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Organic Honey

Elevate Your Well-Being with Our Pure Sidr Honey!

🍯 Guaranteed Organic: Our honey is organic, ensuring you enjoy the purest, nature-intended sweetness.

🍯 Sidr Tree Elixir: Derived from bees on Sidr trees, this honey is a precious nectar with a distinct taste and unparalleled quality.

🍯 Adulteration-Free: We promise 100% adulteration-free honey, delivering only the authentic goodness of nature.

🍯 Kashmiri Indigenous Treasure: Hailing from the enchanting Kashmir region, it’s a taste of the local, organic heritage.

🍯 All-Natural Goodness: No added sugar, chemicals, or antibiotics – just pure, unaltered honey.

🍯 Immunity Boost: A great immunity booster, it strengthens your body’s defenses naturally.

🍯 Weight Loss Ally: Perfect as a supplement for a weight loss regime, promoting a healthier you.

🍯 Dry Cough Relief: Say goodbye to dry cough with the soothing properties of our Sidr Honey.

🍯 Digestive Delight: Enhance digestion naturally and improve your overall well-being.

🍯 Generous 500 ml Pack: Conveniently packed in a 500 ml bottle, ensuring you have a supply of this golden elixir.

Experience the pure essence of nature with our Pure Sidr Honey. Order now and embrace a sweeter, healthier life. It’s more than honey; it’s a promise of well-being.


(27 customer reviews)

Product Description

It can be quite difficult to find pure honey online. But if you have landed here, we assure you that you are at the right place to buy honey online. Before you tell you why you should buy organic Kashmiri honey from Kashmirica, let us know more about this sweet nectar. This will help you in choosing the finest organic honey bottle every time to you go out to purchase one.

What Exactly is Organic Honey?

Honey has since long been used in India for its wonderful medicinal properties. It is also a great alternative for everyday sugar. But to give in to its huge demand, sellers often sell low-grade adulterated honey in the name of pure organic honey.

Unlike impure and adulterated honey, pure organic honey isn’t just great for your health but has amazing taste. Made from the nectar of the exotic Himalayan flowers, Kashmiri honey has a beautiful flavor and aroma. When it comes to Sidr Honey, it is a form of honey obtained from bees who naturally derive the nectar of sidr trees.

What makes Kashmir honey special is that it is 100% raw, unfiltered and natural. Unlike other kinds of honey often found in stores, Organic Kashmiri honey is devoid of any refined sugars, corn syrup or any other artificial substances.

The honey collected by the bees from the mountainous forests is known to have high medicinal values. So, the Kashmiri honey is as pure as it can get. This is why people around the world prefer to buy it. Not every bottle of honey named ‘Kashmir honey’ sold in stores can be pure. Hence, to choose the best, you can buy natural honey online.

Uses of Organic Honey

After you buy pure honey online, it has a host of uses. Honey is a great substitute for everyday refined sugar and can be used as a natural sweetener. Unlike refined sugar that just has empty calories and no real nutritional value, organic honey acts as a great substitute for it. It can be added to your everyday tea or coffee. Along with sweetening your dishes, it is also much better for your health. Make a swap towards a healthier lifestyle by replacing sugar with honey.

It is also widely used in making cakes, as a topping for pancakes, dressing for salads and in several other delicious recipes. You can also drizzle a little over your breakfast cereals. Honey can also be used in smoothie recipes.

The uses of honey aren’t just limited to food. Add a little honey to lukewarm water and squeeze some lemon juice in it for detoxification. Honey, when mixed with some ginger, acts as a great remedy for cough and sore throat.

Organic Kashmir honey when mixed with egg, makes for an excellent hair mask. Mix some honey with yogurt for great skin.

Basically, there are several ways that honey can be used.

Honey Nutritional Information

  • 100 grams of honey contains about 304 calories.
  • The sugar contents of honey are about 50% glucose and 50% fructose.
  • The glycaemic index of honey is about 58, which is also lower than that of sugar.
  • Honey also contains proteins, vitamins, minerals and other trace elements in very small quantities.

Health Benefits of Organic Honey

  • Raw and pure honey is a good source of antioxidants.
  • Pure honey has antibacterial and antifungal properties.
  • Is an effective remedy for coughs, colds and a sore throat.
  • It is helpful in healing wounds as well as burns.
  • Honey is also quite amazing for your skin and hair.
  • It is also a natural energy booster.

Kashmiri Honey Price

Kashmir honey is unfiltered, unadulterated and 100% raw and pure. Owing to all the factors, Kashmir honey price tends to be higher than other commercially sold honey. The exact price varies depending upon the flower from which it is obtained, its harvesting process and several other factors. But, given the honey price, it is totally worth the money due to its amazing benefits, taste and aroma.

Buy Pure Honey Online from Kashmirica: 100% Pure and Natural

To buy honey online, Kashmirica is a great place. We’ll tell you what makes Kashmirica the place to buy natural honey online.

Our Kashmir honey is completely unprocessed, keeping all of its wonderful medicinal properties intact. With no additional substances like refined sugar or fructose and corn syrup added, it is rich in its natural goodness.

At Kashmirica, we only sell superior quality honey that is obtained organically. With a motto of selling exclusive Kashmiri products to the world at honest prices, our honey is as authentic as it can get.

Naturally harvested, neatly packed and delivered right at your doorstep- we take care of everything each step of the way.

With its sweet taste, Kashmirica’s honey is a treat for the tastebuds. Try it to believe it. Buy pure honey online from Kashmirica now!

(27 customer reviews)

27 reviews for Organic Honey

  1. Samreen Khan

    This honey is not sweet at all. The sales rep had told me how farmers feed bees with sugar in colder months butKashmirica’s team relocates their bees to warmer regions in colder months.

  2. Sartaj

    Nice 👍👍👍

  3. Sarfaraz Ali

    Best Shehad jo mene taste kiya hai. Bahut khoob Kashmirica. Keep the quality same.

  4. Akash banArjee

    dark, thick and viscous. Great honey. Great to see your initiative getting out the best of Kashmir to us.

  5. Sunita

    Jabardast Honey…

  6. Bashir Ahmed

    Top notch Kashmiri honey.

  7. Ahmed


  8. Neel Pratap

    I’ve bought this kashmiri honey 10 times in last 12 months and the quality has been the same always but there are little seasonal variations in thickness.

  9. Akshay Chouhan

    It is much better than I have anticipated. Keep the quality like this always and you will be the best honey brand soon.

  10. Santosh Sahu

    It is a great product.

  11. Saroj

    Loved this honey.

  12. Harsh


  13. Yash


  14. Adiya Khan

    This honey has a very unique taste. I am sure that this is from Kashmir as people there are sweet in their speech as well.

  15. Joseph Campbell

    Very impressed by the quality of honey and saffron you have. Be consistent. May God be with you.

  16. Ruchi Shah

    I am very surprised by the taste. This is one of the best honey that I have ever taken. This is not as sweet as other Kashmiri Honey’s which means it must not have any sugar added 😀

  17. Bashir Ahmed

    I liked the non sugary taste.

  18. Subash Garg

    Very nice taste. Is not extremely sweet like the honey I was used to buying from my local store. Worth the price.

  19. Hemant

    This is a dark honey which is not sweet as the regular honey I used to get from the nearby store. A good thing about Kashmirica’s honey is that they have keep the quality same. I’ve purchased this honey 3 times as these are Covid days and it has consistently been the same. Although its a bit highly priced but considering that it is pure and only manually processed, I would recommend buying this.

  20. Nighat

    Top quality. I am taking this daily to build my immunity.

  21. Nighat

    I am taking this daily and it has built my immunity a lot. Love the berry taste in it.

  22. Ankur Sharma

    It is not sweetened with fake stuff. This is the feeling that I get whenever I eat this honey. Whenever I have a spoon I feel that I am taking some berries along with honey. I must say that it has a very unique taste.

  23. Swapna

    This is very nice. Helped me in boosting the immunity of my kids.

  24. Hasna Abdus Salam

    I loved it.

  25. Divya Gupta

    It is surprisingly not extra sweet. Liked the product very much. Will be using it regularly with my kids.

  26. Gaganpreet Singh

    I tried honey from many sources. Your honey is not sweet which means you are not adding any sweeteners. And since you are not using any machines to process, the color of this honey is dark which is again unique. I am making my relatives and friends taste it and they are giving me very good reviews. I am sure that I will want to use this honey again and again.

  27. Kemal

    I loved this product. It tastes very good.

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