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Kashmiri Seekh Kebab


  • 4 Pcs of Lamb Mutton Based Seekh Kebab
  • Cooked Fresh by a Traditional Waza/Chef
  • Packed Hygienically
  • Vacuum Canned
  • Guaranteed Authenticity
  • Shipping and Handling Charges Included


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In stock

In stock

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Product Description

  • Is it actually reliable to buy Kashmiri Mutton Kebab online?

Yes, these days buying readymade food items online is totally reliable as well as safe. And when it comes to Kashmirica, you need to worry about a thing. We sell exclusive Kashmiri products on our ecommerce portal and traditional Kashmiri food also constitutes our extensive catalog.

We also have the Kashmiri special Mutton Kabab on our catalog, a delicious and succulent mutton-based starter dish that is laden with a host of different flavors. Whether you want to try this dish for the first time or have already tried it and have been craving it, Kashmirica is your place to buy it.

  • Where are Kashmirica’s food items prepared and who prepares it?

All of Kashmirica’s food items are prepared right here in Kashmir and they are prepared by master chefs who are very well versed with the ins and outs of traditional Kashmiri cooking. So, along with giving you lip-smacking delicious food you can also be guaranteed about its authenticity.

  • Will Kashmirica deliver Kashmiri Mutton Kababs at a location away from Kashmir?

Yes, absolutely. We do not just deliver pan India but to locations outside India as well. We help fulfil your Kashmiri food cravings by delivering all over the world.

  • But what about the freshness of the Mutton Kabab?

Well, we completely understand your concern regarding the freshness of the food. But we assure you that you need not worry about it as its freshness is our guarantee.

All of our food items, including the Kashmiri Mutton Kabab, are packed in well-sealed air-tight tin containers and that too only on demand. This makes sure that the food remains very fresh and reaches you in a safe condition. It remains as fresh as if it has just been made.

  • Why should I buy Kashmiri Mutton Kabab online from Kashmirica?

As you might have an idea, as a Srinagar-based brand, Kashmirica sells unique handcrafted products that are exclusive to the Kashmir valley. Our catalog isn’t just limited to handicrafts but also consists of anything and everything that is proudly Kashmiri, including the traditional Kashmiri food.

We sell a host of different food items- including the specialty of Kashmir, Mutton Kababs. We believe that the best authentic food can only be found at the place that it is native to. So, what better place to get the Kashmiri Mutton Kabab than from Kashmir itself, right?

Also, in order to give our customers the best service and the best ever food experience, we only make the use of the freshest and the highest quality of ingredients. The food is also prepared traditionally by highly experienced Kashmiri chefs. All of this makes Kashmirica your go-to place for fulfilling your Kashmiri food cravings anywhere in the world.

  • How should I have the Kashmiri Mutton Kabab?

It is quite easy. After you buy Kashmiri Mutton Kabab online, you only need to heat it before eating. Since these kebabs are eaten as a starter, you can have them before your meals or even while having your meals.

(1 customer review)

1 review for Kashmiri Seekh Kebab

  1. Roshan

    These kababs definitely taste very different

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