innovative shots, these bats offer a good degree of flex, which can improve your grip and control over the bat.Β 

Price of Scoop Bat for Hard Tennis Ball:

Double-blade tennis cricket bats can range from 1000 to 25000 INR. Remember cheaper cricket bat options are available online with the same name. But these bats often use lower-grade wood that is more prone to cracking and breaking, especially when hitting a harder tennis ball. They break easily and are not recommended. For durability, we recommend you to make use of Kashmirica’s cricket bats as mentioned in this list.

Why? Because we are the #01 brand for tennis cricket bat online shopping in India for years. We have the best cricket bats to sell to our customers and we take pain in delivering the value for your money. So save yourself from low cheaper bats and buy the best Double Blade Cricket Bat for Hard Tennis with us!


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