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[Kashmir Willow] Tennis Cricket Bat


☑️ Hard Pressed Kashmir Willow

☑️ Lightweight and Durable

☑️ Large Sweet Spot to hit Long Shots

☑️ Suitable for Hard Tennis / Rubber Ball Cricket

☑️ Made by Master Craftsmen 

☑️ Weight between 1150 – 1250 Grams [Can add prefrence]

☑️ All Sizes Available


Original price was: ₹2,570.48.Current price is: ₹1,857.14.

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Product Description

Looking for a tennis cricket bat online? If you are a lover of cricket and like to play casual cricket with friends in the park, then a tennis cricket bat is the best pick for you. Highly durable, lightweight, and pingy, tennis cricket bats help you to be satisfied with your casual tennis ball matches. These Kashmiri willow tennis bats are great for beginners and children too.

Tennis cricket bats can be made of popular willow or Kashmir willow, but we at Kashmirica only sell those made from a high-grade Kashmir willow. This is because Kashmir willow is highly durable and lightweight.

Why buy a Tennis Cricket Bat?

For a cricketer, regardless of his skills, equipment plays a very important role. So, he must pay due attention to the tools with which he is going to play cricket. Even as a hobbyist, you must have your own equipment so that you get adjusted to it and get better at playing with them as each day passes. Tennis Cricket Bat is a bat made for being played with a hard tennis ball. You have the option to play with a soft tennis ball as well. But if you wish to play with a season/leather ball, you need to buy a Professional Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat.

A lot of cricket in the subcontinent is played in lanes, personal gardens, and terraces, especially in the cities. So, playing with a leather ball is out of the question as that will cause injuries and too many broken window panes. So, a tennis ball is the best choice to use. With a new variety of cricket balls in the market, called the wind balls, a lot of people are adopting the new trend. But with too much swing attached to them, it gets harder to play against them.

Another thing is the cost of a good tennis cricket bat from Kashmir. Although there are a lot of cheap varieties of tennis cricket bats in the market, especially online. But they neither have a good ping/stroke nor are they durable. The willow used for making these bats is only grown in England and Kashmir. While a leather ball bat would cost anything above 2000 INR, a tennis cricket bat made in Kashmir will only cost 800-1200. At the same time, season balls will cost 200 INR and above and last for only around 30-35 overs, a hard tennis ball will only cost 80 INR and last for well over 100-150 overs.

Qualities of Kashmiri Willow Tennis Cricket Bat?

Since it is used by amateur players, and in a fast-paced match format, Kashmir willow bats are used to hit long shots. Batting technique does not matter a great deal while playing with tennis cricket bats, but what matters is the power of the hitter. This means that the bat should be hard and solid and not soft like English Willow.

Tennis ball bats usually need to have a long handle as that helps to clear the fence easily. It gives the batsman more freedom to play shots. The handle of the cricket bat is another thing that needs attention. The handle should be able to absorb shocks and Kashmir Willow Tennis Bats just do that.

Best Tennis Ball Bat From Kashmir

Bats are produced in Kashmir and exported across the globe. But after being produced, many brands label the bats with their own signatures and sell them at exorbitant rates. Since we at KASHMIRICA promise to bring exclusive products from Kashmir to you, we partnered with some well-known tennis ball bat makes from the valley and are here to bring them to you at affordable rates. The quality of cricket bats we sell on our portal is far superior to those sold by non-Kashmiri brands as you will realize when you play with them.
So if you are interested in online tennis cricket bat shopping Kashmirica is the best choice for you!

Price of Tennis Bat

A good tennis cricket bat online from Kashmir made by a master craftsman will cost 1000 – 1900 INR. Cheaper varieties that are sold online will not last that long and would be a waste of money. With free shipping and worldwide delivery options, Kashmirica’s HANGUL is the tennis ball bat that you must have in your kit.

Tennis balls are built with moisture-absorbing material. Since grass is a common surface for these balls to be played on, they tend to grow heavier with use, especially in the rainy season. So, a tennis ball bat may break with an ultra-heavy tennis ball. That’s why it’s important to have a moisture-resistant sheet installed on your tennis cricket bat before you play with it. These sheets are called scuff sheets, or fiber sheets, or simply widely known as cricket bat tapes.

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(7 customer reviews)

7 reviews for [Kashmir Willow] Tennis Cricket Bat

  1. Qamar

    I don’t understand why these people call it a tennis ball bat because I played with a hard ball for 2 hours in the nets and it worked fine. But the ball was old. But still, too good.

  2. Tanmay

    Super good tennis ball bat…

  3. Azam

    I like this tennis bat it is Light and strong.

  4. Karim

    This is a very good tennis bat. Recommend this to all of you.

  5. Sanjay

    Good bat for playing with a tennis ball.

  6. Harpreet Singh

    I am not a regular player, just bought it to restore some childhood memories when I played with some friends in my village. Cricket helps me break free from the internet and technology and give me some time to think about nothing but the present moment. I had missed that a lot after shifting to a Metro.

  7. Sunil Gupta

    Nice stroke….

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