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Himalayan Rock Salt (Pink Salt)


  • Pure Himalayan Rock Salt
  • Natural Salt Flavouring
  • Helps Improve Sleep
  • Natural Immunity Booster
  • Improves Respiratory Health
  • Good for Digestion
  • 400 Grams Pack (Net)


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In stock

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Product Description

What to Consider Before You Buy Kashmiri Himalayan Rock Salt Online?

With people becoming more conscious of their lifestyle and food habits, more and more people are now looking to buy pure Himalayan pink salt online. If that’s what you are looking for too then you are at the right place.

Before we tell you why you should buy rock salt online from Kashmirica, let us first know more about it and why it needs to be a part of your everyday diet.

What exactly is Himalayan rock salt?

The Pink Himalayan salt also referred to as ‘rock salt’ is mined from the areas that are close to the Himalayas and hence the name. Due to the minerals present in the salt, its color tends to be pinkish.

Its chemical composition is similar to that of table salt and it contains up to 98% sodium chloride. However, its taste is a little different as compared to the regular table salt.

In the recent few years, the Himlayan salt has gained a lot of popularity and more number of people are swapping their table salt with this one. It is the presence of minerals in the salt that makes it a healthier choice. This salt is also grainier with bigger granules than the regular salt.

What makes it unique, healthy and gives the rock salt the pink color is the fact that 84 different minerals, as well as trace elements, are present in it.

Benefits of the Pink Himalayan Salt

  • Pink salt is known to aid digestion and help with better breakdown of food. As a result, it prevents digestive issues like bloating caused by water retention.
  • The intake of this rock salt is also known to regulate the blood sugar levels and prevent insulin spikes.
  • It is known to prevent any hormonal imbalances by keeping the levels of hormones in the body in check.
  • The pink Himalayan salt also maintains the body’s natural pH levels.
  • If you suffer from respiratory issues, this salt can prove beneficial for you.
  • It can be had on any diet whether you are a vegan, following a keto diet or also on a normal diet.
  • It is a healthier and more delicious alternative to the regular table salt.

What are the uses of rock salt/ Himalayan pink salt?

After you buy Himalayan salt online, there are numerous ways that you can use it.

  • Replace your regular white table salt with Himalayan pink salt for everyday cooking. It won’t just impart more nutrients but also a better taste to all your recipes.
  • It can also be used for seasoning. You can use this salt to season grilled vegetables, meats as well as salads.
  • You can also use a pinch of this pink rock salt in your baked goods.
  • Himalayan pink salt also has benefits that go beyond cooking or seasoning. It is also commonly used as a bath or foot soak to rejuvenate your skin. The minerals present in it help to make your skin smooth and supple. Add a little amount of this salt to warm water bath water to enjoy its benefits.
  • This salt is also added to lamps that double up and work as air purifiers.
  • If you suffer from respiratory issues, adding a little salt to warm water in a Neti pot can work wonders.
  • Another amazing way of using this salt is by making sole water. Take a jug and fill about 1/4th of it with the pink salt and then fill it completely with water. Let the water sit in this jug overnight. In the morning, take 1 tablespoon of this water and mix it in a glass of water and drink it everyday. This sole water helps flush out the toxins from the body, balances the pH levels, energizes you and keeps you hydrated.

Himalayan Salt Online Price

Owing to its excellent mineral content and health benefits, Himalayan pink salt tends to be a lot more expensive than regular salt. In fact, it is about at least 20 times more expensive.

Depending upon its quality and brand, a kilo of Himalayan pink salt online should cost you anywhere around INR 200 to INR to INR 500.

Buy Rock Salt Online from Kashmirica – 100% Pure and Natural

Finding pure and real Himalayan pink salt online can often be quite a task. Every popular thing tends to find its copies in the market. Hence, you must be very careful about where you source it from and trust only the best.

Kashmirica is a premium brand based out of Kashmir selling the most exclusive products indigenous to the Kashmir valley. All of our products are authentic and the topmost quality.

We are one of the few dealers of unmatched quality of rock salt online. Buy it once, reap its amazing benefits and we are sure that you’ll come back for more.

(2 customer reviews)

2 reviews for Himalayan Rock Salt (Pink Salt)

  1. Hanief

    It’s said that rock salt is better than iodine salt. Let’s see.

  2. Ismat

    We used to buy this at very high prices. But thank God that we found a very cheap source.

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