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Rasasi – Blue Sea

⚱ Old Perfuming Tradition in a Modern Tone

⚱ Connoisseur’s Pick

⚱ Mix of Wooden, Floral & Citric Substances

⚱ Fresh Powerful Scent

⚱ Long-Lasting

⚱ French Aura

⚱ 6ml Pack


(2 customer reviews)

In stock

In stock

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Product Description

Rasasi is purely a connoisseur’s pick. Made from concentrated natural oils, it has a deep fragrance that lasts. Rasasi is a unisex perfume inspired by the rich tradition of perfumery in the Arab world.

Rasasi is a unisex attar perfume which is a contemporary manifestation of the old art of perfumery. Rasasi is a very bold story of seduction and sensuality which is strong and powerful. Made from a mix of wooden, floral and citric substances, you will be a lifelong lover of the fragrance.

Summers and this Rassasi Afdal attar is a truly remarkable and desirable perfume that is made from a blend of Indian and Arabian perfumery traditions. Get refreshed during the harsh summer days and never feel lazy or bogged down. The soft fragrance of Rassasi is s delightful and relaxing experience.

Fill your life with enthusaism with Rassasi Afdal from Kashmirica.

(2 customer reviews)

2 reviews for Rasasi - Blue Sea

  1. Dr. Musharaf Bashir

    It has some great longevity…

  2. Rakesh Kumar

    I am very satisfied with this attar.

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