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Green Cardamom


  • Premium Quality
  • Strong Aroma
  • May Lower Blood Pressure
  • Anti-Inflammatory Spice
  • Helps in Digestion
  • Prevents Bad Breath & Treats Oral Diseases
  • Has Anti-Bacterial Effects
  • May Lower Blood Sugar Levels
  • Prevents Anxious Behaviors
  • Good for Liver
  • 100 Grams Pack


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Product Description

If you are looking for superior quality aromatic and flavorful organic green elaichi or cardamom online, you are at the right place.

We know how difficult it can be to find a reliable seller for authentic green cardamoms. So, we are here to make that task easy for you. At Kashmirica, we only sell the finest quality green cardamoms that are sourced from the bestest spice farms in the country.

But before we tell you more about it, let us tell you all about our whole cardamom.

What exactly is Organic Green Elaichi?

An extensively used spice in the Indian kitchens, elaichi or green cardamom imparts an amazing taste to both sweet and savory dishes alike. Its green covering/ pod as well as the black seeds inside have use in Indian cooking. A very common spice, green cardamom is also one of the most expensive spices in the world. Even though it may be expensive, the rich taste and enchanting aroma from cardamoms make them totally worthwhile.

Although it is available as whole pods, seeds and ground form in the market, it is always better to buy the whole pods. While you can grind the seeds fresh whenever needed, its pods are pretty useful too.

A very labour intensive and time consuming harvesting process is what gives cardamoms its hefty price tag. Also, they need to be harvested just when they reach about 75% maturity.

The popularity and rising demand for cardamoms also contributes to its price tag. And as for anything that has a high demand, you will find its multiple fake products sold everywhere.

Unlike most of its cheap and fake variants sold online, real organic green cardamom is a treat for the tastebuds. Not just its taste but its pleasant aroma will instantly make you feel good too.

Health Benefits of Green Cardamom

  • This spice is known to promote better digestion and can help relieve symptoms like nausea, discomfort, acidity or indigestion.
  • Cardamom is a natural breath freshener due to its pleasant aroma and eating it prevents bad breath.
  • It is also beneficial for people with high blood pressure as the intake of cardamoms is also known to significantly reduce high blood pressure.
  • Elaichi contains compounds that help fight cancer. Even though there need to be stronger claims for this, green cardamom for cancer shows promising results.
  • The green elaichi also has antimicrobial properties and it can efficiently kill several types of bacteria and fungi. Thus, it is also good for your oral health as it helps fight the bad bacteria.
  • Green or whole cardamom is also excellent for fighting inflammation. In case you suffer from sinuses or any infections, cardamom can also help clear that.

Green Elaichi Uses

  • Whether it is sweet or savory dishes, green elaichi makes an excellent addition to both of them.
  • Use whole cardamom in dishes like pulao, biryani or any other rice-based dish.
  • Use it in curries, soups and other such dishes for an amazing flavor. You can also add fresh cardamom powder in place of whole cardamom in your recipes.
  • Whether it is Indian desserts like kheer and halwa or baked goods like cakes, some recipes are incomplete without green cardamom in them.
  • Add a few pieces of cardamom by crushing them a little in your everyday tea. Not only will you get its benefits but it will also enhance your tea’s flavor. Similarly, a little cardamom in your coffee will also go a long way in enhancing its flavor.
  • Have one piece of cardamom along with some fennel seeds post your meals for better digestion.

Green Cardamom Price

As cardamom or elaichi is the third most expensive spice in the world, it tends to be on the expensive side. A kilo of this spice will cost you anywhere between INR 3000 to INR 9000 depending upon its brand and quality.

However, since you only need a little amount of it to flavor your dishes only about 100 grams of cardamom will also last you a very long time.

Buy 100% Organic Green Elaichi from Kashmirica

If excellent quality and flavor is what you are looking for, your search for the best ever green cardamoms ends right here. At Kashmirica, we are dedicated to selling the highest quality, most genuine products to our customers.

We source our spices from some of the finest spice farms in the country. They are grown completely organically without the use of any GMOs or harmful chemical fertilizers.

In the name of organic, you’ll find many vendors selling artificially colored cheap quality green cardamoms. However, with Kashmirica, the quality is always guaranteed. We check for the quality ourselves to be able to give only the best to our patrons.

Organically sourced, honestly priced, hygienically packed and delivered right to you, we guarantee you your best yet green cardamom buying experience.


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