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Dried Apricots


  • Sweet & Delicious
  • Sun-Dried
  • Has Nuts Intact
  • Filled With Nutrients
  • Protects Skin & Improves Signs of Aging
  • Beneficial for Pregnant Women
  • Helps Treat Anemia
  • Helps Improve Constipation
  • Promotes Eye Health
  • 400 Grams Pack (Net)


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In stock

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Product Description

Jardalu, khubani or dried apricot- no matter what you call it, these are some delicious dry fruits. Dried apricots aren’t just sweet and delicious but eating them also has numerous health benefits. If you are looking to buy apricot online, you have definitely arrived at the right place. Before we tell you why Kashmirica’s apricots are a great choice, let us get to know this dry fruit a little better.

Apricots grow on small trees that grow up to as high as 39 feet. The apricot fruit is quite similar to a peach in terms of appearance and is yellowish to orange in color with often a red tinge. The beautiful orange colored apricots are sun-dried to make jardalu or khubani. Since the apricot fruit is dried to make dried apricots, the dried version of apricots is much more nutrient-dense as compared to the fruit. These plump, moist, chewy and sweet dried fruits are a favorite in many parts of the world.

Health Benefits and Nutritional Information of Apricots

  • Dried apricots are a very good source of potassium, iron, fiber and A, C and E vitamins.
  • They are also a very good source of two antioxidants, namely lutein and zeaxanthin.
  • They are also an extremely rich source of carotenoids.
  • Since jardalu are apricots in dried form, they contain nutrients in concentrated forms and just eating a few of these can give you a boost of health.
  • Being rich in beta carotene, vitamin E as well as A, khubani or dried apricot is very good for your eye health.
  • Being a very good source of iron, eating jardalu regularly helps in the prevention and treatment of anemia.
  • Dried apricot is also extremely beneficial for your overall skin health. Eating it regularly promotes skin health and enhances its appearance.
  • Since these dried fruits are a very good source of potassium, eating them regularly can help reduce high blood pressure.
  • Being a very good source of fiber as well, eating jardalu is very good for your gut health.
  • Apricots also contain many antioxidants and thus, eating them is beneficial to keep several diseases like diabetes and heart ailments at bay.
  • Dried apricots are also known to improve bone mineral density.
  • Owing to their excellent nutritional profile, eating dried apricot is extremely beneficial for pregnant women.

How to use Jardalu/khubani/Apricots?

After you buy apricots online, there are several ways that you can use them.

You can eat them as they are with your breakfast, as snacks or even as a dessert. You can also mix them with other dried fruits and nuts to make a trail mix. Adding chopped dried apricots to various dessert recipes is also a good way to use them. Have a few of these with your favorite fruit for breakfast. You can even top your daily cereal or oats with a few of these.

You can also use these dry fruits for baking or for making energy bars or other healthy recipes.

Why Buy Apricots Online from Kashmirica?

Try our dried apricots once and you will soon be returning to make another purchase. Kashmirica’s apricots are grown and harvested using completely natural and organic methods, making them as good as they get.

Unlike several other websites selling low-quality apricots online, Kashmirica’s dried apricots are of the highest quality possible. We sun dry our apricots and they have the seed intact in them. They are filled with nutrients and will benefit your health in many ways.

Organically grown, carefully and ethically processed, hygienically packed and delivered right at your doorstep- buying apricots online cannot get any better than this.


(11 customer reviews)

11 reviews for Dried Apricots

  1. Pradeep Yadav

    Pure taste

  2. Yer Koussa


  3. Danish Qazi

    These are just awesome. I have been buying since a year and the quality remains the same.

  4. Khalid Bashir

    I have been buying these apricots for a year and I am satisfied with both the taste and the freshness of them. I recommend you to try it.

  5. Suraj

    The taste is amazing…

  6. Zainab Siddiqqi

    I had once purchased red apricots from Ladakh. They were great, but after I got some from Kashmirica, I feel these ones are better.

  7. Sanket Nair

    Received the parcel yesterday and we were munching on it today. Good taste.

  8. Faisal Dagga

    Good quality. Packing was also very good.

  9. Garima Kapoor

    I don’t know why, but these Kashmiri foods are just awesome. Thanks Kashmirica for bringing Kashmir to us.

  10. Nighat Yasmeen

    They taste awesome. Will buy again.

  11. Sanjay Gupta

    These apricots seem to be very good for health.

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