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About - Kashmirica

Taking Koshur Exclusives Global

What is Kashmirica?

Kashmirica is a social impact brand that is on a mission to bring the finest products from Kashmir to the fingertips of the global connoisseur.

Our Story

The people behind Kashmirica have been selling Kashmiri Arts & Crafts & Foods for decades. It was the worldwide interest of our customers, the slow supply-channels & the lack of a genuine online platform to buy Kashmir arts, crafts & exclusives that we decided to launch

It is now possible for anyone, sitting in any corner of the world to order premium Kashmiri products without hassle. But at the heart of it, our mission at Kashmirica is to help poor, yet stunningly skilled artisans to get due wages for their efforts!

The Scenario

Most of the time, artisans of Kashmiri products do not get adequate returns for their hard toiling. Sales and distribution agents at every stage of the distribution channels add up to make the costs of Kashmiri goods go exceedingly high. This results in the artisans being forced to sell their produce at very low rates. In view of this, we directly purchase select items from our handpicked pool of artisans and list them on our website.

We at Kashmirica consider it important to aid our local artisans least our arts & crafts would die. It is also our concern to improve the standard of living of these brilliant craftsmen. In many cases, we provide raw materials and designs with an advance payment to our craftsmen, all of which helps us to ensure that we accomplish what we have set out to do.

How it all works?

As we directly source from a group of select artisans, we ensure quality and authenticity both of the raw material and the final product.  With the elimination of long supply chains, we are able to honestly price all the products and list them on our website for lovers of craft and exclusivity like you. From our platform, the goods are shipped the world over. 

Our Mission

At Kashmirica, we toil hard in bringing satisfaction to the hearts of our brilliant craftsmen, while sincerely believing that their magical work can’t be paid in a sum of money.  We aim to be a customer-centric brand that vows to bring authentic and exclusive products from Kashmir and price them honestly for our patrons around the globe.

Social Responsibility

We purposefully work for women empowerment and give preference to women with social disabilities to work at Kashmirica. Apart from that, 2.5% of our total profits are spent on causes such as education, poverty alleviation, and social elevation of vulnerable strata of our society.

Company Information

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KASHMIRICA is registered under the (Micro Small & Medium Enterprises Development Act) MSMED Act 2006, Government of India.

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