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Walnut Scrub


  • Home Made
  • Main Ingredients: Coffee, Chocolate & Walnut Scrub
  • Brightens, Renews, Exfoliates
  • 200 Grams Pack
  • Shipping Included

Packed with Vitamin B, E, and protein which enhances the growth of healthier and radiant skin cells. The fibre and Omega 3 helps improves blood circulation and nourishes the skin. The Scrub protects the skin from dust and pollution, safeguarding the youthful glow.

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Product Description

Buy 100% Natural Walnut Face Scrub Online at Best Price

If you are looking to buy high-quality most authentic and effective walnut scrub online then you have landed at the right place. If you are wondering why you should buy walnut face scrub from Kashmirica, you certainly have the right question too.

We, at Kashmirica, sell all natural and organic beauty products made from the freshest of real ingredients. We will tell you why Kashmirica is your place to buy it but first, let us tell you all about our walnut face scrub in detail.

What is Walnut Scrub?

Face scrubs are an essential part of skincare routine as they help you exfoliate, deep cleanse, moisturize and rejuvenate your skin. While you may use cleansers/ masks, scrubs shouldn’t be left out of your beauty regimen.

As dead skin cells can make your skin look dull and lifeless, a scrub is essential to get rid of them and get the life back in your skin. 

And while using a scrub is essential, the ingredients that it is made using is very important too. As good as walnuts are for health, they are also very beneficial when applied on the skin externally. Being rich in antioxidants, walnuts help heal dry skin, reduce inflammation and also protect the skin.

A walnut scrub is a face scrub made using real walnut shell/ kernel particles that help exfoliate dead skin cells and help you discover naturally beautiful skin.

However, with such a wide variety of walnut face scrubs available in the market, making a choice can become a difficult task. Well, it is always better to go for products that are organically made so that your skin isn’t damaged in the longer run. As these face scrubs could be laden with chemicals, they could be harmful for your skin and have more side effects than benefits.

Kashmirica’s walnut face scrub, made with real walnut shell particles is one such product that you can trust. Scrub away all of your skin woes with this face scrub and discover skin that you can’t help but fall in love with.

Benefits of Walnut Scrub for Skin

  • It is a great exfoliant that helps remove the buildup of dead skin cells to reveal skin that looks healthy and glowing. Thus, the dullness and the tiredness from your skin is removed.
  • As a scrub also removes the trapped impurities, the scrub of walnuts also helps to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads.
  • With regular use, the scrub also takes care of flaky skin and improves your skin’s texture.
  • Scrubbing your face with walnut face scrub regularly will also help you get rid of tanned skin and get your original skin tone back.
  • Another of its excellent benefits is that this scrub can also help you get rid of acne by getting rid of the impurities that cause it.
  • Regular use of this scrub will also give you an even skin tone by fighting the damage caused by sun, dust and pollution.
  • For better moisturized, softer and more supple skin, walnut face scrub is your answer.

How to use Walnut Scrub

Kashmirica’s face scrub made of walnuts is very gentle on your skin and works effectively to remove dead skin cells, blackheads, whiteheads as well as other impurities.

While exfoliating your face is really good, over-exfoliation isn’t. As good as this face scrub of walnuts is for you, it should only be used in moderation. To see the best results, use this scrub twice a week. Here is how you should use the Walnut Face Scrub from Kashmirica.

Firstly, clean your face well by splashing it with water. Pat dry it a little and then take a small quantity of this face scrub. Massage your face really well with the scrub in circular motions and do it well for about 5 to 7 minutes. Make sure that you cover all the areas of your face well and scrub everything gently.

Now, rinse your face well, pat dry and revel in your beautiful skin.

Walnut Scrub Price

You will find walnut scrubs of all price ranges in the market. However, with your skin being in question, you must only choose what is the best. Go for a face scrub that is made organically with real walnut kernels.

As for walnut scrub price, any good quality scrub should cost you around 300 INR for a quantity of 100 grams.

Buy 100% Natural Walnut Face Scrub Online at Best Price from Kashmirica

As a brand based out of Kashmir, we take pride in saying that our face scrub is made using high-quality walnuts grown right here in Kashmir. That is what makes our face scrub stand out from all the other ones in the market.

Moreover, we only use natural and organic ingredients in our beauty products and they are completely devoid of any harmful chemicals.


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