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Kashmiri Tabak Maaz


  • 4 Pcs of Lamb Mutton Based Tabak Maaz
  • Cooked Fresh by a Traditional Waza/Chef
  • Packed on Demand
  • Guaranteed Authenticity
  • Hygienically Packed
  • Vacuum Canned
  • Shipping and Handling Charges Included


In stock

In stock

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Product Description

  • Is it safe to buy Kashmiri Tabak Maaz online?

Yes, with Kashmirica, it is totally and completely safe and reliable to buy Kashmiri Tabak Maaz online. Out of the many exclusive Kashmiri products that we sell on our website, traditional Kashmiri food items are also one of them.

And our food catalog consists of Tabak Maaz, a popular snack dish made with lamb ribs. This scrumptious appetizer dish has a melange of flavors. Whether you have had Tabaz Maaz before and have been craving it again or you wish to try this dish out for the first time, Kashmirica is your best place to get it.

  • Who makes Kashmirica’s Tabak Maaz and where is it made?

All of our food is prepared by traditional Kashmiri chefs who are very-well acquainted and experts in Kashmiri cooking. And our food is also made right here in the valley. This doesn’t just mean that the food is lip-smacking with a homely touch to it but also very authentic.

  • What all places does Kashmirica ship its Tabak Maaz to?

Kashmirica doesn’t just ship its food products all over India but also all over the world. Now, you can enjoy the delectable Kashmiri Tabak Maaz anywhere in the world.

  • Will the Tabak Maaz stay fresh if I need it to be delivered at a location far away from Kashmir?

Yes, absolutely. You need not worry about the freshness of the Tabak Maaz at all as that is our guarantee. We pack all of our food items including the Tabak Maaz in air-sealed tight tin containers and that too only on demand. Due to this, the Tabak Maaz stays fresh and when it reaches you, it is just as good as when it was made.

  • Why should I buy Kashmiri Tabak Maaz from Kashmirica?

As you might already know, Kashmirica is a Srinagar-based brand that sells authentic and exclusive Kashmiri products, including traditional Kashmiri food. Along with being unique and handcrafted, all our products are also of top-notch quality.

Our extensive Kashmiri food catalog also consists of the Tabak Maaz. It is authentic, traditionally prepared using the highest quality ingredients by expert chefs, and also very, very delicious. And since it is made in Kashmir itself, to buy Kashmiri Tabak Maaz online from Kashmirica makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

To enjoy the taste of delicious authentic Kashmiri food, there’s no better place to buy it than Kashmir itself, right? So, to fulfil all of your Kashmiri food cravings, do not hesitate and place an order on Kashmirica right away.

Also since it is freshly and hygienically packed, your experience of buying Kashmiri Tabak Maaz online won’t get any better than this.

  • How should I have the Tabak Maza after I receive it?

It is fairly simple. After you receive your Tabak Maaz, you just need to heat it up before eating. Since this dish is eaten as a starter, you can enjoy its delicious taste before or along with your meals.


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