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Noon Chai, which can be translated as Salt Tea is a hot Kashmiri beverage. It was traditionally brewed in a Samovar but today many prefer to cook it on a normal gas stove. Noon Chai is a tea that is prepared with green tea leaves, water, salt, and some milk. Occasionally some fresh milk creme is added to it.

The Noon Chai is distinguished by its pink color and is sometimes called ‘pink tea’. Noon Chai, is taken at the breakfast along with a traditional Kashmiri Bread called Czot and some butter.


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What Should You Know Before You Buy Kashmiri Noon Chai Online?

You are probably here because you were looking for the Kashmiri noon chai. If you have had it, you probably know how delightful it is.

If you want to relieve that experience and get a taste of Kashmir in a blissful cup of hot noon chai anywhere in the world, you are just one purchase away. But before we tell you why you should buy Kashmiri noon chai/ Kashmiri pink tea online from Kashmirica, we’ll tell you all about the tea.

We sell the most authentic and supreme quality of Kashmiri pink tea here at Kashmirica.

What exactly is Kashmiri Noon Chai or Nun Chai?

Known for its salty taste, a cup of ‘nun’ or ‘noon’ chai is an experience in itself. In fact, the word ‘noon’ itself means ‘salty’, referring to how the tea tastes. Owing to its gorgeous color, it is often also referred to as the ‘Pink tea’. If you are wondering whether the tea leaves impart the pink color to this beverage, the answer is no. It is actually the addition of a pinch of baking soda that reacts with milk to give the nun chai its mesmerizing color.

It is prepared using special green tea leaves in such a unique way that its taste is actually on the saltier side rather than sweet. Sounds quite interesting, doesn’t it? Well, it definitely is! Being salty, the Kashmiris also often call this tea ‘namkeen chai’ or even ‘sheer chai’.

If you haven’t tried it and are wondering whether it actually tastes good, we can guarantee you that it does. The warmth from the freshly brewed tea leaves when combined with milk is all that you need on a cold winter day.

Its distinct taste will prepare you for a long and hard day and keep your spirits up the entire time. Although you can have it any time of the day, Kashmiri pink tea is amazing to be had with your breakfast. You can even pair it with some traditional Kashmiri bread and a little butter for a complete Kashmiri experience!

The noon chai has a rich, buttery, creamy and nutty taste and it also tends to be a little thick. The tea is also quite filling and just a cup of it is enough to fill you up.

Along with being delicious, it also has some health benefits.

Health Benefits of Kashmiri Pink Tea Noon Chai

  • Nun chai is the best beverage for the super cold winter days as it helps in keeping your body warm.
  • It is good for digestion as well as stomach ailments like heartburn and bloating.
  • Drinking this pink tea is also known to reduce stress as well as anxiety, making you feel good and helping you refresh your mind.
  • A cup of noon chai in the morning will also give you enough energy to sustain the day.

How to prepare Kashmiri tea?

With Kashmirica’s noon chai, it is very easy to prepare your own pink tea at home any time you wish. While it sometimes may be difficult to find these tea leaves, Kashmiri has made the task easy for you.

All that you need is some water, a little sugar (optional), milk, a pinch of baking soda and a spoonful of finely chopped/ silvered mixed nuts like almonds and pistachios.

Just brew Kashmirica’s Kashmiri tea leaves in some water and you can add some sugar if you wish. Add a pinch of baking soda to it while it is still brewing.

After the tea leaves have boiled nicely, add desired quantity of milk and let it heat for a few minutes. Your nun chai is ready to be served in a cup. Just top it with some chopped or silvered nuts for an even better taste. Very simple, isn’t it? Have it with some traditional breads or any breakfast of your choice.

You can even have your own tea party and surprise your friends with a delicious cup of this chai.

Kashmiri Noon Chai Price

A 250 gram pack should cost you anywhere from INR 145 to INR 280, depending upon its quality and brand.

Buy 100% Authentic and Delicious Noon Chai from Kashmirica

A brand based out of the Kashmir valley itself, Kashmirica aims to bring the best of Kashmiri exclusives at the fingertips of the worldwide audience.

We sell authentic handicrafts, clothing, attar fragrances, and food items that are unique to Kashmir. Our extensive catalog also consists of the most premium quality of nun chai or pink tea.

Whether you have already tried noon chai in Kashmir and are looking to relive the experience or want to try it for the first time, Kashmirica is your place. The quality of our Kashmiri pink tea leaves is unmatched and hard to find elsewhere. Buy it once and we are sure you’ll come back for more Kashmiri tea.


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