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Saffron Cream


Saffron Cream uses a non-greasy formula consisting of a special blend of saffron and turmeric to reduce signs of ageing & brighten skin. Gives skin a glowing effect and reduces dark circles and pigmentation.

  • Home Made
  • 100 Grams Pack
  • Main Ingredients: Saffron & Turmeric

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Product Description

Saffron Cream is a perfect product to improve your skin glow! If you are looking to get fabulous skin with the goodness of saffron, you are at the right place. We, at Kashmirica, sell 100% natural saffron cream to help you achieve the skin that you dream of.

What is Saffron Cream?

Saffron cream as like saffron oil has amazing benefits for the skin. Moisturizers and face creams are a very essential part of a skincare routine. You can’t have amazing skin unless you moisturize it well every day. To know that your skin is well hydrated and protected, a cream or a moisturizer is a must.

With at least a thousand moisturizers in the market to choose from, the choice can often get difficult. And while you can certainly try out different ones on a trial and error basis, the process isn’t just long but also expensive. We know how difficult it can be to choose just the right cream for your face.

Kashmiri saffron cream in such a scenario is best to go for products that contain ingredients that have proven benefits for the skin.

Original Kashmiri Saffron as an ingredient in beauty products has been used since ages. Real saffron, since olden times has been used, and is applied on the face for beautiful skin. While not everyone has the time to use real saffron on skin every day these days, you can still enjoy its wonderful benefits.

Saffron fairness cream tends to serve the same purpose. You do not need to go through the hassle of using pure saffron for beauty purposes. Just apply cream on your face daily will give you all the goodness of real saffron to keep all of your skin woes away.

Also, when it comes to skincare, using natural and organic products is extremely essential. Not only are they devoid of any harmful chemicals but also benefit your skin in the longer run.

Benefits of Saffron Cream for Skin

  • Saffron fairness cream is known to give you a better complexion and brighten your skin. If you have lost your natural complexion, this cream is your answer to getting it back.
  • It will give a healthy radiance to your skin and make it glow beautifully.
  • The cream can also help you to even if you wish to get rid of sun tan too.
  • If you want to reduce blemishes, brown spots or pigmentation, saffron cream can help you do it.
  • Saffron cream is also very essential for better toned and moisturized skin.
  • The cream is also beneficial in healing scars in an effective way.
  • Due to saffron’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it is also very effective in treating acne as well as its spots.
  • Saffron cream by Kashmirica helps to get your glow and healthy-looking skin back – if your skin looks dull and lifeless.

Using Saffron Fairness Cream

Kashmirica’s Saffron Cream is your answer to saying goodbye to your skin woes and hello to fabulous skin!

Being all-natural, it is very gentle on your skin and yet, works very effectively. Here’s how you should use this cream from Kashmirica.

Use Saffron cream like you’d normally use any face moisturizer or cream. Clean your face well with any cleanser or just water and then pat dry it. Then, take the required quantity of the saffron fairness cream and apply it all over your face. Massage it nicely into your skin so that it is absorbed well. Its regular use will give you softer, better moisturized, even-toned and clear skin.

You can use this face cream once or twice a day.

Saffron Cream Price

Since saffron is a pricey ingredient, creams that use real saffron tend to be expensive. However, when looking for saffron cream, you must only go for the one that contains real saffron, like Kashmirica’s saffron cream.

Kashmirica’s saffron fairness cream comes at a price of 640 INR for a pack of two.

Buy 100% natural Saffron Cream at Best Price from Kashmirica

If you want to pamper your skin with only the best, our face cream is your answer for it. As a brand based out of Kashmir, we use real high-quality saffron grown right here in Kashmir in our beauty products. That is what makes our product unique from all others in the market.

Moreover, our cream also does not contain any harmful chemicals or other substances. It is suitable for all skin types and has absolutely no side effects. Buy our saffron cream once and use it to feel its goodness on your skin and we are sure that you will come back for more.


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