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Kashmiri Walnuts

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  • Kashmiri Walnut Kernels
  • Snow White Variety
  • Vaccum Packed
  • Highest Quality Walnuts
  • Completely Dried Product
  • Sweet in Taste
  • Guaranteed Authenticity
  • 500 Grams Pack


If you are looking to buy high-quality organic walnuts online then you are at the right place. And if you are still conflicted, we tell you why you should buy walnut online from Kashmirica. But first, let us know more about our organic walnuts.

Walnut is a nut that grows inside the fruit of the walnut tree. A deciduous tree, this grows to medium to tall in height. Walnut is one of the most sought after nuts for its taste and nutritional values.  Being nutrient-dense, walnut kernels are often consumed raw or used in confectionery items, health foods, and other dishes.

Kashmiri walnuts are often preferred by people; owing to their premium quality and flavor. In fact, Kashmir is a major walnut producing state in India and contributes to over 98% of the total walnut production in India. The Kashmiri walnut kernels are also exported to some of the major countries in the world including the UK, UAE, France, and Germany; among many others.

Unlike most cheap quality walnuts online, Kashmiri walnuts have a richer taste and flavor, making them a preferred choice.

The walnut tree bears greenish fruits, which upon maturity, break open to reveal an ovoid or round shaped brown colored wrinkled shell. When these brown wrinkled shells are opened, they reveal the walnut- a brain-like looking nut. Inside the shell, is a whole walnut kernel, that has two halves (much like the brain) separated by a partition between them. In the market, you’ll find walnuts with shells and cut up walnuts that have been removed from the shells.

Uses of Walnut Kernels

These nuts have been a part of the human diet for several thousand years. There are many ways to use walnuts. Being filling in nature, walnuts keep you satiated for a long time. This makes them great to be eaten as snacks. Just pop a few of these in your mouth any time you feel hungry; especially between your meals. You can even roast them to enjoy a crunchier taste.

Walnut kernels also make a great addition to baked goods. You can add these to cakes, brownies, fudges, ice creams, pies etc. They are also commonly added to soups, pasta and breakfast cereals.

For all the health aficionados, walnuts can be used to top salads, make butter, spreads, and fillings, energy bars or be used in other healthy recipes.

Walnut Nutritional Information

  • Walnut is a great source of healthy fats.
  • Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • It is rich in important vitamins and minerals like copper, phosphorus, folic acid, manganese, vitamin B6, and vitamin E.
  • Walnuts are extremely rich in antioxidants.
  • They are also a major source of protein.

Health Benefits of Walnuts

  • The essential fats in walnut kernels reduce the bad cholesterol in your body. This, in turn, improves your heart health and promotes a healthy heart.
  • Regular consumption of walnuts helps in weight management.
  • These nuts also reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
  • Walnuts also have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Help in improving memory and brain function.
  • Enhance your gut health.
  • Essential for strong and healthy hair.
  • Can health prevent certain types of Cancer.
  • Give you a boost of energy.

Walnut Price

Like most other nuts, walnuts need very specific conditions to grow. There is also a huge demand for these nuts all over the world. We also saw that walnuts have quite a lot of health benefits. Owing to all of these reasons, walnut price tends to be on the higher side. In fact, these are among some of the costliest nuts in the world. But, like it’s said, all quality things do come at a price.

Buy High-Quality Walnuts Online from Kashmirica

Some forms of Kashmiri walnuts are called ‘Kagzi’ walnuts. We already told you that Kashmir is a major producer of walnuts. So, it makes sense to buy walnuts online from a brand based out of Kashmir itself.

We only grow our walnuts organically; meaning, they are grown without the use of any chemical fertilizers or other artificial growth boosters. This yields very high-quality crunchy, tasty and nutritious walnuts. Unlike a lot of other websites selling walnuts online, we source our walnuts right from the trees and they are harvested very hygienically.

Then, these walnuts are processed and packed with the utmost care. Our organic Kashmiri walnuts are extremely fresh and you can feel their freshness in the taste.

At Kashmirica, we ensure that our customers get only the best. Right from the hills of Kashmir to your doorstep- it doesn’t get any better than this. Now you know why you should buy walnut online from Kashmirica.

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4 reviews for Kashmiri Walnuts

  1. Thivya Shanti

    Hi, I received my walnut package yesterday. Such a good quality of walnuts and the taste is so good. Thank You 🙂

  2. Sanjeev Masand


  3. Zaffar Ahmed (verified owner)

    I loved these Kashmiri Walnuts. I am mixing them with honey and apples and the taste is amazing. This tip was given to me by someone from your staff.

  4. Abhinav Gupta (verified owner)

    Really good for fighting cholesterol. I have been consuming these from the last 3 months.

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