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We have been in the business of selling Kashmiri Crafts & Arts since decades. It was the worldwide interest of our customers in Kashmir Arts, the slow supply channels & the inadequate Marketing techniques used, that we decided to launch www.kashmirica.com. It is now possible for anyone to order premium Kashmiri Handcrafted items from anywhere around the globe.

Our Story


At the heart of it, our mission at Kashmirica is to help poor yet stunningly skilled artisans to get due wages for their efforts! So essentially, we see ourselves as a social impact brand.

Most of the times, artisians of Kashmiri Handicrafts do not get adequate returns for their hard toiling. Sales and distribution agents at every stage of the distributions challenls add up to make the costs of Kashmiri handicrafts exceedingly high. This results in lower income for the artsians, despite them being the primary creators of these exquisite pieces. Primarily because these artisans are forced to sell their crafts at very low rates.

We at Kashmirica thought it was important to aid these local Kashmiri artisians least the art would die. It was also our concern to improve the standard of living of these brilliant craftsmen.

That’s when we started to handpick products from the finest artisans we could find. And for many products, we request the artisians to manufacture items of a particular kind, keeping view of the Global fashion trends. That helps us to design as per the latest trends while keeping the taste ethenic and traditional.

These products that we directly source from artisans are listed on our e-Store at honest prices. In the whole process, we take great care in assuring both the geneuiness of the base raw material, and the final craftwork. All this ensures that quality is always maintained and the products are priced geneuinely.

The end result is that the artisans get a more deserving remmuniration for their efforts, although we sincerely belive that their art cannot be paid in a sum of money. And at the same time, our valuable customers are served with products that are genuine, original, unique and honestly priced.

 Artisans Happy! – Customers Happy! 

Mission Accomplished : ) 


Saaeid & Nasreen

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For any queries please mail at care@kashmirica.com,

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