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Kashmiri Harissa


  • Premium Quality Harissa
  • High-Quality Mutton Used
  • Made by a Traditional Chef
  • Hygienically Prepared
  • Freshness Guaranteed
  • Vacuum Canned
  • Shipping and Handling Charges Included
  • 1 Kg Pack


(5 customer reviews)

In stock

In stock

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Product Description

  • Is it safe and reliable to buy Kashmiri Harissa online?

Yes, buying Kashmiri Harissa online is completely safe and reliable when it comes to Kashmirica, an eCommerce platform selling exclusive products from Kashmir online, including a host of food items.

Our catalog of food products also consists of the special Kashmiri Harissa, a mutton-based delicacy mostly enjoyed at breakfast time with some bread or roti. If you have tried out this delicacy before and have been craving it or wish to try it out for the first time, worry not and place an order on Kashmirica right away.

  • Where is Kashmirica’s Harissa made and by whom?

Our Harissa is made right here in the Kashmir valley so you know that it is as authentic as it can get. It is freshly prepared by experienced chefs who know the methods of traditional Kashmiri cooking. So, while it has been made to perfection, it also has that touch of homely cooking.

  • Which places does Kashmirica ship Harissa to?

We don’t just ship pan India but all across the world too. Now you can enjoy authentic Kashmiri food anywhere in the world and give your taste buds a wonderful treat.

  • Will Harissa stay fresh if I have it delivered far away from Kashmir?

Yes, you absolutely do not worry about its freshness as we can guarantee it. Our Kashmiri harissa is packed in well sealed air-tight tin containers only on demand. This ensures that its freshness is retained and the harissa remains as good as when it was first prepared.

  • Why should I buy Kashmiri Harissa online from Kashmirica?

As you might already know, Kashmirica is a Srinagar-based brand selling authentic and exclusive handcrafted products from the valley. Our products are unique and of supreme quality.

We don’t just have handicrafts in our catalog but also traditional Kashmiri food. We believe that some of the best traditional food can be found only at the place that it’s the specialty of. So if authentic, traditional and extremely delicious Kashmiri Harissa is what is on your mind, it cannot get any better than buying it from Kashmirica. We use only high-quality mutton, along with other high-quality ingredients. Our Harissa then gets prepared by expert traditional chefs of the Kashmir valley.

Moreover, it is neatly and freshly packed only on demand and then delivered right to you. You will feel almost as if you are having the Harrisa in Kashmir itself, except from the comfort of your own home. We will make your Harrisa-buying experience one that you will remember. Buy Kashmiri Harissa online from Kashmirica once and we are sure that you will come back for more.

  • How should I have the Kashmiri Harissa?

After you buy Kashmiri Harissa online, here is how you can have it. This dish is perfect for a winter morning as a breakfast. Optionally, you can temper it with some oil/ ghee/ butter and some sliced onions right before you have it in order to enhance its taste. Savor the harissa with some hot naan, bread, or roti and enjoy- it’s that easy!

Pic Credits: The Culinary Kashmiri

(5 customer reviews)

5 reviews for Kashmiri Harissa

  1. Zahid

    Great for overseas Kashmiris.

  2. Saira

    good and fresh.

  3. Shahnaz

    I gifted it to my boss, he loved it. Great stuff guys.

  4. Gousia

    This is as good as homemade harissa. Best I had this season.

  5. Suhail

    Recieved the Harissa in a well sealed air tight tin. The taste and texture was good. A homely craving fulfilled away from home. Highly satisfied.

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